BCCI is Planning to Launch New League in T10 Format

According to reports, the Board Of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India is preparing plans for a new league in T10 Format, that will coexist with the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The report claims that the league will likely be played in a different format, and the BCCI has finalised the window in which the league could begin.

BCCI Is Ready To Launch A New League

This league will likely start again in 2024 with a fresh format. It will demonstrate India’s rising interest in franchise-based cricket by providing plans for Tier-2 franchise-based cricket competition.

TrendsMyth reports that BCCI is considering adopting a shorter format for their league: BCCI T10 League. BCCI secretary Jay Shah has been creating a blueprint for this league, with the support of stakeholders, including sponsors, with an anticipated date between September and October set for its launch.

Indian Cricket’s governing body is currently discussing various issues regarding its league, chief among them the format currently proposed as T10 League. However, discussions regarding moving towards T20 may still take place.

An outstanding question regarding the new league is whether or not there will be an age restriction to protect its popularity and secure player contracts concerning how teams will be sold via tender or first right of refusal for existing IPL teams. Furthermore, its location (domestically or abroad) remains to be decided.

BCCI Ready to Say: Goodbye, 50-Over Cricket!

ODI cricket may be on its last leg. That idea was put to rest by the success of the 2023 World Cup, with fans demanding more one-dayers in coming years – although with T10 cricket arising, it may well end 50-over cricket altogether.

All cricket boards are at risk of collapsing outside of India, Australia, and England; joining Tier-2 leagues may offer them the means to stay afloat and maintain viability over an extended period.

TrendsMyth reported insiders’ fears that should this occur, fifty-over cricket could soon come to an abrupt end.

What Should BCCI Do For New T10 League

The report states that the board wants to solve various issues relating to potentially installing a brand-new league. This includes the format and other factors that are related to the IPL.

  1. Should the league go with T10 or T20? (The current proposal is T10)
  2. Should there be an age limit for players in the IPL so that this new property stays intact at the IPL’s popularity?
  3. Should franchises in this new league be sold via a separate process, or do existing IPL franchises have the right of refusal? 
  4. Should the proposed tournament occur in India annually or at a different venue?

Insiders claim in the same report that a new cricket league could have severe repercussions for bilateral cricket, franchise-based competitions, and the 50-over format. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has not officially announced a new cricket league.


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