BCCI Net Worth: Now BCCI is Richest Cricket Board

BCCI Net Worth: The Board of Control for Cricket in India is cricket’s most significant financial power. According to TrendsMyth, BCCI currently boasts an estimated net worth of USD 2.25 billion (INR 18700 crore).

This stunning figure demonstrates the BCCI’s impressive financial strength. This disparity is further highlighted by comparing BCCI with Cricket Australia, whose net worth is 28 times greater.

India is widely recognized for being a nation that loves cricket, making hosting India appealing to other cricketing nations.

India boasts one of the highest cricket markets worldwide, generating unrivalled revenue and making hosting India an attractive prospect for other cricket nations.

What Are The Positions Of Second And Third?

Cricket Australia currently holds an estimated net worth of USD 79 Million, while England & Wales Cricket Board stands behind at USD 59 Million.

The BCCI is an economic powerhouse. It contributes approximately 85-75% of total net worth among the top ten cricket boards globally.

Recent research highlights India’s financial ramifications on host nations during their tours. Cricket South Africa can expect to experience a boost of USD 68.7 million during India’s 30-day cricket event against them, equivalent to approximately 8.6 million per match, helping it overcome losses suffered over three years.

The BCCI’s revenues continue to soar thanks to the IPL’s immense popularity and the Women’s Premier League’s launch, signalling greater financial prosperity for cricket worldwide in future.

Cricket South Africa will reap significant financial gains from their upcoming tour to India starting December 10. This report noted this staggering figure.

The Cricket Australia Board expects to net USD 68.7 Million from 30 days of cricket in India, or an average of USD 8.6 million per match or 2.29 million daily.

Although not financially sound, this money will help cover losses the CSA has experienced over three years, totalling USD 6.3m, USD 10.5m, and 11.17 million, respectively.

With the Women’s Premier League’s rapidly growing popularity, BCCI’s revenue stream could see new heights.

The ECB Completes ‘The Big Three’

ECB stands third on this list with an estimated value of US $59 Million, making up part of what’s often called the ‘Big Three of World Cricket”.

India, though, stands out as a clear winner among these three due to having such an engaged cricket-loving population; according to one report, 90 percent of sports viewers watch only cricket!

The Indian Economy Made INR 22,000 Crore From The ODI World Cup in 2023

Indian cricket is not only a trendy sport but a religion as well. Beyond providing entertainment at stadiums and gatherings, cricket also brings excellent economic benefits.

Though India was defeated in the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup final, the International Cricket Council can take comfort in its financial success.

One key contributor is the BCCI. According to an Economic Times article, it had revenues of INR 4,360 billion as of March 2022 and continues to secure significant income through its annual revenue-sharing program with the ICC.

The World’s Richest Cricket Boards: A Quick Overview

Learn a little about the most decadent cricket boards in the world:

1. BCCI (Board of Council for Cricket)  

The Board of Council for Cricket in India has the largest cricket board worldwide, with a net worth estimated at 2,25 billion dollars.

Popular in India as the world’s most populous nation, cricket can be seen everywhere and can be attributed to Team India having one of the highest fan bases worldwide;

IPL (Indian Premier League), BCCI’s domestic cricket league, has also seen significant revenue increases due to such strong fan support.

2. CA (Cricket Australia)

Cricket Australia boasts a net worth of $79,000,000, making them the second-richest cricket board worldwide. Furthermore, they oversee the Big Bash League, second only to IPL in T20 competition popularity.

3. ECB (England Cricket Board)

The England and Wales Cricket Board ranks as one of the world’s three most decadent cricket boards, boasting an estimated net worth of $59 Million.

England Cricket team enjoys a loyal fan base and draws large crowds to all three formats of cricket; these draw large audiences into stadiums throughout England’s region.

4. PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board)

Pakistan Cricket Board ranks fourth on this list. South Asia is a central cricketing region, and Team Pakistan has amassed a large fan base.

PSL (Pakistan Super League), launched in 2016, is one of the primary sources of PCB revenue; PCB ranks the second wealthiest cricket board in Asia with an estimated net worth of $ 55 million.

5. BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board)

Bangladesh Cricket Board ranks fifth globally among the most decadent cricket boards and has seen significant revenue increases thanks to the success of their national cricket team and rising popularity across Bangladesh. Reported net worth figures place their total estimated worth at $51 Million due to Bangladeshi’s love of cricket!

6. CSA (Cricket South Africa)

Cricket South Africa ranks sixth globally among cricket boards, with an estimated net worth of approximately $47 Million.

Their national structure comprises List-A Cricket and Betway T20 Challenge competitions; moreover, in 2023, the South African board launched their SA T20 competition, which is anticipated to generate increased revenues.

7. ZCB (Zimbabwe Cricket Board)

Zimbabwe Cricket Board ranks 7th on the global list of decadent cricket boards. Cricket is slowly but steadily becoming more popular across South Africa.

With an estimated net worth of $ 38 million, the ZCB is improving its domestic structure and drawing more investment into cricket.

8. SL (Sri Lanka Board)

Due to the economy’s instability, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board has experienced a drop in revenue and sponsors. The revenue losses have angered the cricketers and fans of Team Sri Lanka.

The board is looking at increasing revenue and attracting sponsorships for Team Sri Lanka.

9. WICB (West Indies Cricket Board)

West Indies Cricket Board ranks 9th worldwide with a net value of $15 Million and ranks ninth globally by net asset value. Like SLC, WICB revenue has experienced significant decreases recently.

As a result, the West Indies Team’s performance has dramatically declined due to financial constraints. CPL (Caribbean Premier League) broadcasting rights are their primary source of income.

10. NZC (New Zealand Cricket Board)

New Zealand Cricket Board ranks 10th on the list of most decadent cricket boards, as one of the smaller nations but boasting an estimated net worth of $9 Million, largely thanks to Team New Zealand’s consistently high performance at international tournaments, sponsorship agreements, and broadcasting rights agreements.


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