Bollywood Mourns Matthew Perry Died at 54

Indan Friends fans awoke on Sunday morning to the shocking news that Matthew Perry had died. According to the Los Angeles Times and celebrity website TMZ, the 54-year-old Emmy-nominated actor who played Chandler Bing on Friends was found dead from an apparent drowning Saturday at his Los Angeles residence.

The Los Angeles Times and celebrity website TMZ cited anonymous sources to confirm Matthew Perry death.

Friends was on from 1994 to 2004 and is a popular show among younger generations. Rewatching episodes can be comforting, but many were surprised when the cast reunited in 2021 to celebrate a “reunion”.

This special was a huge dose of joy for the fans. The entire cast was seen, including Jennifer Aniston and Courteney, Matt Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer, revisiting their days on the show.

Not many people know, however, that Perry almost missed the episode due to an emergency operation.

He revealed that he had a dental emergency a few days before the reunion that left his mouth “feeling like fire”.

In an ABC interview, he said that he couldn’t miss the reunion because his voice sounded like it was going up.

So, I decided to do my best and go out and perform the special in May 2021, hosted by James Corden.

The actor’s speech was slurred during the episode due to the recent surgery and the pain he had been experiencing. This led fans to criticize the actor or express concern.

Many fans wondered if years of alcohol and drug abuse had been the cause of the actor’s issue.

Matthew Perry spoke of the special bond that developed between the six actors in the reunion special. He shared the “best” way to describe it: “After the show, at a social event or party, if we bumped into one another, that was the end of the night.”

You would sit with them all night. He said that you would apologize to the person with whom you were sitting but that it was important to “understand” that this person is special.

They would continue to talk with them throughout the night. It might sound odd, but it “worked for us all”.

Friends is a story about a group of six New York-based friends. They shared their lives, their relationships and even their career challenges with each other, always having one another’s back.

Perry’s Chandler is a neurotic, sarcastic roommate to Joey (LeBlanc). Chandler and Cox’s Monica have a family by the end of the series, reflecting their journey from being single New Yorkers to getting married and having children.

Few people know that Matthew Perry asked the producers to include the final line of Friends’ finale, which brought an end to the beloved series.

“Before the final episode, I had taken Marta Kauffman (co-creator/EP) to one side. I said that nobody else would care about it except for me. “So, can I have the last word?”

That’s because as we all leave the apartment and Rachel suggests one last cup of coffee, I get to close the curtains on Friends,” Perry wrote.

In the last scene of the show, Chandler and Monica decide to move out in order to raise their children away from the bustle and noise of the city. The six friends talked about their experiences in the apartment.

Rachel, as they prepare to step outside, asks the couple whether they can get coffee before they leave or if they must go straight to their new house. Chandler responds, “Sure.” Chandler’s line, “Where?” was a great example of his sarcasm.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, tweeted on Sunday morning: “Matthew Perry’s death is shocking and saddening.”

I’ll always remember the games we played in schoolyards, and I am sure that people all over the world will never forget his joy. Matthew, thanks for the laughter. “You were loved, and you will miss.”

Nimrat Kaur posted a picture of Matthew Perry on X (formerly Twitter) and wrote: “Rest in Glory #MatthewPerry.” Chandler Bing forever,” with a broken-heart emoji.

Source: Twitter

Ranveer Singh posted a picture of Matthew with a nazar amulet, a white bird and folded hands on his Instagram Story.

Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra also posted his photo on their Instagram Stories, along with broken heart emoticons. Bipasha Basu posted a picture of Matthew with a broken-heart emoji on her Instagram Story.

Bollywood Mourns Matthew Perry’s Death

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared a photo of the actor who died and wrote “Heartbroken.” RIP Matthew Perry. Soni Razdan described it as “Sad Sad News” in her Instagram Stories.

Sophie Choudry shared her pain on X. “As if we don’t have enough bad news to deal with right now… this (broken-heart emojis). I’ve been reading Matthew’s autobiography, and this is heartbreaking.”

She wrote. Thank you for your amazing talent and all the laughs. #matthewperry. May the world finally rest in peace even though it has lost a jewel.

Mira Sorvino, who starred with Matthew in the 1994 TV film Parallel Lives, wrote on X: “Oh no!” Matthew Perry!! Matthew Perry!! You will find happiness and peace in Heaven. Your unique wit will make everyone laugh!! !”

Sean Maguire, an actor-singer, tweeted: “Sending love my friends @JeffreyKlarik and David Crane as well as his cast members.” Matthew Perry is one of the actors we all loved and admired.

He had such a lot of talent. Heartbroken he’s been taken so soon. Rest in peace, Matthew.



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