CM Nitish Kumar Apologize on Their Population Control Remark

Nitish Kumar caused unrest at the Bihar Assembly with his remarks regarding women’s education’s role in population control. Many BJP MLAs demanded his resignation despite his apology, leading them to demand his departure as leader of their party.

On Wednesday, Bihar Assembly halls erupted into chaos when Nitish Kumra, Chief Minister and leader of JD(U), made comments that questioned whether women’s education has any positive effect on population control. Later apologizing, his old allies from the BJP protested and demanded his resignation.

Nitish Kumar’s comments on population control caused an uproar within the Assembly. They demanded his resignation, prompting some BJP MLA members to protest loudly against him in public.

Nitish Kumar apologized publicly in front of all lawmakers before explaining. BJP MLAs demanded his immediate departure.

“I take back my words. Humanely speaking, they were misconstrued… Our goal at Matlab was inadvertently opened on Mahilao’s educational issues – should anyone in our bayan feel offended, I apologize heartily).” He stated.

On Tuesday, Bihar’s Chief Minister made some contentious statements while emphasizing the significance of women’s education as an effective means of controlling population growth and noted how Bihar’s fertility rate had decreased from 4.2% to 2.9% over recent years.

Nitish Kumar was initially denied entry to the Assembly following protests from BJP lawmakers. Later, however, he gained entrance and claimed his comments had been misinterpreted, clarifying that they had only discussed women’s educational issues.

Speaker Awadh Bihari Choudhary stated that BJP MLAs did not have the right to demand the resignation of their Chief Minister.

Nitish Kumar acknowledged his remarks and felt ashamed that they had caused such uproar among BJP MLAs. To their relief, he asked: ‘Why are you making so much noise about nothing?”

Rabri Devi, wife of Lalu Prasad and RJD leader Rabri Devi, responded to Nitish Kumar’s apology at the Assembly by saying it was all due to an accident, that his comments had no intent, and that the House must operate normally.

Nitish has apologized and called his error an accident.” RJD and JD(U) form part of Mahagathbandhan in the Uttar Pradesh government.

Nitish Kumar made these comments following the publication of the Caste survey report, which details economic conditions across different sections.

Nitish Kumar’s remarks brought a smile from Tejashwi, his deputy. However, they caused considerable outrage among several women MLAs from BJP parties who found his comments “vulgar”. These representatives claimed he appeared to have become infected by an “adult B-grade movies’ bug”.

Nitish Kumar, Bihar’s chief minister, apologized today after making controversial comments regarding population control, as reported by news agency ANI. In a video by news agency ANI, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar can be heard saying he retracts his words and apologizes sincerely.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Says, “I apologize…”

On Tuesday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ignited a heated discussion by underscoring the importance of women’s education in controlling the population.

Kumar highlighted the significance of women’s education as an effective strategy for controlling the population, illustrating how an educated woman could successfully restrict a sexual encounter between her partners.

“Hubbards’ actions led to more births, but thanks to education, women now know how to limit them… and this has led to a decrease in births.”

Fertility rates used to be at 4.3 but now stand at 2.9. “We will soon reach two,” stated he.

Opposition female legislators criticized his unusual remarks regarding population control.

Nitish Kumar is considered one of the most offensive leaders in Indian politics. Nitish Babu appears to have fallen prey to the “adult B-grade movies” bug; his double-meaning comments should be prohibited, and an earlier blog post from Bihar BJP stated that Nitish Babu seems influenced by friends.

Tejashwi Yadav, Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister (DCM), clarified it is wrong to misinterpret Chief Minister Singh’s remarks as discussing sexual education programs.

BJP Demands Resignation of Bihar Chief Minister. Nitish Kumar’s comments drew strong condemnation from the BJP, leading them to demand his resignation.

Ashwini Kumar, an MP from Bihar and prominent BJP member responded strongly and voiced her disappointment over these comments, which she believed had damaged democracy and undermined its dignity.

Choubey stated, “It is shameful for any member to make such statements in an assembly setting. If he appears mentally unstable, he should consult a physician immediately.”

Shehzad Poonawalla, the national spokesperson of BJP, lambasted Nitish Kumar for his remarks during assembly proceedings: “His language in assembly was most vulgar, degrading and offensive to women – misogynistic patriarchal and sexist all rolled into one.”

“According to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who recently switched from using “shushan babu” language to bekabu babu in Bihar Assembly meetings,” imagine the suffering caused to women of Bihar by such speech in its Assembly sessions, he stated.


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