Kartik Aaryan surprised his fans by releasing his new film Freddy via Disney + Hotstar. Alaya F starred as the female lead. Let’s watch the movie streaming on OTT.


Freddy, a 28-year-old introvert and recluse dentist (Kartik Aaryan) who spends five years on Meri looking for a soulmate,’ keeps you captivated without blinking.

Freddy, humiliated by a few prank phone calls and failed to find a match for five years, falls in love with Kainaaz (Alaya F), a married woman trapped in an abusive marriage.

They meet when she comes to his dental clinic for an extraction. A series of events brings them together, and they fall in love. This love story is more than happy moments, secret encounters, and the affection shown by characters.

Freddy is a short film, and it veers off course. The Freddy film maintains its pace even though the story becomes predictable in the second part.

Kartik’s role in Freddy is the most challenging and experimental he has ever played. Last year’s Dhamaka forced him to step out of his comfort zones of comedy, but with Freddy, he has gone further. In contrast to Dhamaka, there is no screaming, yelling, or monologue as in his previous films.

Kartik’s transformation into Freddy is something to be commended. Kartik’s transformation into Freddy is a special one. He gained 14 kilograms, adopted the mannerisms and skills of an introvert, and learned to express joy, sadness, love, and lust.

His portrayal was awe-inspiring because he spoke more through his eyes, gestures, and expressions than with actual words. The scenes with Hardy, his turtle best friend, are exciting.

At one point, I wondered if Freddy could have survived without the turtle. Yes, absolutely. Persis Aunty is also a confidante for him, as she keeps an eye on him and protects him against dark memories.

Alaya F delivers an impressive performance. She has picked up on the nuances and is a great actress. Don’t expect much chemistry between Kartik and Alaya in their scenes together.

Parveez’s story has all the elements that one would expect from a thriller, but his dialogue could be more inspired. The dialogue could be more applause-worthy.

The authentic Parsi flavour is brought to life by house decor, props, and language used by characters and their names.

The film’s high points are the big reveal and the climax. Freddy is a spine-chilling film with a storyline that unfolds like the characters. The film can be viewed on Disney+ Hotstar.

Plus Points

Karthik Aaryan has played comic roles and as a lover-boy. Freddy reveals the other side. He gave a good performance as an introverted, under-confident individual. Freddy’s body language and facial expressions are perfect for the role. Karthik’s screen presence is felt from the very beginning.

One of his most emotional scenes, where he breaks into tears, is an excellent example of how he’s grown as an actor. Karthik Aaryan has revealed his greatest revelation yet with Freddy.

Alaya F is excellent in her role as a victim of domestic violence. She is captivating and adds depth to the Freddy movie.

Alaya displayed a beautiful emotional range in crucial scenes and received full marks for her performance. Karthik and Aaryan have a great chemistry.

In the second hour, there are some exciting moments with a fast-paced story. This second half is filled with a fun cat-and-mouse game between the main characters. Again, the climax is nicely handled with a bit of humour.

Minus Points

Surprisingly, the filmmakers have stuck to a standard template at a time when many are trying to be unique, especially with the freedom they enjoy in the OTT market.

We don’t notice anything special about the film. The director attempted to cover up the mistakes by hiring great artists. However, he failed.

The film’s plot is very similar to a Hindi film from long ago. It is also very predictable at times. Now it’s clear why the filmmakers chose not to release the trailer.

The investigation appears silly as the police believe the words of Freddy without checking the facts. Using logic when making thrillers is essential, but this must be done. Some scenes in the first hour of this movie are very long.

Technical Aspects

The production design is good and reflects the mood of the film. Ayananka BOSE’s cinematographer and Clinton Cerejo’s background score are both excellent. In the first hour, there could have been better editing. The production value is excellent.

Shashanka did a decent job as director with Freddy. Although his work is superior to his previous film, Plan A, Plan B, it still needs improvement.

There would be expectations when someone like Karthik Aaryan is on board. But the director did not seem to care. He stuck to a formulaic but entertaining thriller.



Overall, Freddy is a decent thriller with lovely moments during the second hour. Karthik Aaryan’s transformation and portrayal of Freddy are the film’s greatest assets.

Still, its cliched storyline and predictable nature are also a problem. The film is worth a watch, but don’t look for anything new.

Freddy Movie Reviews: Star Performance

Freddy Movie Review: Kartik Aaryan is often criticized for his monotonous performances. Still, on a larger scale, you can see that he’s been working in films like Akash Vaani, Dhamaka, and Freddy to counteract this perception. Kartik Aaryan has become a seasoned actor who can portray his emotions of Freddy due to his mental trauma.

Alaya is a mixed bag. Alaya’s character builds up a lot of curiosity in the first half, but the writing could be more robust. Despite the flaws, she maintains her poise and quirkiness until the very last scene. Sajjad Delafrooz, the actor who played Tiger Zinda Hai in the second part of the film, is responsible for the unintentional humour.

Source: Disney+Hotstar


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Freddy Movie Review – The Last Word

Kartik Aaryan is the only reason I gave this film three stars. He is a master of balancing mass & class, which is why Bollywood is in good hands.



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