IPL 2024: BCCI Add These New Rules in This Season

IPL 2024 New Rules: In the IPL 2024, there will be some changes to the rules compared to the previous season. In the Indian Premier League 2024, bowlers can bowl two bouncers in each over. This is a major departure from the old norm that only one short ball was allowed.

The BCCI first introduced this rule in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy during the domestic 2023-24 season. T20Is adhere strictly to ICC regulations, which only allow one short ball per over.

Test and One Day International competitions (ODIs) allow two bouncers. The BCCI also decided to keep the rule that a catch must be verified when a stumping referral is requested during IPL 2024 games.

This decision differs from ICC regulations, where only the field umpire reviews stumping decisions. The BCCI can ensure fairness for the fielding team by including checks on catches prior to stumping decisions.

New Rules in IPL 2024

No Stop Clock

Teams will be able to review wides, no balls and two reviews. This was introduced last year. The IPL will not adopt the stop-clock rule, which is a significant departure from the recent ICC rules.

The IPL will not adopt this rule, which is permanent in white-ball international matches. Its purpose is to ensure a timely flow of proceedings.

What is the Impact Player Rule for IPL 2024?

The Impact Player rule is a revolutionary team dynamic. It allows a team the option to substitute one of its 11 initial players in mid-match.

This novel rule requires each team to designate five substitutes along with the starting XI prior to the toss. One substitute from this pool can be used as an Impact Player throughout the match.

When will the Impact Player Be Available?

The Impact Player was tested during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in October-November 2022. He could enter before the start of an inning or after an over.

The Impact Player cannot complete the remaining deliveries in an over if they are a bowler. If a player is injured, they can be substituted by an Impact Player. The sidelined player will not be able to continue the game.

Smart Replay System

The IPL season 2024 will also feature the Smart Replay System. This system is designed to increase the speed of field reviews. How it works is as follows:

Team And Technology Dedicated To TV Umpires

Two Hawk-Eye operators are able to analyse the images captured by high-speed cameras strategically placed, and provide real-time support to the TV umpire.

Improved Visuals for Better Decisions

Split-screen views are available for situations that can be complex, such as close catches at the boundary or improved visuals when stumping calls. High frame-rate cameras also provide more precise evidence.

A Clearer View of Close-Up Catches

The umpire can zoom in on catches that are hovering above the ground by using a single frame.

Transparency & Speed

To save time and improve transparency, live broadcasts of conversations between TV umpires and Hawk-Eye operators could be introduced. Relevant information, such as ball-tracking analyses in LBW review, would also be prioritised.

The Season Begins On March 22

The Chepauk Stadium will host a thrilling clash between the defending champions CSK vs RCB. This match will mark the return of two Indian cricketing legends to competitive cricket, MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli.

Kohli, on the other hand, has not played since early January of this year. Dhoni’s last appearance was in the IPL 2023 Final, where he won the match against Gujarat Titans.

The RCB announced a name change days before the match, dropping ‘Bangalore” in favour of the current name for Bengaluru.

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