Is MBA Chaiwala “Panauti” is Real Reason Behind Paytm Crash? Know Here

MBA Chaiwala is a franchise and brand founded by Prafull B. Billore, a native of Ahmedabad. Billore, an MBA dropout who is a fan of hustle culture in his branding on Instagram and YouTube, markets the brand as a start-up he created.

MBA Chaiwala memes often centre around his apparent omnipresence on social media. Billore’s reputation as a “panoti”, or harbinger, of bad luck gained traction after several celebrities he had been photographed with were embroiled in controversy.

Origin of Panauti Word for MBA Chaiwala

Prafull Billore Panoti started marketing his chai company in 2017 under Mr. Billore Ahmedabad. His first post was on November 18, 2017.

Billore’s brand ran a popular marketing campaign on February 14, offering free chai for singles. His first post to reach 1,000 likes was a meme from February 10, 2021, posted to promote this offer.

How This Spread the Word of ‘Panauti’

MBA Chaiwala Panauti some Incidents that people believed that he is real panauti-

1. In March 2023, memes claiming that Prafull was a bad omen or “panoti” began to gain popularity. Billore, interviewed on August 4, 2022, by Manish Kashyap, a reporter for “SachTak”, had a YouTube video that received over 12,000,000 views in just 7 months. Manish Kashyap, a journalist from “SachTak” news in Tamil Nadu, was arrested in March 2023 for spreading false information about migrant workers in the state.

2. Arvind Arora, an influencer who interviewed Billore in November 2021, found himself in a negative position on Indian Shark Tank by March 2023. MBA Chaiwala shared a photo with Gautam Adani on April 21, 2022. Adani was later embroiled in corruption scandals in 2023.

3. MBA Chaiwala predicted that India would win the World Cup in 2024, but he predicted that India would lose.

4. MBA Chaiwala posted a photo on Twitter with Baba Ramdev, and Next Day, Baba Ramdev Company Patanjali Foods Got Down on the share market

5. As a new incident, you can see that Prafull Billore clicked a picture with Paytm CEO Vijay Shankar Sharma. After some days, RBI closed the Paytm Payments Bank & Also out new guidelines for Paytm. And Paytm’s shares are down consistently.

Source: Google

So this all is an incident that every Indian accepts that MBA Chaiwala or Prafull Billore is Panauti For India.

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