Japan Movie Review: Karthi’s New COmedy Movie

Director Raju Murugan says, “Japan” marks Karthi’s 25th movie and offers a snapshot of society today. Karthi says “Japan” dozens of times in the Tamil film. We learn later in the movie why his name was chosen: his mother wanted him to become strong like Japan itself.

“Japan” is an incredible film. Within its opening minutes, we learn of an elaborate jewellery robbery wherein police have identified unmistakable signs that Japan was behind it all.

Japan (Tamil)


Karthi, Anu, Emmanuel Sunil


Following the theft of jewel store goods from Japanese jewellers, authorities are looking for a pan-Indian thief who might have committed this theft.

As suggested by promotional material, this film follows an India-wide thief who steals over Rs 200 crore in his latest heist – not that we know anything about him; unfortunately, we’re subjected to an unknowing, poor audience who must sit through an extremely long, boring film that fails both as entertainment and education.

The film starts as a comedy heist, wherein we learn more about Japan. She is unpredictable and enjoys making films about herself, and the police are searching for her as an unlicensed thief.

Karthi may display garish costumes and vocal traits due to these characteristics, which could be forgiven as character traits; however, an inexorably circular plot cannot.

The Tamil film “Japan”

On occasion, Japan sees director Raju Murugan’s ideas surface: moments where an unexpected twist causes suspects to reconsider their thinking or where an innocent man escapes after intensive interrogation.

Raju Murugan can express his core idea: Who is an honest thief, and how do we define him? Unfortunately, they only barely scratch the surface, leaving us with characters we wish had never existed in their place. Ravi Varman’s cinematography captures their feelings perfectly.

At the same time, their dark, dreary frames eventually wear you down, while composer GV Prakash did not contribute anything memorable either.


Inter-state robber Japan (Karthi) burglarizes a famous jewellery shop owned by Home Minister (KS. Ravi Kumar). His loot is worth an estimated Rs 200 crore, and the police are looking for him; or are they being falsely accused? Who’s behind it all and how Japan will deal with it all is at the film’s core.

Movie Performances 

Karthi is an actor’s actor; every aspect of his look, demeanour and characterization are given special care in preparation. Additionally, his dialogue modulation possesses its distinctive sound. 

Though Karthi may be talented as an actor, he doesn’t go beyond this, as characters and performances suffer due to a lack of depth and substance within the storyline.

Anu Emmanuel’s role is limited to one scene and song; her performance seems forced and forced in her songwriting. Her glamour factor is also lacking. 

Sunil plays a new character here that looks similar to Pushpa but wears a Khaki uniform. The track of intimate videos featuring police officers doesn’t work very well.

Director KS Kumar plays only a short part as Home Minister while Vijay Milton makes for an engaging cop character. Unfortunately, Japan movie proves disappointing due to its content and writing and because none of its Telugu actors stand out as prominent performers.

Karthi has earned his place among Tamil cinema’s most diligent actors through carefully selecting projects and directors to work with.

Karthi brings his trademark flair as he embraces colourful roles like in Japan (his 25th film). Unfortunately, however, its execution leaves much to be desired.



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