Kapil & Sunil Grover Reunite For Their New Netflix Show

Kapil & Sunil Grover appear to have patched things up following their famous fight on a plane from Australia, as seen in recent promos for Netflix’s show featuring both comedy actors.

Both actors confirmed in separate promos for Netflix that they now feel comfortable joking around about their feud and that their relationship has improved both on- and off-screen.

Kapil and Sunil appeared to be deep in conversation when photographed at a recent party for their show. Archana Puran, another cast member from their performance, posted some photos from a Netflix event where Kapil and Sunil appeared together;

Fans expressed their joy over seeing these stars together by writing in comments their delight with seeing Kapil and Sunil together.

Sunil Grover first made his first appearance as Gutthi on Comedy Nights With Kapil back in 2013. Following this initial stint, Sunil moved on to another station for Mad In India – but this show failed miserably.

In 2016, The Kapil Sharma Show moved channels again. Sunil returned as Dr. Mashoor Ghulia until they eventually got into an argument that changed everything.

Their banter with viewers was immensely popular, but this became much darker when their fight escalated further.

Sunil abruptly left the show after an altercation on a flight between Melbourne and India, never again appearing together until their recent reunion in a Netflix project.

Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover Unite To Netflix Show

Kapil Sharma & Sunil Grover reunion: Sunil Grover will reunite with Kapil for this new “The Kapil Sharma Show” series. Grover made his name playing such roles as Gutthi and Dr Mashoor Guilati on that series;

Now, however, Netflix will show their series alongside guest stars Archana Puran Singh, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda – in addition to Grover himself.

They released a clip on X, giving viewers a sneak peek into their cast. Kapil and Sunil made humorous references to their infamous Australia fight from 2018, where they argued during their plane ride home from Melbourne after performing there.

A drunk Kapil started an altercation with Sunil and Chandan during this flight. He even attacked Sunil with his shoe during this incident. He even insulted Sunil before beating him with it.

Kapil Sharma introduced himself in a video and stated, “Hello friends, my name is Kapil Sharma, and soon, I will be bringing a show. Sunil Grover repeats what Kapil says before saying they should meet.

Sunil says they would visit more than 191 countries (but forget Australia); how about taking the road instead of flying this time.”

“Rajiv Kiku and Kiku Kiku joined the frame, with Krushna warning them that if he returned, he’d crop up everyone.” Archana Puran entered, and Kapil announced, “Now our family is complete; soon we will meet.”

Archana Puran came into view, and Kapil declared: “Now our family is complete; we shall meet soon.”

Fans’ Reaction and Expectations

Fans were thrilled at hearing of their reunion. Many took to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to express their delight, recalling past contributions of this duo in the entertainment industry and many people enjoying their humour and camaraderie, providing comfort and laughter to many individuals.


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