Meet Amir Hussain A Para Cricketer, Know Here Him Struggle Life Story

Amir Hussain Lone and Sachin Tendulkar are among those cheering him on and hoping that they can meet one day so he can give them his shirt with their name on it.

Sachin Tendulkar recently posted on X after learning of Amir’s remarkable feats, such as bowling on his feet and hitting with a bat positioned between shoulder-neck and neck!

Amir, captain of J&K’s para cricket team, has not just earned respect from cricket enthusiasts across India and beyond; Ashish Nehra personally invited him to attend the semi-final of the 2016 T-20 World Cup held in Mumbai!

His grandmother was another significant source of encouragement; she encouraged Amir to return to school after taking an extended leave from classes for three years; unfortunately, she passed away many decades ago.

In 2013, after his teacher recognized his talent for para cricket, Amir started playing. Anant Nag’s prodigy made his international debut in Nepal, Dubai, and Sharjah for a UAE para league competition.

Amir Hussain Lone Teaches Himself How To Play Cricket After Losing Both His Arms

Recently, a video featuring a para cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir went viral. Wearing an India jersey featuring Sachin Tendulkar on his back, this cricketer still made some remarkable shots despite lacking arms, gripping his bat between neck-and-shoulders and under the chin before holding it between second and big toe to bowl the ball.

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Amir Hussain Lone, captain of J&K’s para-cricket squad and 34-year-old cricketer. Tendulkar watched Lone’s video and responded that he’d love to meet him while visiting Kashmir later with his family on vacation. Tendulkar made good on this promise while on holiday!

Amir Hussain told TrendsMyth it was an unforgettable experience to meet someone as influential as Sachin Sir. Even just speaking about it fills him with immense happiness;

I can hardly express how happy and excited he makes me feel! Lone spent an hour conversing with Sachin Sir, discussing my cricket journey as well as where I have played before, showing him how to cover and straight drive.

Amir was one of many Indian children growing up during the 1990s who idolised Tendulkar and his game.

Born in Waghama in Bijbehara Tehsil of Anantnag District, Jammu & Kashmir, he spent much of his childhood trying to emulate Tendulkar by becoming a cricketer himself.

However, Amir’s life took an abrupt and tragic turn at just 8 years old. While playing with his father in their sawmill, he got caught in its machinery and lost both arms to it.

Amir had difficulty accepting his new reality and had difficulty dealing with its challenges. He wanted to become a cricketer but couldn’t figure out how.

“I never gave up. “My ambition was to emulate Sachin Tendulkar as I worked day-in and day-out to become an International Cricketer like him.”

How could someone play cricket without arms? Amir was uncertain of where to begin; however, taunts from neighbours motivated him. Though his family supported his endeavour, many saw it as odd or bizarre behaviour.

Amir was dismayed to discover that her former playing partners suddenly did not want her on their teams; each coach would tell her, ‘You don’t have any arms; therefore, you cannot play cricket!

“But through God’s grace, I became strong enough not to depend on anyone for assistance. Even though my problems have subsided today, I will always remember how those people treated me.”

Amir recalls an incident when he visited his neighbour’s home to watch an India-Pakistan match without TV at home. Amir recalls that when Sachin Tendulkar hit fours, he would shout with excitement;

After some time, however, his presence caused discomfort among neighbours, and he was asked to leave as it made their lives uncomfortable.

Amir quickly learned to hold a baseball bat by placing it between his shoulder and neck, taught himself how to hold a cricket ball with both a second and big toe, and then used his legs for practice at catching and fielding it.

But his motivation extended far beyond cricket; he wanted to be independent and learned how to use his legs for eating, communicating on the telephone, and performing other daily tasks that people with full abilities can perform with relative ease.

Amir Hussain says she worked day and night. Eventually, she says her skills began to develop to the point of playing with fully able people; most of my matches involved normal people;

I used fast bowlers with leather balls rather than tennis balls for fast bowlers; she bowled while holding onto one with one leg while bowling with it held over his right leg – “no problem at present but she struggled to get there.”

Amir began his para cricketing career at Degree College Bijbehara. One of his coaches noticed his talent and encouraged him to sign up for a camp within his state.

“Upon arriving at college, I noticed several players working with Coach. One of those players asked if I would like to join, and when one did ask I immediately said yes and played only defensive shots; no attempts at hitting big hits or fours; I batted for approximately 30 minutes.”

My coach was extremely impressed by my batting abilities. He told me he could bowl off-spin, leg spin, and fast. Upon learning of a para camp, when it started, I was chosen as one of two teams, and we played some matches;

After these matches were concluded, I was named J&K Para Team captain.” That same month, I played my inaugural National game in Delhi.”

Amir fondly recalls his first game without arms as one he will never forget: taking one wicket and scoring 25 runs! His opponents were absolutely amazed to witness this display of cricket without arms!

Lone’s success will always remain memorable – his opponents were stunned to witness someone playing without arms! Taking two wickets and scoring 25 runs!

After I batted, the players of the opposing team lifted me onto their shoulders and shouted out ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ slogans – this momentous occasion brought great pride to my heart. “This was truly unforgettable for me.”

Amir has since made his way into para-cricket in India and abroad, playing both domestically and abroad. When discussing Tendulkar, he gives off a twinkle in his eye; since meeting him, he’s met many renowned cricketers and won awards;

He remembers being nervous the night before winning an award, though it all went smoothly!

Amir, beaming with delight when she hears this news, says she cannot fully express the happiness she felt upon hearing it. Her joy knew no bounds:

When dinner at 8 pm was served, she couldn’t finish eating all of it and spent that night awake, frequently checking the time and trying not to forget when her baby would arrive! “This news truly brought tears of joy and gratitude in spades.” Yaar itni lambi raat ho gayi aaj!

“Sachin Sir greeted me warmly as soon as I entered his hotel room. Even now, when I recall our meeting, it’s hard to believe what occurred.

Amir Hussain was invited by Gujarat Giants of the Western Premier League (WPL). On his first visit he fell in love with Bengaluru’s food and weather – as well as meeting some of their players before heading over to M Chinnaswamy Stadium for their match against Delhi Capitals.

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