Mr Indian Hacker Income, Age, Family, and Complete Biography Know Here

Dilraj Singh, also known as Mr Indian Hacker, is a YouTuber who makes experimental videos. His videos are funky, and he’s got over 36 million subscribers on YouTube. He has a huge fan base.

Mr Indian Hacker Early Childhood & Education

Dilraj Singh was born in Ajmer on January 8 1996. Dilraj Singh completed his education at DAV Senior Secondary School and graduated from Samrat Prithviraj Government College in Ajmer.

He began making YouTube videos as a hobby with a friend, but that soon became his passion. He stands at 5’7″.

He stressed the importance of practical knowledge and that people should not rely only on theatre knowledge. His personal life is not well known. The names of his parents are unknown.

Mr Indian Hacker Career

Dilraj Singh began his career on YouTube by creating the Mr Indian Hacker Channel. His first viral video was titled “How to Open a Lock Without a Key”.

Since then, he has become a sensation with over 30.3 million subscribers. He is a favourite of users because of his unique style.

Here, he shares personal experiences and his life. He also has a second YouTube channel called “Dilraj Singh”, with over 4 million subscribers.

He developed the necessary skills as his YouTube career grew. He only uses one high-end camera for his videos, even though he owns five. He is a master at recording audio using a microphone that hangs from his collar.

Source: Instagram

The disclaimers on his videos state, “We have Titanium in our Blood!” Over time, this has become a well-known catchphrase and slogan.

Social Media

His Instagram has More than 5 Million followers and their real ID is dilraj_singh_rawat, and his YouTube channel @MRINDIANHACKER boasts 36 million subscribers.

Personal life

Mr Indian Hacker wife is unknown, He is Married.

Mr Indian Hacker Net worth

In addition, he earns a lot of money through sponsorships and ads on YouTube. Our research shows he earns between 15 lakh and 25 lakh rupees monthly. This could be more or less. His net worth increases by 10 to 15% per annum.

Dilraj Singh’s Youtube Journey

Dilraj started his YouTube channel in 2012 while still in high school. At that time, YouTube was relatively new. He started uploading videos when he discovered that ordinary people, like me and you, could do so. His videos received only a few views.

Since then, he has been unstoppable. He worked odd jobs because he had promised not to use his parents’ money for himself. He decided to make YouTube his full-time job when it finally took off.

Life Story

Dilraj was raised in the small town of Ajmer in Rajasthan. In 12th grade, he was a science student, and in the lab, students had to follow objective rules.

Being the rebellious teenager he is, he deliberately mixed sodium and water. He then watched as an explosion happened right before his eyes. His journey into science began here.

He was injured at his workplace after experimenting with liquid Nitrogen. This incident, as well as many others, taught him that having fun can be dangerous.

Now, on his channel, his team and he do extensive research to determine the risks they may face. Safety is something he now takes very seriously.

His videos are popular for many reasons. He uploads three videos every week and is very consistent. You know where to go to find out whether your iPhone will survive extreme temperatures.


From a farming background, achieving financial stability was difficult for him. In a video, he says that he lived without shoes and clothes, nor had he a comfortable home. He borrowed electricity from his neighbours.

He turned his life around using YouTube. It shows you can achieve anything if you put your heart and mind into it. Making excuses is no longer an option.

Mr Indian Hacker Complete Team

In the videos of Indian Hacker Dilraj Rawat, you must have seen that he works with a large team to shoot videos and do new experiments. One of his videos was shot with 8 cameras, and his professional edited the video afterwards.

Most of his team members are friends, whom he considers part of his own family. Below are the names of Mr. Indian Hacker’s team members:

Total Members: 15

  • Dilraj Rawat
  • Vikram Rawat
  • Balveer S. Rawat
  • Gajender S. Rawat
  • Virender S. Rawat
  • Ravinder S. Rawat
  • Govind S. Rawat
  • Pratap S. Rawat
  • Dinesh Rawat
  • Chaman S. Rawat
  • Manish Rath
  • Mahavir Rawat
  • Jeetu Rao
  • Bhupender Rawat
  • Bhavani Rawat

Amazing Facts About Mr. Indian Hacker

  • Dilraj Singh is the real name of Mr Indian hacker, who hails from Ajmer in Rajasthan. Dilraj began his career in Ajmer after completing his college and primary education.
  • Dilraj had a desire to learn something new since childhood. On June 21, 2012, he uploaded a YouTube video called How To Open A Lock Without Key.
  • YouTuber Dilraj has two channels. One is his official channel. The other is his Block channel. He updates his videos and personal information on the Block channel.
  • Mr. Indian Hacker, aka Dilraj Sing Rawat, is a member of the Rajput Community in Ajmer. He married only a few weeks ago. His wife’s name and the date of his wedding are still secret, but they will be revealed soon.
  • You’ll be surprised to learn that Mr. Indian Hacker spends around lakhs of Rupees and 8 cameras on each video.

FAQs Related to Mr Indian Hacker

What is the net worth of Mr. Indian’s Hacker?

His net worth is approximately $8,26,000. His earnings come from our YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Paid Promotion.

What are Mr. Indian Hacker’s educational qualifications?

Dilraj Rawat is a graduate of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan College, Ajmer. Indian Hacker is a resident of Rajasthan. He has graduated from Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan College in Ajmer.

Is Mr. Indian hacker married?

Mr. Indian Hacker has recently been married, but he’s not revealed his wife’s name on social media. This will be updated shortly.

What is the address for Mr Indian Hacker?

You can find the address below to meet Mr. Indian Hacker.

Address:- badaliya district, Rajasthan, India 305025

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