Naa Saami Ranga Review: Nagarjuna Performance Was Not Good As Expected, See Here Complete Details

Naa Saami Ranga Review: This film stands out despite being released last in the Sankranthi line-up. Vijay Binni, a choreographer, takes on the director role in the Telugu version of Porinju Marim Jose (2019 Malayalam). Sankranthi is the perfect time to release this film with an ensemble cast that includes Nagarjuna and Ashika Ranganath.

1988 is the year. In a way, Kishtaiyah and Anji, brothers, share a strong bond and remain loyal to Peddayya’s (Nassar) village head because he helped them as children.

They are tasked to protect Bhaskar (Raj), who has fallen in love and married Kumari (Ruksha1r), from goons, but they have no idea that their lives will be turned upside down.


In Ambajipeta, Nagarjuna’s family is helped by President Peddayya in a crisis. Loyalist Kistayya loves Mahalaxmi, aka Varalu (Ashika Ranganath). A sudden incident separates the two. Dasu, Peddayya’s son (Shabeer Kallarakkal), wants to harm Kistayya (Allari Naresh) and his brother Anji.

Why is there a rivalry? Why did Varalu split from Kistayya? What is the significance of Bhaskar’s (Raj Tarun’s) role in the story? The film has all the answers.

Movie Plot

Kishtayya, an orphan (Nagarjuna), becomes Anji’s brother (Allari Naresh). He becomes the right-hand of village chief Peddayya, played by Nasser. Varalu, Kishtayya’s childhood love (Ashika Rangeanath), and Kishtayya get separated.

Both remain single. Peddayya’s sons are jealous of Kishtayya and want to eliminate his dominance. The story is about how Kishtayya battles all odds to win his love, friendship, and revenge.

Nagarjuna Performances

Nagarjuna’s performance as Kishtayya can be described as a solo show. Allari Naresh, who plays Anji, and Raj Tarun as Bhaskar, provide him with excellent support. Allari Naresh is at his best in the emotional scenes.

Ashika Ranganath, the heroine in traditional dress, is a real treat. She also emotes very well. Mirna, Rukshar, and the rest of the cast deliver precisely what’s expected.

The ensemble cast of the film is a plus. Nassar needs to be given a more significant role. Shabeer Kalayrakkal’s villain, Das, is a disappointment.

Naa Saami Ranga Review

Naa Saami Ranga, a simple rural action drama without major twists, is no-nonsense. It is a simple pastoral action drama that moves along and works in a few places. A weak conflict is a significant flaw in the film.

Time-passing scenes slow the story down. Vijay Binni uses Nag’s strengths to his advantage and does not radically change the original Porinju Mariam Jose. Highlights include the cast, well-picturized music, and beautifully choreographed action scenes.

The director spends a lot of time establishing characters. In the first half, there was room for improvement in comedy. The film gains momentum at the halfway point and keeps the audience interested.

The action scenes are the main reason why audiences watch the entire movie. Early in the second half, there is some dread due to the formulaic narration. The film gets serious after a big shock.

The film ends on a decent note despite the lack of twists. The debutant director Vijay Binni has produced a film of such quality with an ensemble cast within a short time, despite the pressure he was under.

This genre is an excellent fit for festivals like Sankranthi. This genre is received well by the audience if it connects with them. Nagarjuna’s relationship with Allari Naresh is the silver lining.

In nut-shell, Naa Saami Ranga is purely a Sankranthi watch. Nagarjuna has a track record of films that have performed well at the Box Office during the festival season.

Ashika Ranganath Steals The Show

It’s hard to stand out in an ensemble cast, especially in films with many plot lines. Varalakshmi, aka Varalu, is Ashika’s character. When she appears on screen, she is a focal point. This story concerns a tragic incident with her dad (Rao Ramesh) and her love for Kishtayya.

Ashika is not just a beautiful actress; she also delivers an admirable performance. It’s lovely to see a woman lead in a masala movie stand up for herself instead of waiting to get saved. Shabeer Kalagrakkal, Peddayya’s psychotic son Das, is the only person who can come close to attracting that attention.

It Could Have Been Better Adapted

Porinju Mariam Jose is not a perfect movie, and Vijay carries some flaws when adapting it to Telugu. It would help if you cared about all the characters to understand the story.

Bhaskar, Kumari, and the other characters are essential to the plot, but they serve no purpose except as catalysts. Anji’s wife, Manga (Mirnaa’s) character, isn’t developed enough to make you feel anything when something significant happens. But Naresh manages to make Anji memorable.

Work Due To Mass Masala

To give him credit, the director doesn’t just spoon-feed you examples. The director may drag out the film to include songs that aren’t always good but also provide moments that Nagarjuna fans will enjoy.

Naa Saami Ranga is a good film despite its flaws because it makes it more commercial. While old-fashioned, the romance between Kishtayya & Varalu will remain with you. Naa Saami Ranga, a rural drama with no frills, is a good watch for Sankranthi.



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