Rape Case Filed Against Famous Influencer Oye Indori

Oye Indori (commonly known by his nickname Robin Jindal) has recently been embroiled in an increasingly disturbing controversy after allegations surfaced of him manipulating and seducing an unmarried woman into entering into an extended romantic relationship and exploiting her sexually on the premise that they are married.

Jindal continued his affair despite his claims of innocence and was consequently subjected to legal action, filing a First Information Report with local authorities.

YouTuber Oye Indori Faces A Criminal Complaint

On Tuesday, 19 December 2023, it was reported that Robin had helped a 22-year-old victim find accommodations. This seemingly helpful gesture soon turned into emotional manipulation by Jindal, who not only led her down the path toward marriage but also engaged in multiple sexual encounters – leaving the false promise of future togetherness as motivation for him to manipulate.

Notably, this isn’t her first attempt to seek justice. In March, she filed a complaint against Robin Jindal. Still, she later withdrew it when he promised to marry her instead of committing to another relationship.

Now, the victim has revived her fight and filed under Section 376 against Robin Jindal(also known as Oye Indori).

Attended by many prominent personalities, Robin Jindal’s engagement ceremony took place at an Indore hotel. A social media star with over 880,000 subscribers on YouTube, 74,000 Instagram followers, and more than 4 lakh Facebook fans (more commonly referred to as Oye Indori), Robin has gained massive online fame thanks to his vast online presence.

Sachin Arya confirmed that a case has been registered against Robin Jindal, son of Mithilesh Aggarwal from Mahalaxmi Nagar and accused of engaging in acts of rape under false pretext of marriage.

Authorities are actively pursuing him owing to these serious accusations against him; these developments show some of the darker sides of influencer culture while raising questions regarding their responsibility on social media platforms.

Oye Indori: What The Police Said

SI Sachin Arya of MIG Police Station revealed that Robin Aggarwal raped and abused his ex-lover under the pretext that they were married after they lived together for many years prior.

Aggarwal is still at large despite numerous arrest warrants being issued in his name; police investigations are ongoing to locate him.

Oye Indori Has About 1.5 Crore Followers

Robin is active on social media. He has millions on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. How many followers does he have?

YouTube – 78 lakhs users

Instagram – 74 lakh users

Facebook – 4 Lakh users

Media reports claim that Robin and his partner got engaged at an extravagant hotel in Indore, where many celebrities attended this grand event, including Robin’s choice of a social media influencer as his partner for this engagement ceremony.

Many other prominent people from across India added colour to the occasion of this spectacular engagement event.

Oye Indori: Serious Allegations Against Robin Jindal

The divorced girl has accused Robin Aggarwal Jindal, also known as Oye Indori, of engaging in improper acts while they were engaged. Police, after extensive investigation, have filed a rape case against Robin Aggarwal Jindal (Oye Indori).

The first rape complaint against Robin Aggarwal Jindal occurred back in March but was resolved through mutual understanding between parties; however, Robin Aggarwal Jindal continued raping her even after the incident had taken place.



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