Salaar Movie Review: It’s A Hit Movie of Prabhas

Salaar Movie Review: Salaar, featuring Prabhas, has hit theatres worldwide and has been an overwhelming success. Following Baahubali, Salaar marks Prabhas’ second high-octane movie that will make huge box office collections, also giving Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki (released December 21) intense competition in terms of booking supplies;

Both were huge successes when first released; Salaar created buzz at box offices due to its storyline, dialogues, and action which created anticipation even before its official release day in India. Here is our full review of the Salaar movie.

The Story of the Film Salaar

Rebel Prabhas’ powerful acting in Rebel is a massive draw with audiences and truly deserves every penny invested. This actioner revolves around two friends where Prabhas (Saalar) fights his enemies to protect his friend Shruti Aadya, played by Shruti Haasan;

Aadya moves from New York to India without her father knowing about it in 2017. Vardharaj Manar Prithviraj appears as an integral character; his new Sukumaran avatar has quickly become extremely popular with audiences everywhere.

By the end of this film, everyone knows who Deva is: Vardharaj and Sena battle for control of the Khansar Chair while Vardharaj seeks help from Deva to gain victory.

Prabhas’ film will appeal to fans everywhere; every scene in it is full of suspense; especially during ceasefire scenes when Prithviraj and Prabhas’ incredible action can be witnessed at Salaar.

Deva later finds work as a coal miner while his mother (Ishwari Raio) works as a teacher in their village village school.


Salaar was masterfully directed. Prashanth Neel has made quite an impressionable debut with Hombale Films Salaar: Ceasefire under Vijay Kiragandur as producer, as Prashanth’s latest directorial effort shows.

KGF features a star-studded cast, an engaging story, and memorable dialogue in Salaar, which is directed superbly.

Prabha’s Powerful Action

Salaar: The Ceasefire, Prabhas’ first part in his three-part Salaar series, is now out. Prabhas has received much acclaim for his decisive action sequences, dashing appearances, and dialogues within this film – creating an uproar at box-office levels as he causes further mayhem. The film ends with a suspenseful, dangerous climax.

Prithviraj’s magic

Malayalam film star Prithviraj takes centre stage in this film as the leading man, playing Vardharaj Manar – his performance is widely lauded.

Sukumaran does an outstanding job as Vardharaj; furthermore, Prithviraj won everyone over by performing powerful action scenes alongside Prabhas and Shruti Hassan;

However, her acting was less appreciated by viewers; Ishwari excels as Parbhas’ mother.

Salaar Box Office Collection Worldwide

Salaar was an incredible success across several languages and regions in India, becoming one of the biggest box office successes ever.

Released in five different versions, including Hindi, Telugu (in Telugu), English Tamil, and Kannada releases, its release proved a resounding success at box offices across India;

Especially popular were versions in Telugu as it made huge returns at box-office collections, proving how much Indians love Prabhas.

Salaar made a powerful impact across Telugu, Hindi and Tamil audiences with its incredible cast led by Prabhas and directed by Prashanth.

Together, these elements proved immensely popular at the box office worldwide – another testament to why its release was such a wise move – not only locally but worldwide, too.

A movie like Salaar can become global when released simultaneously in multiple languages. An incredible success.

What Salaar is Hit or Flop?

Salaar has only just been released, and it is too early to tell whether it will succeed. However, initial numbers suggest a positive trajectory; on day one alone, it made over 110 crores across all languages, indicating that many viewers enjoyed watching the film.

Salaar will continue competing against other movies over the coming weeks. Although we have not determined its exact budget, estimates place it between Rs 300 crores and Rs 400 crores, making its success hard to gauge.

If people continue attending screenings of Salaar, then it could become a massive success at box offices nationwide; we won’t know for sure until we watch how it does in its release date.

What is the Movie Budget?

Salaar, that action movie much-awaited by audiences everywhere, had an estimated budget between Rs300 crores and Rs400 crores – making it one of the costliest Indian films ever. Unfortunately, its creators haven’t disclosed exactly how much money was spent making it.

Salaar has already shown profitability with Day 1 collections totaling 95 crores across all languages on its opening day alone, as evidenced by its stellar collections of 95 crores across all genres.

Many tickets were bought before its release; audiences enjoyed what they saw even before its premiere. If it continues attracting audiences like this, it may become an enormous success and make filmmakers’ investment worthwhile.


Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire is an entertaining action drama featuring outstanding performances by both Prithviraj and Prabhas in its action scenes, especially Prabhas’ spectacular stunt work.

The appeal of this film lies mainly with its action sequences; unfortunately, its main downfalls include its simple storyline, the long second part, and excessive violence – so if you like Prabhas or enjoy action movies, this high-octane flick may be worth seeing this weekend.


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