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Manoj Saru is the real name behind Technology Gyan. Manoj Saru, also known as Technology Gyan on YouTube, is an Indian YouTuber. Manoj Saru is an Indian YouTuber who was born in Mussoorie Uttarakhand, India, on 18th April 1994.

Manoj Saru used to live with his family in Nepal, but now he resides in India. Manoj Saru is an accomplished blogger and YouTuber with two channels on YouTube. Manoj Saru’s Technology Gyan channel has 14 million subscribers.

Technology Gyan Biography

NameTechnology Gyan
Real NameManoj Saru
Nick NameSaru
Date of Birth18 April 1994
Age29 Years (2023).
Birth PlaceMussoorie, Uttarakhand, India
PlaceMussoorie, Uttarakhand, India
Current CityNew Delhi Area, India
EducationGraduate + Diploma
SchoolSaraswati Vidya Mandir
CollegeNational Institute of Information Technology
Zodiac SignsLibra
ProfessionBlogger, Youtubers, Content Creators & Social Media Influencer
Marriage StatusUnmarried

Manoj Saru Bio

Manoj Saru was born 18 April 1994 to a normal Indian family in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Manav Saru is Manoj Saru’s father, and Tina Saru is his mother.

Manoj Saru graduated from the National Institute of Information Technology College after completing his high school education at Saraswati Vidya Mandir. Manoj Saru is a native of Uttarakhand, but he now lives in the New Delhi area.

Technology Gyan (Manoj Saru) Age

Technology Gyan, an Indian YouTuber, was born in Uttarakhand on 18 April. Manoj Saru is currently 29 years old.

Technology Gyan (Manoj Saru) Height

Manoj Saru is now 29 years old and has a height of 5′ 5″. Manoj is around 70 kg.

Age29 Years Old
Height5 Feet 5 Inch(168 Cm)
Weight (approximate)70 Kg
Body MeasurementsChest size: 42 inchesWaist : 34 inchBiceps 14 inch
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack

Technology Gyan (Manoj Saru) Family

Father’s NameManav Saru
Mother’s NameTeena Saru
GirlfriendSapan Rawat
FriendMasoom Sharma

Technology Gyan’s (Manoj Saru), Blog & YouTube Career

Manoj started his career by blogging. Initially, Manoj faced many challenges, but today, his website ranks well on Google. Manoj Saru began his YouTube career in 2015 when he opened the Manoj Saru channel.

He used to post videos about banking software, computer tips and other topics. One of his videos became viral after he posted 15 to 20 videos.

Then, when the copyright Jesus appeared on that channel, Manoj Saru’s YouTube channel was deleted.

Image Credit: Instagram

Manoj didn’t give up. On 17 November 2015, he created a channel on YouTube called Technology Gyan. He began posting regular videos there. Slowly, the video started to go viral on the track.

Manoj Saru, a popular YouTuber, has two channels. One is for technology, and the other is for Manoj Saru, who has many subscribers. Technology Gyan youTube Channel name is – TechnologyGyan and Instagram ID is – manojsaru.

The Early Life of Manoj Saru

He is from South Delhi. In a house they rented, he first lived in South Delhi with his family. His family consists of his parents and two sisters. The rented house was not equipped with any facilities.

His family’s financial situation was poor then, and he sometimes had to skip meals. Manoj Saru credits his success to his mom.

In an interview, he said that his mother was willing to do whatever it took to ensure a good education for him. Manoj’s mother worked in the house of another person at that time.

Since childhood, he was fascinated by technology. He was always interested in computers. He wanted to get his B.Tech. in Computer Science, but he couldn’t because he didn’t have enough money to pay the fees.

He cried for three days because he was upset about not being admitted to college. Due to a money issue, he had to stop his studies for a year. He had to leave his studies for a year due to financial problems.

During this time, he bought a new laptop but had no money. So he borrowed Rs. 20000 from her sister. He also learned a lot online about computers, such as how to repair a laptop and how operating systems function.

After one year, his financial situation was still unstable, and he enrolled in an open university to finish his studies. He watched YouTube a lot then and saw a video saying you could earn money online.

This inspired him greatly. He then created a site and began writing articles. However, the website could have been more successful even after a year.

Manoj Saru’s Success Story

After his website failed, he began looking for ways to make money online. He read an article on YouTube about how to make money. YouTube was a viral site because Jio had revolutionised the Internet in India.

He then created a channel on YouTube called Manoj Saru and uploaded over 25 videos about software and applications. Two of his videos became viral during that period, and he gained 25 to 26000 followers.

However, he was unaware of YouTube’s Community Guidelines at the time, so his YouTube channel was removed.

After a few years, he earned his first $250 from YouTube. At that time, he invested all of his money in building websites and devoted all of his time to YouTube.

In an interview, he said that he spent 17 to 18 hours per day on the computer. Gradually, his income increased. He moved to a new place. He also purchased a DSLR camera for Rs. 20000 during this period.

After that, he began making high-quality videos. He completed his BCA and diploma in software engineering during this time. In that period, his monthly income was around Rs 40000.

He then started dedicating himself full-time to YouTube. In 2018 and 2019, many of his YouTube videos became viral, and his subscribers increased significantly. He has over 14 million subscribers to his YouTube channel today and is now a millionaire.

Technology Gyan (Manoj Saru) Website


Technology Gyan Net Worth

His primary sources of earnings are affiliate marketing, brand promotion, blogging, YouTube, etc. He earns money through Affiliate Marketing, Brand Promotions, Blogging, YouTube, etc.

The total net worth of Technology Gyan is approximately INR 8-10 Crores. Manoj Saru makes 5-7 lakh rupees per month.


Technology Gyan Real Name?

Technology Gyan Real Name Manoj Saru.

Manoj Sarut Age?

Manoj Saru is 29 years old.

Manoj Sarut Height?

Manoj Saru’s Height is 168 cm.

Manoj saru girlfriend?

Manoj Saru Gf Sapana Rawat.

Manoj Saru’s wife?

Manoj Saru has yet to marry.

Manoj Saru Howe Town

Manoj Saru Howe Town in India is located in the New Delhi Area.

Manoj Saru’s net worth?

Manoj Saru’s net worth is between INR 8-10 Cr.


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