Today 15 Bomb Threat Emails in Bangaluru School

Bomb Threat today: At least 48 schools in Bengaluru were evacuated following bomb threats received via email. Parents immediately rushed into schools once they heard of this incident to ensure their children’s safety.

Emails purporting that explosives had been planted on school grounds caused our teams to rush quickly to schools in various parts of the city after receiving a call from our command centre. A senior police officer told PTI news agency that all students and staff had been safely evacuated.

A thorough search operation is currently taking place; nothing suspicious has yet been detected, so this appears to be an elaborate hoax; parents needn’t worry, as our teams were on site.

Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister of Karnataka, responded to alarming threats by assuring parents not to panic. He added that he had instructed police officers to increase school security by inspecting them more often and increasing police patrolling activities – parents should remain calm.

Parents need not be alarmed as security measures have already been put in place, and police officers have been instructed to increase security at schools and inspect them more often, according to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s statements.

His department has already received a preliminary report from their investigation of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s statement.

Karnataka Dy-CM D K Shivakumar has assured parents of Bengaluru school children that threats emails were simply hoaxes and that no need for alarm exists.

The cyber crime department will act swiftly to mitigate this situation. Bengaluru Police Commissioner had initially informed that anti-sabotage squads have been deployed at school grounds.

Bomb threats sent via email appear to be unsubstantiated calls; all efforts will be made to trace their source and identify their sender.

“Some schools in the City received bomb threats via email early this morning,” according to a tweet by Police Commissioner Peter Fahy, and our bomb detection unit is currently investigating this situation.

Based on our initial checks, these calls appear fake, and we will take all necessary measures to track down those responsible.

DK Shivakumar visited one of Bengaluru’s schools after seeing news reports on television that mentioned schools near my home and myself and fake letters being distributed from police offices to schools.

I went to check and was shown one by the police; upon closer examination, it appeared fake, so I decided to contact the authorities again… We should remain cautious.

There is no need for panic; just don’t panic like parents do; police said they were investigating it.”

Later, in a tweet, he stated, “Sadashiva Nagar NEV school has been visited after receiving bomb threats via emails from schools in Bangalore. Police officials were informed about this incident and instructed to investigate.”

Karnataka Home Minister Dr G Parameshwara informed that 15 schools had received threats via email; similar threats had also been received last year. We are taking no risks;

Instead, we inspect schools and take all necessary precautionary steps. Any individuals making threats via telephone will face legal actions against them as we investigate all aspects…”

NCPCR Chairperson Priyank Knoongo reported, “NCPCR has recently received information that numerous schools in Bengaluru have received bomb threats – an unprecedented situation…

Schools appear to be receiving these threats as intimidation tactics against guardians concerned for their children’s security, which we will bring up with the Commissioner and ask that she investigate these causes… “

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