What Hardik Pandya In Replacement of Shreyas?

Hardik Pandya only bowled three balls in the first match against Bangladesh. An injury forced him to miss the remainder of the game, as well as India’s next two matches against New Zealand and England.

India didn’t miss Pandya when they played Bangladesh because he was among six of their XI. Virat Kohli completed his over, and their five bowlers limited Bangladesh to 256-8. Pandya, the No.6 batsman, was not required in the chase.

India has yet to have an equivalent replacement in their squad or country for Pandya. He is a seamer who can bowl at all stages of the innings—a hitter at No.6 with good fielding skills. Washington Sundar is a good example of a top-six batsman who can be relied upon to bowl at any stage. Other options include Axar Patel, Tilak Vama, Shivam Dube, and Vijay Shankar.

There were still options to replace him. The team could have substituted R Ashwin, but then they would have had to move Ravindra Jadeja up the order, followed by Shardul Thakur and Ashwin. This would have weakened their batting. Suryakumar Jadav was brought in to help the team.

This kept their top six strong but weakened the Indian attack by a full bowler. The Indians addressed this by replacing Thakur’s fast bowler with Mohammed Shami, who is a superior player.

Shami dominated the 2023 ICC World Cup with nine wickets over the next two games. Shami, Jadeja, and Kuldeep join Jasprit Bhumrah and Mohammed Siraj in arguably the most deadly bowling attack of this World Cup.

India is currently atop the table of points with six victories in six matches. India is in a good position, but they will still be on guard for two things.

The tail. Shami is batting at No. 8, a place or two too high. India was 191-5 when Jadeja and Virat Kohli joined India. They were chasing 274. With over 80 runs left to score, they were just one wicket from having their four-member backside exposed. But Kohli and Jadeja stopped that. India was six down in 41 overs against England and only added 47 runs in the final 57 balls.

The greater concern is India’s inability to produce batters that can also bowl. India will only have five bowlers in every match. If Pandya, against Bangladesh, breaks down in the middle of his spell, they’ll be forced to use the non-bowlers for a fifth or so of the innings.

In either scenario, they will be exposed to the strongest sides in the tournament. India has been able to hide their dangerous lack of balance by putting on dazzling performances, whether with the bat or with the ball. But one bad day could undo everything. Pandya’s return to the XI is, therefore, crucial.

What Happens When Hardik Pandya Comes Back? Who Replaces Him?

It’s not a pitcher, right? This will solve the tail problem, but it will also compound the other. Instead of five fitted Bowlers, the team will only have four. The investment will not be worthwhile.

It is easy to replace him with one of our batters. Pandya’s performance (134 runs in 33.50 minutes at the World Cup), however, has raised concerns. Surya made 49 against England on a difficult wicket.

If Iyer does sit out, Pandya, Surya, and Jadeja may bat anywhere between 5 to 7 in any order. This will solve India’s bowling dilemma, as they will have their sixth bowler.

India will replace Iyer (average 45) with Pandya (34) at the same time. If they keep Iyer and drop Surya, they’ll still be replacing a champion batter at the end of the innings, when the line between T20 and ODI is blurred. An all-rounder returning from injury will replace the batter.

It will either be a compromise or a compromise of batting. This can only be addressed by reducing the number of batters from four to just three. To do this, they will need to draft either Thakur or Ashwin, depending on the situation or opposition. Siraj is most likely to be the one who suffers from this.

Siraj was Bumrah’s top choice for a new ball partner, having surpassed Shami in the ODI wicket-taking between 2022 and the World Cup. Siraj is six wickets for 48.33 each after six matches in the World Cup. Shami’s spells have been unstoppable, even if the numbers do not fully reflect their quality.

What if Pandya is not match-fit by the end of the league stage? Of course, there are other options. They could be better, but they can be overcome once the team management is in place.

Rahul Dravid, the head coach of T20 cricket, has said that Surya needs to find more scoring opportunities. His hitting range in T20 has been mostly square and behind the wicket.

In the shortest format, this is not an issue, but in 50 overs, there is a mid-phase where rotation of strikes becomes crucial. Surya has scored 19 singles, and 15 of those were in front of the square. He kept the scoreboard going.

He changed his game accordingly, and that was the best part,” said Deep Dasgupta, a former India keeper who is now a noted commentator. Deep Dasgupta is a noted commentator and former India goalkeeper. He said that Dasgupta changed his game to suit the situation.

There are two ways of describing a lean patch. You look great but aren’t getting any runs, and Shreyas seems to need to be in better shape. If you want to stick to specific roles, then numbers 5 and 6 can be interchangeable. SKY and Hardik are both capable of filling up roles according to the game situation,” Dasgupta stated.

What About Adding A Second Bowler To Your Team?

A seamer extra, Mohammed Shami in particular, would do India a lot of good on the wonderful Dharamsala pitch, where ball movement is the most important factor.

The Indian Team, with four pacers, including Shardul, and two spinners, Kuldeep and Jadeja, will have the chance to end the winning streak of the Kiwi batters and their batting line-up. India and New Zealand both sit at the top with four wins from as many matches.



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