What Mitchell Starc Really Miss The IPL 2024 Due to Their Wife’s Pregnancy?

Mitchell Starc was selected at a record breaking price during the Indian Premier League auction 2024. Since then, he has made headlines due to a viral social media post suggesting he may miss this lucrative league’s next season.

Mitchell Starc, previously the most expensive IPL player ever, became the world’s most expensive player at the IPL auction 2024 when Kolkata Knight Riders bought his services for INR 24.75 crore – only 90 minutes after Sunrisers Hyderabad made Pat Cummins their most expensive player by paying INR 20.55 crore!

Josh Hazlewood is part of Australia’s all-time pace trio and was not sold because his wife is expecting to give birth in April.

On the day following the auction, reports surfaced that Mitchell Starc’s wife, Alyssa, could miss any or all of IPL or even its start as she is five months pregnant with an expected due date in April, according to @muffadaal_vohra on Twitter.

What Is The Truth? Is Alyssa Pregnant? Will Mitchell Starc Be Able To Play In The IPL 2024?

No. Alyssa is not pregnant, as she is playing a test match in India. This story was invented by this Twitter user so that they could gain their attention.

Mitchell Starc commented about its high price tag after the IPL 2024 Auction and noted he was surprised yet excited to play for KKR.

Starc told Star Sports: “I’m not sure any words would do it justice, really. Alyssa was over there with the Australian team at the minute, so her coverage was slightly ahead of mine here in Australia. So she sort of saw the numbers before I did, so I was getting the updates through her. But, yeah, a fair bit of shock, and certainly excitement with how it was all unfolding. But nothing that I could’ve ever imagined. Thoroughly thrilled to be joining KKR.”

What Are Trend Now Related To Mitchell Starc

Social media posts indicate that the Australian speedster will skip the IPL season because his wife, Alyssa, is five months pregnant. Instead, he will take time away from his career-boosting IPL appearances to focus on his baby during this lucrative tournament.

TrendsMyth.com has since discovered that this story is false; Healy will indeed play in the IPL, as his wife Alyssa is not pregnant – she is in India to compete in a Test Series match and scored 38 runs from 75 balls in their debut Test match while Deepti Sharma took her wicket.

Alyssa Healy described Mitchell Starc’s sale at the 2024 IPL Auction – the inaugural such deal ever seen by the league – as both unique and fantastic, justifying why Starc was named most expensive player ever due to his hard work for Australia over cash compensation from IPL Auctions. Alyssa noted his choice to prioritise country over money as evidence of his commitment.

Healy, 33, described her situation as simply being what it is; this statement came after she refused to answer any queries related to IPL.

“All right. Will we abolish the IPL?” It is what it is. Healy stated that this momentous occasion marked an incredible turning point for Mitch’s life.”

She noted Starc’s immense interest was warranted, given his hard work and sacrifices – including missing eight IPL seasons due to injury.

Healy noted, “Today was truly an outstanding day and justification of all his hard work over eight years to put the country first.” So yes, indeed, it was an exceptional event.”

Australian women’s team captain Amy Healy hails from a family of cricketers; her uncle Ian Healy also played for Australia. Amy reported not partaking in auction parties during auction night but instead spent more time working out before playing India.


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