What Ravichandran Ashwin can Break Anil Kumble 600 Wicket Record, See Here Complete Stats

Ravichandran Ashwin only needs one more wicket to join the 500-club in Test Cricket. All eyes will be on Ravichandran Ashwin as Team India prepares to play England in the second series test at Visakhapatnam.

Ashwin, the senior India bowler, is on the brink of history. He has 499 Test wickets. He will be the second Indian bowler in history to reach 500 wickets with four more doors.

Ashwin is a mainstay in the Indian Test Team and one of their most successful bowlers, especially when playing on the subcontinent.

The veteran offspinner aims to reach the 500-figure milestone and level the series with India in Vizag after the team suffered a 28-run defeat in the first match in Hyderabad, but in second match Ashwin took 3-wicket and reach on 499 wicket.

Now this is clear that he can achieve their 500 milestone in nest test match at Rajkot. Let’s examine what Ashwin (36), can do in the second Test.

The Iconic 500

IND vs ENG: Ravichandran Ashwin has 499 Test wickets after six dismissals during the first Test & 3-dismissals in second test. Suppose he reaches 500 doors during the next Test.

In that case, he’ll join Anil as the second Indian to reach this milestone and only be the fifth spinner ever in cricket history. This will further cement his position as one of the greatest players in the game.

The list of spinners who have taken the most wickets in Tests

  • Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) – 800
  • Shane Warne – 708
  • Anil Kumble (India) – 619
  • Nathan Lyon (Australian) – 517
  • Ravichandran Ashwin (India) – 499*
Source: Google

A “Wicket-Century” Against England

Ashwin’s dominance and consistency against the best opposition is well documented. With just six more wickets, Ashwin will be the first Indian to reach 100 Test wickets.

The Indian spinner has surpassed Kumble’s record of the most wickets taken against the English in the previous Test. It is only behind Bhagwat Chandrashekhar (95) on the list.

A Significant Milestone In Indian soil

Ashwin, who is on pace to reach 350 Test wickets, will become only the second Indian spinner, and the fifth in total, to accomplish this feat. This will cement his legacy as India’s most successful bowler.

The offspinner needs seven more wickets to reach the critical milestone. Ashwin can surpass Kumble in the second Test. Kumble finished his career with exactly 350 wickets. Here is the list of top wicket-takers on home soil.

  • Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) – 493
  • James Anderson (England – 434)
  • Stuart Broad (England – 398)
  • Anil Kumble (India) – 350
  • Ravichandran Ashwin (India) – 343*

Asian Dominance

Ashwin, just seven wickets from 400+ Test wickets, will soon join an elite group of Asian bowlers. Ashwin, in addition to his 343 Indian innings, has also taken 38 wickets over six Tests played in Sri Lanka and 12 wickets across three matches played in Bangladesh.

Ashwin Breaks Anil Kumble’s Record Of 92 Test Wickets Against

England To Be… Ravichandran Ashwin broke Anil Kaumble’s record for the highest number of wickets in Tests played against England.

Ashwin’s feat was achieved by dismissing England Test Captain Ben Stokes with the fifth ball in the 37th over at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

The Gandhi International Stadium was in Hyderabad, India, on Saturday (January 27, 2019). The star Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin made history on Saturday (January 27, 2019) during the inaugural match of the

The first Test between India and England is currently underway. The 37-year-old spinner, who took his second wicket at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Hyderabad in the second innings, became India’s second-highest wicket-taker in Test matches against England.

He surpassed former Indian captain Anil Kumble’s record of dismissing English batters in 20 Tests. The Chennai-based cricketer now ranks only behind former spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar on the list of elite cricketers.

During his playing career, Chandrasekhar took 95 wickets in 23 Test matches against the Poms. Ashwin, India’s third leading wicket-taker in England, had 88 wickets when he started the Hyderabad test.

But he has surpassed the legendary Kumble by taking three in the first and two in the second innings.

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