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The Bollywood film Article 370, starring Yami Gautam, Priyamani and Arun Govil, has just been released. Aditya Jambhale, who won a National Award for his filmmaking, directed the movie.

It is based on the PMO’s decision to rescind the special status given to Jammu & Kashmir. Social media has been flooded with reviews, most of which are positive.

The Depth Of Article 370 Is Revealed In The Intricacies And Complexities Of Politics

The film, which stars Yami Gautam and Priyamani, is a powerful story that will keep you engaged for the most part.

This 2-hour, 30-minute film is a must-see for anyone with a vague understanding of Article 370, its meaning, existence, or abrogation but never cared enough to learn more. It is a powerfully narrated story that is an excellent watch for the average viewer.

Article 370 Different From The Kashmir Files

Article 370 is it an extension of The Kashmir Files? Yes, to a certain extent. But from a completely different lens and perspective. It’s refreshing.

The film does not resort to jingoistic narration or any undertones. It also doesn’t try to be propaganda. The film sticks to the facts, as they occurred, backed up by meticulous research. That’s what makes it so good.

The film Article 370 does not just describe the events. Still, it also explains them in detail to show how the violence that erupted in Kashmir prompted the current government’s decision to abolish J&K’s special status.

The makers chose to use a hard-hitting narrative to tell a story instead of relying on patriotic clichés. The film, written by Aditya Thaakar and Monal Dhar, allows the reporter to be the star for the entire runtime despite powerful performances.

The Premise

The film begins in 1947, with sepia-tone visuals and Ajay’s voiceover explaining how a portion of Kashmir was given to Pakistan and Article 370 came about.

The political thriller moves on to 2016 when, following the unrest in Kashmir, a local agent, Zooni Haksar, an Intelligence Officer (Yami Gautam Dhar), is secretly hired by PMO Secretary Rajeshwari (Priyamani Swamiathan) to lead the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) operations in Kashmir.

This includes uncovering conflict in the economy, fighting separatists and corrupt officers and curbing terror situations months before Article 370 was repealed.

The film’s first half is slow-burning, taking time to establish the premise. The tragic Pulwama attacks are used to create an intermission. The film becomes more focused in the second part, and the pace is accelerated.

It leads to an exciting climax lasting 30 minutes. The dialogue may sound familiar from other films about Kashmir. However, there are still many parts where powerful lines will make you applaud.

You Can’t Ignore The Creative Freedoms That Artists Have Taken

A smooth screenplay by Aditya, Aditya Suhas, Arjun, Dhawan, and Monal Thaakar enhances the impactful writing. It doesn’t jump back and forth and lets the key events leading to the removal of Article 370 unfold in the intended way.

The film’s screenplay is divided into multiple chapters, including The Lover of the Tral, Blindspot, Saving The Date, Subclause (d), and Was, Is and Always Will Be.

This simplifies the story and leaves no loose ends. Shivkumar Panicker deserves praise for his editing. He has given enough attention to the stitching of portions so that they weave together a story with a strong sense of nationalism and emotions.

While actual events inspired most of Article 370, the creators have sometimes taken some creative liberties that are too obvious for a viewer.

The over-the-top action scenes with Yami and a colleague surviving a grenade assault without significant injury or the NIA investigating suspects in secret are just a few examples.

Yami And Priyamani Deliver Equally Powerful Performances

Yami Gautam is a powerful actress, and her portrayal is fantastic. Her no-nonsense attitude lends gravitas, and her intense dialogue and action do most of the talking.

I loved moments when she stood up for the men in uniform or confronted another colleague who was constantly jeopardising their breakthroughs.

Priyamani’s restrained but effective performance is equally impressive. Throughout the entire film, Priyamani remains calm despite the chaos.

I don’t know how much emphasis is placed on the style of the characters, but Priyamani has some lovely cotton drapes. Article 370 films give you a feeling of pride when two women carry the entire movie with the help of a group of men.

It is hoped that such films will inspire more filmmakers and writers to create robust, motivated and unique roles for female actors.

Fitting Ensemble Cast

Arun Govil, who plays the PM, and Kiran Karmarkar, who plays the Home Minister, are two of the most notable members of the ensemble cast. They both play characters based on Narendra Shah and Modi, respectively.

It was a perfect casting, from the prosthetics that made them look like the characters to their delivery of dialogue and the aura they created on screen. The supporting cast includes Raj Zutshi and Vaibhav Tawadi.

Article 370 highlights one of the most important chapters in our country’s history. Its impressive writing, straightforward narrative, and excellent direction help it to convey the message effortlessly.

Many films in Bollywood use Kashmir as their central theme, but this Yami-Priyamani film will be among the best.

Film: article 370

Cast: Yami Gautam, Priyamani, Kiran Karmarkar, Arun Govil, Raj Arun

Director: Aditya Suhas Jambhale


See Audience Feedback Here

One user said, “It is the feel-good film of the year. I found it very moving.” A “feel-good movie” is one that you enjoy. It is said that a touching movie affects you on an emotional level. Kudos to Yami Gautam and her team. What a movie. What a film. Must watch film #JaiHind.”

One user from Canada said, “It’s gripping and simplistic yet tells a most effective story in an entertaining way.” Yami Gautam’s performance in this drama is outstanding. The drama keeps your attention. Yami Gautam is a charismatic actor who can capture your attention when they’re just standing there. Priyamani also gives a gripping performance. “Easily the best movie of 2024 to date.”

“Article370 is not just a film; it reflects emotions over vested interest and selfless sacrifices made by many souls after abrogation as was addressed correctly in Parliament. Itihaas banaane k liye itihaas likhna padta hai Naya Bharat,” posted another user.

Another user commented, “Omg.” The music, the story, and the way the information is presented. A simple way to explain minute details. The bluntness of the “calling a Spade a Spade” method. “Real sense of female centricity & sensitive subject”

Sumit Kadel, a trade analyst, calls the film a top-notch political thriller. He wrote on X: “#Article370 a TOP Notch POLITICAL THRILLER that masterfully examines the abrogation of the Article 370 Act of Jammu and Kashmir. The screenplay moves at a breakneck pace and keeps viewers engaged throughout.

The story skillfully covers the significant events leading up to the abrogation. This includes the Pulwama attacks, the death of the dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani, and the intricate legal processes.

Ex-JNU Student Praises Article 370 Movie

Shehla Rashid is a former student leader of Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has praised Article 370, saying that it tells the story of how Article 370 was removed without bloodshed and with no discord.

Shehla Rashid, a former student leader at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), shared photos of the special screening on X (formerly Twitter) and wrote: “Four stars for AdityaDhar Films 370’s casting (especially.

Amit bhai, action sequences and strong female characters. The inside story about the bloodless removal of the paper wall called 370, without using shrill rhetoric and creating discord. @yamigautam best wishes.”

Article 370 Box Office Collection Day 1: Yami Gautam-Priyamani’s movie likely to generate over Rs 5 Crores

Reports indicate that the political drama film Article 370 has been released in over 1,500 cinema halls on 2,200 screens in India, according to Sacnilk.com report. The movie is projected to experience a solid opening at the box office.

Across three national chains like PVR, INOX and Cinepolis alone, it sold over 80,000 tickets and could generate over 100K on opening day as per Sacnilk report; opening day collections may exceed Rs5 crores net.

With reduced ticket prices likely in effect due to production issues, it might even surpass the Rs 10 crore mark, but due to production issues, only 5 core net.

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