Avatar 3: Release Date, Cast & Storyline

Thankfully, it will take less than 13 years to release Avatar 3. Avatar 3 also boasts a larger cast that includes more Academy Award-winning actors. However, they may not be recognized if they play Na’vi.

Avatar: The Way of Water, directed by James Cameron, introduces several plot lines that could be carried over to Avatar 3. The conflict between Jake and Neytiri’s family and Colonel Quaritch is one of the plot threads that could carry over into Avatar 3.

Avatar 3 is also confirmed to introduce a brand new Na’vi Fire Tribe. Avatar 3 may be the most significant movie of the series, with its advanced digital effects and expanded franchise story.

The next movie in the Avatar franchise will be a spectacle like its predecessors. The latest Avatar 3 updates are here, and you need to know everything about this third film of the Avatar franchise.

Avatar 3 Latest News

Ben Procter is the latest Avatar 3 update. He has talked about the preparation of the sets and the creation of the visual effects. Avatar 3 appears to be Procter’s biggest project, as he said he had been working on it for over a year.

Procter said, “We began this project in 2013 with a team of wonderful people that has grown and expanded.” Since the beginning, we’ve worked on it as a world with many places and things to do.

Procter was tight-lipped in the interview. However, he explained the long process of creating Avatar movies and how the sets always change. Procter said, “Jim’s cameras are required before anything can be rendered.

This is where the shots are taken [and it’s] a step you should know before you give it to someone else. “We’re busy improving and preparing the sets for this process.”

Procter revealed that he is one of two production designers for Avatar 3. He deals with “the hard-surface human technology of it all,” and another designer deals with Pandora’s world.

Avatar 3 has a massive scope, and Procter says, “It is great to divide the workload.” This is a good reason for having two production designers.”

Avatar 3 Release date

Avatar 3 release date was pushed back from December 20, 2020, to December 19, 2025. Avatar 3 release date has been pushed back multiple times due to many factors, including the production shutdowns caused by COVID-19.

James Cameron, the director of Avatar 3, wanted to prepare all five Avatar screenplays before production began. One Avatar was never made. Delays also helped the visual effects team, who were able to spend more time on sequels.

Avatar 3 was originally scheduled for release in 2015. Then, it was pushed back to 2020. Finally, 20th Century Studios decided on 2024. Avatar 3 is not expected to be released until 2025.

Disney has been rearranging its release calendar, causing the latest delays. Avatar 3 is a confirmed project that has been in the works for several years.

The long wait between the first movie and the sequels allowed James Cameron and his team to develop the story. Cameron’s plan for the sequel is explained in Avatar: The Way of Water. The director also says he makes Avatar sequels to work with the cast and crew.

Avatar 3 Cast

The latest Avatar 3 updates confirm that Sam Worthington will return as Jake, and Zoe Saldana will reprise her role as Neytiri. Avatar 3. will also feature Sigourney, Britain Dalton and Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, who play Jake and Neytiri’s children Kiri and Lo’ak and Tuk, respectively.

Jack Champion, as Spider, will be there too. Stephen Lang will play Quaritch. Kate Winslet will portray Ronal. Cliff Curtis is Tonowari. Bailey Bass will portray Reya. The three of them described Metkayina members in The Way of Water.

Brendan Cowell and Jemaine Clement are also expected back. Cowell’s Mick Scoresby, who was thought to have died in Avatar 3, is reportedly not dead. He will reprise his villainous character in Avatar 3.

Giovanni Ribisi will be playing Avatar’s secondary antagonist, Parker Selfridge. Ribisi, who was in Avatar 2 as a cameo actor, has now signed up for Avatar 3, where he will have a larger role.

Tulkun Paikan, a fan favourite, has confirmed that he will return in the next Avatar movie.

The Avatar 3 cast also features a variety of new characters. Oona Chaplin will play Varang, leader of the Ash People. She will also appear in the three remaining sequels.

David Thewlis, who plays an unnamed Na’vi character in Avatar 3 and its sequels, will join the film. She will portray scientist Dr. Karina Mogogue in the third Avatar film and its sequels.

Avatar 2 brings back characters like Mick and Parker, who were believed dead in Avatar: The Way of Water. Unfortunately, Trudy’s (Michelle Rodriguez) return to the Avatar 3 cast will not happen.

Return Cast in Avatar 3

Rodriguez revealed to The Independent that she and Cameron discussed bringing Trudy from the dead for Avatar 3. The actor said, “When Jim was with me recently, he asked, ‘What would happen if Michelle returned?’

Many of the characters returned. I thought, “You can’t make me a martyr again. I died as one.”>.'”

Cliff Curtis, Kate Winslet and Bailey Bass return as Tonowari, the Metkayina leader and Ronal, his wife. Payakan will be returning (via Empire), along with his nemesis Mick Scoresby, played by Brendan Cowell. Scoresby is out to get revenge after Payakan caused him to lose an arm.

The third film will also feature some newcomers. David Thewlis will play a secret character, Michelle Yeoh will be Dr. Karina Mogogue and Game of Thrones actress Oona Chaplin will star as Varang.

Varang, the leader of Ash People, a “violent, volcanic race” of peoples that we will meet in the third sequel, has been revealed. Cameron will introduce us to two new Na’vi cultures in the next film.

In an interview with Deadline, the director referred to “the Windtraders” as “people who travel, trade and do other things.” Windtraders is also the name of the gift shop at Disney World’s Avatar-themed area, Pandora-The World of Avatar. Is it a coincidence?


Avatar 3 Story

There have not been any Avatar 2 updates to the story. However, Avatar’s The Way of Waters ending opens some storylines for further development.

The film’s antagonist will likely continue his revenge against Jake in Avatar 3. Quaritch will probably be enraged after the The Way of Waterfinal fight. If they discover what he did, Spider’s saving of his father could cause tension between him and his surrogate families.

Jake’s family could be in even greater danger if the RDA is better prepared for Avatar 3. Quaritch is mainly fighting with Jake. The RDA wants to expand Pandora so that more humans can inhabit it.

Their colonization of the planet will destroy the native population and land. This will cause even more hatred and discord between the Na’vi, who have always fought for their homeland and people.

Avatar 3 could expand on the growing tension in Pandora and its impact on the population. The Way of Water showed a glimpse of this as Captain Scoresby hunted the tulkun despite the harm they caused to the Metkayina.

Avatar 3 may go deeper, particularly with Scoresby returning and aiming for blood. Lo’ak, who will replace Jake as the narrator of Avatar 3, has also been announced.

Varang is a Na’vi antagonist. Parker Selfridge is not known to play a role in this movie, but the antagonistic force in the film will likely be the RDA.

Landau revealed in a Q&A that Avatar III will feature two new Na’vi cultures. Landau explained, “We are going to meet two new Na’vi clans in the next film, culturally. And we will continue this as we go on.”

New Storyline

One of the new cultures is likely to be that of the fire Na’vi. Oona’s Varang, who will be part of this culture, will most likely be one of them. Avatar 2 also switches up the narration. The first two films had Jake as the narrator, while Avatar: The Seed Bearer has Lo’ak as the narrator.

Cameron is known for keeping details to himself. Still, a full script excerpt from Avatar 3 was revealed in Avatar – The Way of Water (via TheDirect).

It gives away very little, but it confirms that Kiri will learn more about her mom and her place on Pandora. Kiri, her grandmother Mo’at and Neytiri, the mother of Neytiri, discuss Kiri’s position on the moon in the dialogue. It also hints that another of Jake’s children may suffer a serious injury.

They also hint that Spider can breathe Pandora’s atmosphere in Avatar 3. Kiri, who is responsible for the toxic air of Pandora that can kill humans, might have been behind Spider’s new ability.


The latest Avatar 3 updates do not include any teasers or trailers, even though most of the filming has been completed. Avatar 3 will hit theaters in December 2025. An Avatar 3 trailer will likely be released in early 2025.

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Avatar 3 Title: What will Avatar 3 be Called?

Avatar 3 has yet to be officially named, but we may have an idea. Cameron confirmed that these titles were under consideration in February 2019. The Way of Water was the title of Avatar’s sequel.

Could The Seed Bearer have been the title of Avatar 3? The second film’s title was confirmed in May 2022, when the first teaser was released.


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