Champai Soren Became New CM of Jharkhand As Hemant Soren Resign

Jharkhand’s ruling alliance elects Champai Soren as JMM Legislative Party leader amid speculations about possible arrests of Hemant Soren.

Rajesh Thakur, the head of the Congress state unit, said that the ruling coalition in Jharkhand has elected Transport Minister Champai Soren to be the JMM legislative party’s leader. This will allow him to assume the state’s chief minister role.

This development occurred amid speculation that Hemant SOREN, the incumbent chief Minister of Jharkhand, could be arrested by ED as part of a money-laundering case involving an alleged land fraud.

Soren was interrogated by the Enforcement Directorate for over six hours in his official residence amid heavy security and hectic political activity in an investigation of money laundering.

Who is Champai Soren All About?

Champai Soren, a tribal leader from Jharkhand and a politician of note, is an essential figure worldwide. The 67-year-old leader serves in the Jharkhand Government as Minister of Transport.

Champai Soren was born into a farming family and received his education at a government school. He studied until the 10th grade. His political career began simultaneously with the growing demands for a separate Jharkhand State. He quickly aligned himself with the Jharkhand Morcha (JMM).

In his political career, he achieved notable milestones. He was a member of the Jharkhand Movement and earned the nickname ‘Jharkhand tiger’ for his passionate advocacy. Champai won his first election as an independent in a critical by-election for the Saraikela Constituency.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts about Champai Soren

Champai Soren is a seven-time MLA who represents Seraikella in Jharkhand.

  • He was born on November 26, 1956, in Jilinggora, a village in Jharkhand’s Seraikela–Kharsawan District. He is a father of seven and a matriculate.
  • He is not related to Hemant Soren’s family.
  • Before joining Jharkhand Motti Morcha, he was an Independent MLA.
  • He currently serves as minister of transportation in the Jharkhand Government.
  • Champai played a prominent role in the Jharkhand statehood movement.
  • The revered political figure also has friends from all political parties. He is affectionately known as “Kolhan Tiger” for his warrior skills during the statehood campaign.
  • He is also a leader of trade unions, having led several successful trade campaigns in two adjacent industrial towns – Jamshedpur & Adityapur.
  • Champai Soren is also known as a loyalist to JMM supremo Shibu Soren.
  • The Kolhan division is notable for producing three chief ministers in the state, including Arjun Munda, Madhu Kodia, and Raghubar Das.

Kalpana Soren, A Name That Is Being Contested

Amid the political turmoil in Jharkhand, a PTI article suggested that Sita Soren (the sister-in-law of Hemant Soren) objected to the nomination for the next CM, Kalpana Soren. Kalpana was at the Tuesday meeting of the alliance legislators held at the CM’s residence.

Sita Soren is the widow of Shibu Soren’s older son Durga. She told PTI that she would like to know why Kalpana Soren was chosen as chief minister when she has no political background and is not an MLA. Why is Kalpana Soren being hailed as the next chief Minister when the party has so many senior members?

Hemant Soren Resigns And Champai Soren Is The Front-Runner To Become Jharkhand CM

Hemant Soren resigned on Wednesday as Chief Minister of Jharkhand, while the JMM-led ruling coalition named senior leader Champai Sören as the new State Head.

Soren presented his resignation at the Raj Bhavan to Governor CP Radhakrishnan after seven hours of questioning from the Enforcement Directorate regarding a money-laundering case linked to a scam involving land.

Hemant Soren resigned from his position as Chief Minister of Jharkhand. Rajesh Thakur, State Congress President, said that the ruling JMM-Congress RJD alliance had proposed Champai Soren as the new CM.

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What’s Champai Soren? Hemant Soren To Be Replaced In Jharkhand By Champai Soren: 5 points

New Delhi: Hemant Sören resigned as Chief Minister of Jharkhand after being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate over an alleged corruption case. He is now in custody. The next Chief Minister of Jharkhand will be Jharkhand Minister Champai Soren.

This 5-point Cheat Sheet Will Help You Understand This Story

  1. Over 41 MLAs have backed Champai-Soren; 41 is also the majority in the 80-member assembly.
  2. Champai Soren, Hemant Soren’s father and Shibu Soren’s senior leader, has been with Jharkhand Mukti Morcha since its inception.
  3. Champai Soren heads Hemant Soren’s government and is the cabinet minister for transport.
  4. Simal Soren is the farmer Simal’s eldest child, who hails from Saraikela and Kharsawan.
  5. “We are prepared for whatever may happen… “We are ready for what may come…


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