Chandramukhi 2: The Haunting Return

Chandramukhi 2, directed by Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Laurence, premiered on X (formerly Twitter) Thursday, and many have posted unfiltered reviews on X.

Chandramukhi 2 was originally scheduled for release on September 15; however, due to technical delays, this date has been changed to September 28.

Chandramukhi 2

Kangana stars as a dancer known for her beauty at the court of King Vettaiyanraja; Raghava Lawrence stars as him. Chandramukhi 2, directed by P Vasu, is the sequel to the 2005 Tamil horror comedy Chandramukhi, which featured Rajinikanth as the lead and Jyotika as the female lead.

Chandramukhi 2 was produced by Lyca and Subaskaran and released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam Kannada, with music composed by MM Keeravani for its soundtrack.

Release Date of Chandramukhi 2

Chandramukhi 2 release date is 28 September 2023

Chandramukhi 2 plot

This film tells the tale of a wealthy family that returns to its ancestral home to perform its rituals. Unfortunately, they inadvertently reignite a centuries-old feud between Chandramukhi’s ghost and Vettaiyanraja’s.

Chandramukhi’s spirit then haunts their former royal family to seek revenge against Vettaiyanraja and Vettaiyanraja’s ghost for Chandramukhi’s death at Vettaiyanraja’s side – much to their displeasure!


Rao Ramesh advises a wealthy family headed by Radhika Sarthkumar, who have experienced several issues, to pray to the deity associated with their family.

Vettaiya Palace in Vettaiya Island serves as their temple; Radhika’s parents lease it from Basavaiah Vadivelu but don’t know that Chandramukhi, the evil spirit inhabiting this palace exists – yet later experience difficulties when leasing from Lawrence Madhan for five years;

What was Lawrence Madhan’s role and who exactly were their parents’ when leasing Vettaiya Palace from Basavaiah Vadivelu?


Plus Points

National Award-winning Actress Kangana Ranaut stands out in this movie as she shines in her performance as Chandramukhi – giving an amazing performance, looking gorgeous, and having a great screen presence, not to mention incredible dance moves that she displayed throughout.

The film gives an excellent introduction to Chandramukhi’s story in its backstory, changing to accommodate Kangana Ranaut’s role. Furthermore, Lawrence excelled as Vettaiyan and conveyed great conviction throughout.

The action scene following the final confrontation between Lawrence and Kangana is beautifully composed. Both Lawrence and Kangana showed tremendous intensity during this scene.

Furthermore, two emotional scenes were handled well as well; Lakshmi Menon made an outstanding surprise appearance and excelled in it.

Minus Points

Chandramukhi 2 suffers from one major flaw: its lack of engaging moments or any eerie atmosphere that is essential in horror films is absent here, thus making this sequel insufficient in terms of horror elements expected from a movie.

Fans of Chandramukhi 2 will likely be dismayed by its lack of thrills, with much of the first half comprising random scenes thrown together without rhyme or reason.

Comedy was once known in Chandramukhi; now, however, it seems to be becoming an undue burden in Chandramukhi 2.

Vadivelu is an annoying film with an over-the-top and outdated comedy that leaves audiences uncomfortable. Additionally, its narrative is compromised by the poorly composed love song; Vaarai from the early 90s was much superior.

This screenplay is identical to its predecessor, except for minor tweaks in story and character development. While the first part succeeded at creating tension, its sequel falls flat without creating any sense of urgency – the entire first half could have been cut shorter and cut in half!

Technical Aspects

M.M. Keeravani’s background score lent itself well, but the writing team was unable to create exciting scenes. Rajasekhar’s cinematography was superb, as was the set design and set design – however, the visual effects and editing fell below standards.

1. Vasu did an adequate job as director of Chandramukhi 2. He added drama to Chandramukhi’s past by expanding upon her story, though some of his comedy scenes weakened its impact. Kangana is an outstanding performer;

Unfortunately, it seems that horror elements have been left aside in favor of comedy scenes in the first hour.


Chandramukhi 2 is an enjoyable movie, mostly thanks to its second half. Here, Kangana steals the show as her performance makes an impactful statement about Lawrence as “King.” Unfortunately, Chandramukhi 2 lacks some of the thrills expected from horror flicks due to silly comedy and its first half. Still worth seeing, though, and worthy of your watchlist!

Twitter Reviews Chandramukhi 2

An X user was enthusiastic in their review and gave the film five stars:

Expect the unexpected; Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Lawrence delivered outstanding performances that left audiences breathless. You should be very thankful….” Many viewers found Chandramukhi 2 to be both predictable yet still entertaining, with several commenting, “The first half is completely engaging,”

While still, others wrote, “Chandramukhi 2” is outstanding with Kangana Ranaut (fire emoji) shining brightest among them all and providing mind-blowing performances… “

One person stated, “Chandramukhi 2 is Similar to Part 1

“A further commenter tweeted, “Above Average Movie.” One person tweeted: “Chandramukhi 2 has too much in common with its predecessor in terms of overall feel, making it too predictable and featuring excellent performers like Raghava Lawrence and Lakshmi Menon;

Its songs are average; however, it would have made more impact had they used its popular ‘RaRa’ version from Part 1. Typical horror flick.”

Kangana Ranaut won praise.

Someone tweeted that Chandramukhi 2 delivered on all fronts; even after 17 years, it didn’t disappoint audiences with its classic cast and stellar direction from Karan Johar, as was evident with its nostalgic remake that didn’t disappoint even at all –

“Chandramukhi 2 had everything it promised & more! Kangana Ranaut shines brightest among them all; she really did not disappoint, especially Kangana Ranaut, who delivered performance-oriented roles even within mainstream movies so perfectly that she will be remembered forever by audiences worldwide!”

People said that Kangana Ranaut’s performance from the second half onwards (fire Emojis )….. is worth watching!”


Chandramukhi 2 cast Kangana Ranaut alongside Raghava Lawrence, Vadivelu, and Mahima Menon as lead actors, with Ravi Maria, Suresh Menon, Subiksha Rao, and Ramesh Vignesh also contributing.

In its initial installment, Jyotika played alongside Rajinikanth in lead roles.

Chandramukhi 2 Total Box Office Collection

Kangana Ranaut is loved by millions across India and internationally; therefore, only 25000 tickets for the Tamil version and 2000 tickets were sold for the Hindi version of Chandramukhi 2.

Chandramukhi earned 47 lakhs, 50 thousand rupees, and 3,80,000 in revenue across Tamil and Hindi versions, respectively, as per Chandramukhi 2 Total Box Office Collection. Additionally, they have already been earned!

Chandramukhi 2 Budget

Chandramukhi 2 will make its mark both domestically and abroad, as its budget has been estimated between Rs 50-60 crore, with production costs running anywhere between Rs 40-50 crore and print and advertising expenses also running between these limits.

Chandramukhi 2 cost around Rs 10 crore to produce, and it remains to be determined if it will be considered a hit film; total earnings must reach approximately Rs 1 crore.

It was shown on 200 screens within India and 30 screens abroad – making a total screen count of 230 screens.



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