MMA Fighter Chungreng Koren Seeks PM Modi’s help for Manipur Violence

Chungreng Koren is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Manipur. He has appealed to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, to visit his native state, where violence erupted in May last year.

Changing Coren, who was wearing a championship belt around his arm after winning a fight at the Matrix Fight Night, said: “This is my humble appeal to PM Modi Ji.”

Violence has been occurring in Manipur for almost a full year. Every day, people are dying. Many are in camps of relief without food or water. The children are not able to go to school. We worry about the future. Modi ji, please visit Manipur and restore peace to the state.”

Changing Koren, during a telephone conversation, said that he wanted more appeals to be made for Manipur. However, he became emotional when he was making the speech.

At MFN 14, the MMA fighter Manipur won the Interim MFN Bantamweight title.

This is my humble request. Violence is taking place in Manipur. It’s been nearly a year. Many people are in relief camps and are dying. In these camps, there is a lack of water and food.

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Children are unable to study properly. The future is uncertain. Chungreng Coren, who is alleged to have spoken at the event, said: “Modi ji please visit Manipur and restore peace in the state.”

Since May of last year, at least 219 people have been killed in ethnic violence. Violence erupted in May after a Tribal Solidarity March was held in the hill districts as a protest against the Meitei’s request for Scheduled Tribe status.

Manipur Violence

After a “Tribal Solidarity March,” which was held in the hill districts to protest the Meitei’s request for Scheduled Tribe status, violence has escalated.

Meiteis make up around 53 percent of Manipur’s population and are mainly found in Imphal Valley. Tribals such as the Nagas and Kukis comprise 40 percent and primarily live in the hill districts.

Serving JCO is Abducted

Last week, an Indian Army junior commissioned (JCO), who was serving in the Thoubal District of war-torn Manipur, was allegedly kidnapped by a group of armed men and rescued nine hours later.

The Army said in a later statement: “The synergized effort of the security force resulted safely in the JCO’s rescue at 6:30 PM. The JCO is now at Waikhong Police Station in Thoubal District (near Kakching). Manipur Police has launched an investigation into the incident.”

Jairam Ramesh, an INC member, wrote in X: “Why is it that the Prime Minister has not yet visited Manipur, or taken the time to speak with the Chief Minister and political parties from the State, despite his habit of misusing taxpayers’ money to run around the country?”

The tensions in Manipur escalated earlier this month after an army officer, Konsam Singh, was “kidnapped” from his home in Thoubal District by militants.

This is the fourth incident in which officials have been abducted. Nine hours after the search began, he was rescued.

Amit Singh, an additional superintendent of the police, was kidnapped by activists who allegedly belonged to a Meitei organisation in Imphal, the capital of the state, at the end of February. Around 200 armed men stormed his residence and took him, along with a member of staff.

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