Dunki vs Salaar Which Movie Gain More in Advance Booking

Dunki vs Salaar: Dunki” made an impressive box office debut with first-day bookings of more than three times what was projected, thanks to director Rajkumar Hirani’s movie starting its theatrical journey off strong.

First-day sales figures have been impressive. Sales across the country were strong, with gross collections totaling approx Rs 10.39 crore; 3,64,487 tickets have been sold across 12720 shows for an average ticket price (ATP) of just Rs 263.

Booking for Dunki states

Andhra Pradesh leads with a gross booking total of Rs16.97 lakh, and shows are booked at an occupancy rate of 12%; 27 shows are rapidly filling. Assam, Bihar, and other states followed in second place with gross booking totals of Rs 19.92 lakhs and 14.2 lakhs, respectively, indicating high levels of interest across these regions.

Gujarat and Maharashtra both managed a low occupancy of only 4%. Still, they achieved significant gross bookings of 40.5 lakhs and 4.85 crores, which may provide insight into how well the film would fare in economically significant states like these.

Bookings totaling lakh in Tamil Nadu and Rs1.16 crore in Telangana demonstrate outstanding occupancy rates of 21% and 22.2%, respectively – further evidence that the film has found success outside its initial Hindi audience.

Delhi leads with Rs 1.57 crore, reflecting its importance as the site for opening-day sales. Jammu and Kashmir have fewer screens but a 16% occupancy rate.

Dunki Advance Booking Overseas

According to Movie Hub, “Dunki,” which has not yet had its premiere, has surpassed “Salaar” in terms of overseas bookings. The movie is expected to reach $1.5 million (R12.5 crores) by December 20. The total number of bookings for Dunki is over Rs15 crore.

Dunki and Salaar’s Booking Status

Reports posted on the portal show that 2,51,146 Dunki tickets were sold across India at 9,658 shows of this only Hindi language movie, which grossed Rs7.36 crore gross receipts.

Another report indicates that Salaar Part 1- Ceasefire earned a total opening day revenue of Rs 5.99 Crore. 2,46,772 tickets have been sold across India for 4,338 Shows;

Rs1.11 Crore from 35946 Hindi Tickets sold and 1,29,010 Telugu Ticket sales totaled to 1.59 Crore in Telugu Tickets alone; bookings have also steadily been increasing for Kannada and Tamil releases of this film with tickets worth 12 lakhs sold in Tamil shows, Kannada shows, Malayalam shows, and Malayalam shows.

More About Salaar & Dunki

On Monday, Prabhas shared the new trailer for Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire on social media with the caption, “Enter Khan Saar’s Violent World.”

Prashant Neel of KGF fame directed, and Prabhas stars as the title character, Salaar, with an ensemble cast that includes Prithviraj Shruti Jagapathi Jagapathi under Hombale Films produced by Vijay Kiragandur.

Shah Rukh Khan unveiled a brand new song from Dunki, entitled Banda, featuring Diljit Dosanjh as its singer on Monday. Shah Rukh gave him an Instagram shout-out.

This track was featured in a video called Dunki Diaries, where Taapsee Pannu and Rajkumar Hirani discussed its narrative and production process, during which Shah Rukh expressed regret at not appearing as In and As (the characters Aamir in PK and Sanjay in Munna Bhai MBBS). Hirani told him they made it just for him, called Banda.


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