Hot Girl Oriya Sarkar Income, Boyfriend & Full Biography

Oriya Sarkar, a popular Indian model, and Instagram celebrity, is also a digital content creator and influencer in fashion, fitness, and lifestyle.

She runs the oriyasarkar09 page on Instagram, where she posts the latest fashion trends, stylish outfits, accessories, and locations to visit and she have 850K Follower on Instagram.

Oriya is known for her beautiful appearance, stylish fashion sense, and fiery personality. She has faced off against many well-known brands. She is both a Snapchat and Instagram celebrity.

Oriya Sarkar Biography, Age, Boyfriend

Date of birth – 2001

Full name – Oriya Sarkar

Age – 23 years old

Birth Place – India

Material Status – Single

Oriya Sarkar Boyfriend – Unknown

Indian Nationality

Height – 5 Feet 5″ (Approx.)

Who is Oriya Sarkar?

Oriya Sarkar has a great talent as an artist. Sarkar has accomplished a lot in her life. Oriya Sarkar continues to post stunning, alluring photos and videos to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This has helped her gain internet fame. She has millions on Facebook and TikTok. She is a fashion icon, and her fanbase keeps growing.

Source: Instagram

Early Life And Family

Oriya Sarkar was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, on September 9, 2001. She comes from a Bengali Hindu background. Konica Sarkar is her mother and she has a successful career as a homemaker.

Her father, Ashok Sarkar, is a successful businessman. Oriya has a younger sister named Soham, who is currently pursuing an engineering degree.

Oriya Sarkar Career

She was successful at a young age, when many people her age were wasting their time. Sarkar revealed that she always wanted to be in films and TV shows.

Oriya Sarkar is considering a profession as a professional actress and model. Oriya Sarkar has taken up modelling as a hobby. Sarkar began posting photos and images of her regular photoshoots on

Instagram. In less than one year, she has amassed millions of Instagram fans. This number continues to grow rapidly. Oriya is deserving of much more than what she’s received.

Oriya Sarkar’s expression in photoshoots and commercial advertisements might lead you to believe that she is extremely talented, which is true. Oriya Sarkar’s talent is what makes her so special.

One of the best models in the business, Sarkar is a well-known name. Sarkar, however, has worked for several small and mid-sized local businesses.

Oriya was also featured in several fashion magazines and commercials. She has appeared in advertisements for clothes, cosmetics, and technology products.

She is also a YouTuber and a future actress, in addition to her role as a social media influencer. She has won several awards and accolades. Oriya is an artist of great talent. Oriya Sarkar is a woman who has accomplished a lot in her lifetime.

Social media was a big hit with her videos about beauty, style, lifestyle, DIY, and self-love. Oriya Sarkar continues to post stunning photos and videos to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. This has also contributed to her Internet fame.

Oriya Sarkar Net worth

Reports claim that Oriya Sarkar has a net worth of approximately INR 40 Lakhs, which is enough to lead a comfortable life, and their monthly income is 3-4 Lakh per month.

Source: Google

Social Media Stardom

Oriya Sarkar, who is only 22 years old, has established herself as a social media phenomenon. She has amassed an impressive following of more than 850K followers on Instagram. She just started their YouTube blogging channel and their have almost 20K Subscriber. Oriya Sarkar YouTube Channel name is – Oriyasarkar.

You can find her under the handle @oriyasarkar09. Her influence also extends to Facebook, where she has a following of 161,000.

Connect with the Audience

Oriya, despite her considerable success, maintains an approachable demeanour and actively participates in interactions with followers. Her content is not only authentic but also reflects her accomplishments, creating a connection with her audience.

Oriya’s ability to navigate a delicate balance – staying true to her roots while venturing into creative realms – contributes to the authenticity of her online presence.

Authenticity and Adaptability of Oriya Sarkar

Oriya Sarkar is successful because she has a keen understanding of the preferences of her audience. She is able to determine what resonates and consistently delivers content that meets expectations.

Oriya’s content is always engaging, whether it’s lifestyle tips, fashion advice, or relatable stories.

Oriya Sarkar puts a lot of emphasis on authenticity, even beyond the surface level of social media. She believes that staying true to her and her values allows her to build a stronger connection with her audiences.

Her content is infused with this commitment to authenticity, making her relatable and trustworthy.

Her adaptability is another factor that contributes to Oriya’s growing popularity. She embraces new creative endeavours while remaining true to her roots. She can adapt her content to suit the changing tastes of her audience.

A Humble And Endearing Personality Girl

Oriya Sarkar navigates the challenges and criticisms that come with social media with grace. She embraces constructive criticism, and uses her experiences to grow.

Oriya’s humbleness and dedication to continuous improvement make her an appealing personality to her audiences.

Oriya Sarkar is a shining star in the vast world of social media. Her wide following on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube is a testament to her compelling presence and viral videos.

Oriya is known for her authenticity, adaptability, and genuine connection to her audience. Oriya Sarkar will leave a lasting impression on the dynamic social media world as she expands her horizons.


1. How did Oriya Sarkar become popular on social media sites?

Oriya Sarkar’s viral videos and captivating content gained her popularity on social media.

2. What makes Oriya Sarkar different from other influencers in the industry?

Oriya Sarkar is different from other influencers because of her authenticity and her ability to connect to her audience.

3. How does Oriya Sarkar respond to criticism and challenges

Oriya Sarkar accepts criticism and challenges gracefully and strives to improve constantly.

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