How Much Salary is Enough To Live A Comfortable Life In India? Know Here

Life in India: Everyone wants to be able to live comfortably, pay for their living expenses and have some money saved. In India, many people wonder how much money is needed to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

How much money does one need to earn per month or year in order to live comfortably, save for retirement and travel to the places of his dreams?

The most important thing to remember is that the majority of Indians are only one bill from poverty. It is also important to be able to pay for your medical bills.

How much money would you need to earn in order to enjoy all of these benefits and die peacefully? A social media user asked his fellow netizens the same questions out of curiosity. Here is what he received in response.

“The definition of comfort and a decent life varies. Both casual workers who earn Rs 10,000/month, as well as senior officers making Rs 2,00,000./month, have challenges at my workplace. The expenses tend to exceed the income. More earnings will lead to increased spending.

One person wrote: “For a family with four children, the monthly expenses would be as follows: Rs 10,000 for food, milk, vegetables, misc., Rs 4, 000 for electricity (with air conditioning), Rs 4,000 for transport, Rs 2,004 – for telephone, Rs 10,000 – for education of children, Rs 20,000 – for house rent, and Rs 10,000 Misc. (dining, clothing, trip), Total: Rs. 60,000. Add Rs 10,000 to cover Income Tax. “Adjust based on circumstances.”

Another user commented: “It depends on the city, lifestyle and other factors… Some people can live for 15k while others can’t make it in 150k.” One user said, “No amount of money is sufficient; unless you are content with what you have.”

Various individuals have responded to the post with different answers based on their perspectives. There is no exact answer as to how much one needs to earn in India to lead a comfortable lifestyle. Now, Here we see data that in India, a person has an average salary according to various factors- 

Average Salary in India – Examining Pay Rates, Trends and Averages in 2023

Do you want to know the average monthly salary of Indians? You’re not the only one who is curious about average salaries in India.

Knowing the average wage and minimum salary can give you a better idea of the value of your job. This article will explore the average salary in India and address some of the most commonly asked questions.

India’s salary structure is also constantly changing. Over the years, salaries have increased significantly. The wages of employees have continued to grow despite the poor economic situation of the country.

An estimated 9% increase was recorded after the pandemic. After recruitment drives, the average Indian salary increased significantly.

The average salary in India is affected by many factors, such as the industry, type of job, and location. This article will provide a comprehensive look at the average salary in India.

Understanding the average wage in India will help you make better decisions, whether you are a job-seeker, employee or employer. So, let’s get started!

Pay Scale in India

You must know the median salary to understand the Indian pay scale. The median salary is vastly different from the average salary. The majority of people believe that they are both the same.

Both the median and average salaries in India are scales for measuring. Both are indicators of which category you fall into. The median wage is the amount that 50% of people earn more than average salaries, while the other half make less.

Average Monthly Income In India

If you get paid well, and your salary is above average, then your job is going well. You won’t be paid according to the market value if you aren’t. Let’s now look at the salary scale in India.

What is the Salary Scale?

The pay scale is a range of salaries you can expect to receive when working for a particular job. The maximum and minimum wages that a group can earn for any position within a company. The better your salary, the higher the qualifications you possess for the job.

You are in the group of minimum pay scale if you meet the minimum requirements. The Indian pay scale is based on the average salary for a specific role in India. The average is calculated, and wages are then fixed.

Many factors affect your pay. Your education, your qualifications, your experience, and your field of work are all important factors. These factors also affect the average monthly salary.

You will understand better if we break down the average monthly income of India into average hourly wages. By observing the Indian work culture, you can calculate the average hourly salary in India.

In India, the hourly wage is less popular than in other parts of the country. A person usually works eight hours per day, six days a week. In India, an individual earns INR180 per hour.

What is The Minimum Salary In India?

Let us now know what the minimum wage is in India. The new labour law states that companies can’t pay less than the minimum wage. Nationally, the minimum wage is INR 178 per day.

This is what the media reports say. It varies, however, from state to state and industry to industry. We can categorise minimum wages based on different factors.

This is a group of people that are not qualified enough to find a job.This category includes people who are well-educated or have completed some education but have little experience.Skilled workers are people who are highly qualified in their field and have a lot of practical experience.
The person finds a job and earns at least INR16000 per month.The minimum monthly salary is around INR 18283.The minimum monthly wage is INR 20000.
All these figures will vary depending on the location.The location of the worker also affects their monthly wage.Minimum wage is the minimum amount that workers in India are paid for their inability to improve or do any other work.
In metro cities like Mumbai, the figure can reach up to INR 16,064 per month.You can be a taxi driver, a waiter/waitress, a security guard etc.You can be an electrician, computer technician, financial technician, etc.

What Factors Affect Your Average Monthly Salary In India?

When comparing average salaries in India, several factors are considered. These salaries have been classified based on a number of factors.


Your experience determines your salary. For a certain job role, a person with between 2 and 5 years of experience will receive 30% more than if they were merely a fresher.

Professionals with over five years of experience may receive a 35% salary increase compared to those who have less than five years. In India, this cycle is repeated in all professions.


Your chances of getting a high-paying job increase with your level of education. Your salary will rise by 17% if you have a high school diploma. You can expect a salary increase of up to 24% if you have a certificate or diploma and a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree holders can expect a pay increase of 30%.


Your industry also affects how much money you can make. Here is a breakdown by sector.

  • Banking sector growth is around 1-2%.
  • Energy is an area that offers great opportunities to people, as all top institutions are focusing on sustainable development.
  • The healthcare industry pays well, with an average annual increase of almost 5%.
  • In India, the average salary of those in the education sector has increased by 7-8%.

India’s Annual Increment Rate Increases

According to the article above, the average Indian salary is rising every year. The rate of inflation is increasing, but it is relatively slow. If your salary is below the minimum wage, you need to improve your skills in order to get a better and more competitive rate.

Part-time work can be a great way to earn extra money. You can search for work online on many platforms according to your skill set.

Avoid the mistake of changing industries if you already work in a low-paying industry. This will not improve your salary. Keep your focus on your field and improve your skills in order to raise your pay.

Average Salary in India by Age (2024)

Salary depends on many factors, including age, gender and education. It also takes into account location. Everyone wants to know what their pay will be before they enter the corporate world.

According to Forbes, the average salary in India is INR 900000 per annum. It can vary from INR 8,000 to INR 143,000 per month. Learn more about the average wage in India by age.

Average Salary in India by Age

The age of a person is an important factor in the designations that can be held within a company. You enter the corporate world with an internship and then gradually rise through the ranks of success and experience.

You can achieve a high-ranking position in an organisation at a young age if you have the right potential and intelligence. data shows the average salary by age range in India.

Age range10%75%90%Average Salary
<24INR 3,900INR 11,937INR 5,905
25 – 34INR 3,900INR 14,400INR 25,181INR 10,780
35 – 44INR 3,900INR 18,444INR 33,639INR 13,777
45 – 54INR 3,900INR 15,971INR 30,678INR 11,932
55+INR 3,900INR 13,871INR 25,002INR 10,365

Average Salary in India by State

There are more job opportunities in a state with more companies and infrastructure. Here is the average salary of top Indian states based on Statista data:

StateAverage Salary
Uttar PradeshINR 20,730
West BengalINR 20,210
MaharashtraINR 20,110
BiharINR 19,960
RajasthanINR 19,740
Madhya PradeshINR 19,740
Tamil NaduINR 19,600
KarnatakaINR 19,150
GujaratINR 18,880

In the table above, Uttar Pradesh is the state with the highest average monthly salary at INR 21,000.

Average Salary in India by Education Level

The education you have plays a big role in determining your salary. Higher education increases your chances of a high salary. Here is the average salary for each educational level, according to the Average Salary Survey:

Education LevelAverage Salary per Year
Doctorate DegreeINR 27,52,407
Master’s DegreeINR 21,26,111
Bachelor’s degreeINR 16,97,592
High SchoolINR 11,53,703
Above High SchoolINR 11,12,499

In the table above, it is evident that those with doctorate degrees earn more.

Average Salary for Women in India

The Average Salary Survey has revealed the average salary for men and women:

GenderAverage Salary per Year
MalesINR 19,53,055
FemalesINR 11,62,296

According to the International Labor Organization, male employees received a salary four times higher than that of female employees in ten years.

Average Salary in India by Experience

Experience leads to a higher wage. Salary Explorer Salary Survey shows the average salary progression over time for an individual.

ExperienceAverage Progress
From 2 to 5 Years+32%
5 to 10 Years+36%
10 to 15 Years+21%
15 to 20 Years+14%
20+ Years+9%

In India, The Highest Paid Designations Are Ranked By Their Average Salary

You’ve come to the right place if you are a person who is looking for a career and have stumbled across this article in order to find out which profession is the highest paid in India. Paylab has calculated the average salary for some of the highest-paid designations in India.

DesignationSalary per Month
Software EngineerINR 1,16,200
DevOps EngineerINR 42,044
Financial AnalystINR 30,612
Marketing ManagerINR 30,203
Tester for ITINR 27,780
Chief Executive OfficerINR 25,486
Sales ManagerINR 23,137
Lead DeveloperINR 21,647
Business Development ManagerINR 21,511
Finance ManagerINR 21,403


What Is The Average Salary In India? 

In India, a decent salary and earnings are about INR 3 LPA. A decent wage is earned if you earn INR 25,000 or more in a single month. Compensation is also affected by various factors.

Your industry of work is also a factor. If you work in an industry that is demanding, your chances of earning more money will increase. Your education also matters in terms of salary. Your salary will increase the more qualified you are.

What Is A Good Salary In India?

After paying for your monthly expenses, a good salary will allow you to save a certain amount. In India, a decent wage is determined by several factors. Two of the most important factors in choosing a decent salary are where you live and how much money you earn.

After taking into account all factors, including transportation and groceries, an average salary of INR 30,000 can be achieved with a standard of living.

What Is The Average Income Of A Male In India? 

The monthly average wage in India can range from INR 21,000 to INR 31900, depending on which industry they work in. You will have a better chance of earning more money if you work in an industry in high demand. The service industry, for example, continues to grow at a high rate. You will earn a high salary in the banking, retail and Software Industries.

Is 1 Lakh Rupees A Decent Salary In India?

In India, yes, earning 1 lakh rupees per month is a good salary. This translates into INR 12 lakhs a year, which can be a significant amount of money, especially in smaller towns and cities. It’s important to remember that costs of living vary greatly depending on where you live and how you live.

What Is The Middle-Class Income In India?

The sources and methods used to define middle-class income can differ. The income level is one of the most commonly used criteria. According to RBI, households with a gain of Rs. 2.5-10 Lakhs Per Annum.

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