Indian Air Force Day: Flying High with Pride

IAF unveils its new ensign during the annual Air Force Day Parade at Prayagraj Sunday. The ensign will better reflect IAF values 72 years after an earlier exercise.

The Indian Air Force made this change over a year ago after the Navy changed its ensign to shed its colonial history.

” The Chief of Air Staff is set to unveil the new IAF flag on this historic day,” said the IAF.

The Indian Air Force Crest will appear in the upper right corner of the new ensign.

The Indian Air Force was officially established on October 8, 1932. The prefix “Royal,” a reflection of the professionalism and achievements the force had achieved during World War II, was given to the point in March 1945. It became the Royal Indian Air Force.

In 1950, India became a Republic, and the IAF changed its design to remove the “Royal.”

The RIAF ensign comprised the Union Jack (upper left canton) and the ROAD tricolore roundel on the fly side. The IAF ensign, created after independence, replaced the Union Jack with the Indian tricolour and the RAF roundels with the IAF tricolore roundel on the lower right canton.

New Feature of IAF

The Indian Air Force has created a new lAF ensign to reflect its values better. The Air Force Crest will be added to the upper right corner of a new lAF ensign.

The IAF’s crest features the Ashoka Lion as the national symbol, with the words “Satyameva Jayate” in Devanagari beneath it.

The Himalayan Eagle symbolises the IAF’s fighting abilities, with wings spread below the Ashoka Lion.

The Himalayan Eagle is surrounded by a ring of light blue with the words “Bhartiya vayu Sena.”

In Devanagari, the motto of the IAF – ‘touching the sky with glory’ – is written below the Himalayan Eagle.

The IAF’s motto is taken from Chapter 11, verse 24 of the Bhagavad Gita. It reads “Radiant Touchest the Heaven” or “touching with glory the sky.” Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh will host the Air Force Day Parade and Air Display.

Top military officials, including Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari and Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan, attended the event.

The event will be held outside of the capital until 2021. Until then, the parade will continue at Hindon Airbase near Delhi. Last year, it was held in Chandigarh.

Indian Air Force Day, Meaning

The Indian Air Force Day has immense significance, as it celebrates the founding of the Indian Air Force in 1932. It also pays tribute to their courage, dedication and professionalism.

The day is an excellent opportunity to show off the IAF’s prowess through aerial displays and parades. This instils a sense of pride in the country.

The IAF is pivotal in protecting India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. It is also committed to maintaining peace and security within India and beyond.

Prayagraj To Host Air Show For IAF Day Celebrations

This year’s Air Force Day Parade will be held at Prayagraj, India, on Sunday. The parade was traditionally held at Hindon Airbase near Delhi until 2021. In 2021, the train was moved out of Delhi.

Chandigarh hosted the event last year. This year Prayagraj is held the Indian Air Force day the people can enjoy the event from various place like Sangam, Pragati Maidan and More Places.

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Why Do We Celebrate Indian Air Force Day?

It is a day to celebrate the formation of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force was established officially on October 8, 1932.

The Royal Air Force was named “Royal” in March 1945 for its professionalism and achievements during World War II. It became the Royal Indian Air Force. The IAF lost its “Royal” prefix when India became a republic in 1950.

The Theme of Indian Air Force Day in 2023

The theme for IAF Day this year is “IAF – Airpower Beyond Boundaries.” The article highlights excellence, innovation, and the role of the force as a guardian of the nation’s skies.

The History of Indian Air Force Day

The IAF is a descendant of the Royal Indian Air Force, founded on October 8, 1932. IAF was founded in 1950 and continues to be active today.

The IAF fought against Pakistan four times in the years 1947-1948 (Bangladesh War), 1965 (Bangladesh War), 1971 (Kargil War) and 1998 (Kargil War).

It supported Goa’s accession to the Indian Union in 1961. 1962 IAF air support was critical to the Indian Armed Forces’ battle against the Chinese Army. In 1984, IAF assisted in the capture of the Siachen Glacier.

Indian Air Force stopped the People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam from overthrowing Maldives’ government in 1988. The IAF provides aid to Indians during crises and rescues them from abroad.

The IAF works closely with the Indian Space Research Organisation and the Department of Space. Rakesh Sharma was an IAF Pilot who flew into space in 1984.

This historic event pays tribute to the IAF’s remarkable journey from conception to becoming an Air Force of formidable proportions.

IAF’s Role In Defense, Rescue, And Development

Indian Air Force is responsible for defending India’s skies, playing an essential role in developing the country’s economy and performing rescue operations on rugged terrains.

IAF released a video of 11 minutes explaining the significant milestones that IAF achieved during the last year.

Arjan Singh, Marshal of Air Force

Arjan Singh was the only Indian Air Force officer who held the highest rank in the Indian Air Force. The Marshal rank in the Indian Air Force, which is equivalent to the Army rank of Field Marshall, has five stars.

Padma Vibhushan was also given to him for his leadership in the Air Force.

Former chiefs of army staff of the Indian Army Sam Maneksaw and KM. Cariappa held the rank of Field Marshall in the Indian Army.


Sarang Helicopters Has A Plan

The Southern Air Command released on October 5, Thursday, a video showing the fleet of Sarang helicopters. A post published on X stated that the “Sarang helicopter team” nestled within the Southern Air Command will introduce five helicopters air display at Prayagraj for the first time on the 91st AF Day.

Time to say Goodbye MiG-21

IAF is preparing to phase out three remaining squadrons of MiG-21 aircraft. The IAF will be presenting the parade for the final time.

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhary, addressing a press conference ahead of the Air Force Day, said on Tuesday that the indigenously developed Tejas Mark-1A aircraft will replace the MiG-21s from 2025 onwards.

New Era for C-295

The IAF released a video ahead of the celebrations that featured 120 fighters and transport aircraft operating from 10 bases.

The video showed off the IAF’s C-295 transport plane, which is being used for the Air Force Day Parade for the first time.

Speaking to ANI Group, Captain Prajyot stated, “120 fighters and transport aircraft will be featured in the air show in the Sangam region of Prayagraj on October 8”.

The MiG-21s are making their final appearance, while the C-295 transport aircraft is showcased for the first time.”

List of Movies Based on IAF

Films featuring the IAF include Aradhana (1969), Vijeta(1982), Border (1997), Kaatru Veliyidai(2017) and Gunjan Saxena (2020).


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