Lal Salaam Review: Rajinikanth Movie Get More Loved By Fans

Lal Salaam review: Rajinikanth’s film was among the most anticipated movies of 2024. After an eight-year absence, Aishwarya & Rajinikanth returns to the director’s chair and directs her Superstar father, Rajinikanth.

Lal Salaam also stars Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth. It’s a story about cricket, religion, and how people politicise a popular sport in a village.

Thiru and Moideen’s son Shamsuddin, played by Vikranth (Rajinikanth), have been rivals since they were children. This spills over onto the cricket field in their village.

Moideen Bhai’s Three Star team, including Thiru (Vishnu Vishal) and Shamsu (Vikranth), was successful. However, those who were jealous of Thiru’s success or had ulterior motives pushed him out.

Thiru forms the MCC rival team, and the two teams represent different religions in the village (Hindus vs Muslims). The once peacefully coexisting village now has a match called India vs Pakistan.

Moideen bhai, who lives with his family in Mumbai, has a dream that Shamsu will one day play for India. One match in the village changes everything.

What happens to these two men? Shamsu finally plays for India? Moideen Bhai, as he ended the rivalry between the boys and the Hindu-Muslim conflict in the village?

Lal Salaam’s first half revolves around a village and its people and the relationship between Hindus and Muslims.

The film also introduces the rivalry between Shamsu and Thiru. The pace picks up in the second half, and Rajinikanth gives a powerful performance.

Rajinikanth’s portrayal of Moideen Bhai, a Muslim Leader, is fascinating. The dialogues he receives are relevant today and show his personal beliefs. These are moments that will give you goosebumps.

In one scene, Moideen bhai, for example, says, “India is for Indians, and I am a Muslim Indian.” I was born and will die in this place. This is where I was born and will die.

Humanity is more important than caste and religion. Jai Hind.” The Superstar has also spoken in person about the importance of humanity.

Rajinikanth plays the dual role of a father with high hopes for his son and a community leader who beautifully believes all people are equal, irrespective of their religion or caste.

Even his fight scenes don’t go over the top. He’s measured. Lal Salaam is a stronghold thanks to Rajinikanth.

Vishnu Vishal & Vikranth are natural cricketers; they also play the game in real life. They have also delivered in their roles, which have a graph.

AR Rahman’s music adds value to the film by combining local and Sufi elements to highlight the two different religious beliefs.

Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the director of this film, has created a film relevant to today’s social and political climate. This is her return to the cinema, and it will be talked about.

Vishnu Rangasamy could have written a better story – specific plot points need to be explained clearly, and some scenes should have been cut out because they detract from the mood of this film.

Aishwarya’s Lal Salaam has a strong social message. The audience will love Rajinikanth’s Moideen Bhai, and hopefully, they will take what he says to heart and bring it home. Humanity is the most important thing.


Lal Salaam 1st Review: Vishnu Vishal is a good actor, and his performance meets the requirements of the character. Vikrant is a good actor, but Rajinikanth, as Vikrant’s father, has no impact except for some mannerisms.

Jeevitha gave a natural, and Dhanya was effective in a more minor role. Ananthika, Kapil Dev and Nirosha were fine.


Aishwarya narrates Aishwarya’s entire film using a back-and-forth technique. The first half is filled with incidents that raise many questions.

The second half provides all the answers by showing the backstory. The screenplay needs to be more precise and constantly tries to evoke emotions, but it fails.


The film benefits from a few of Rajinikanth’s dialogues about National Integrity and Vishnu Vishal’s character’s resurrection. The climax is also much better.


Aishwarya tried to make a film that had an honest message. However, she was unable to decide which issue would be the focus.

The film deals with various issues, including religious conflicts, social inequalities, and problems between two families. However, something must be resolved because the issue has yet to be fully addressed.

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