Meet Dolly Jain Who Charge 2 Lakhs For Only Saree Draping, Know Here More About Her

Dolly Jain is a celebrity saree draper who makes thousands of dollars for her work. India is a country of many cultures and traditions.

The saree is a traditional Indian garment that has played a significant role in our culture for centuries. Sarees are not only a piece of cloth but an expression of the woman’s grace and elegance.

Dolly Jain, a young bride who was forced to wear sarees at the age of 28, had no idea that her future would be so bright. She is a celebrity saree designer who has styled Gigi Hadid, the supermodel Gigi, and many other Bollywood brides.

Who is Dolly Jain?

This renowned Bengaluru-born and Bengaluru-raised artist holds the record for draping an entire saree within 18.5 seconds. She also holds the record of draping a silk saree in 325 different ways.

Did you know that Dolly hated sarees before she became a professional?

Trendsmyth reports that Jain, who disliked sarees before marriage, was forced to wear them every day after she married into a household.

The celeb drape artist shared her story on Indian Idol 13 and talked about how she got there.

“I married into a family where I was required to wear a Saree. I wouldn’t say I liked sarees. I used to spend 45 minutes every day after marriage draping my saree.

Every day, I would think about the day my mother-in-law would let me wear a Kurta instead. She didn’t. “By the time she finally agreed, I had fallen in love with sarees.”

How Did She Turn Her Love For Music Into Fame?

Trendsmyth reports that when she decided to turn her passion for the ensembles into a profession, she had to overcome many obstacles. Dolly spoke about how she gave back to society in a positive way.

“Society treated me very badly. They told me that it was a waste, called me insane, and said I couldn’t earn money by wearing a saree.

The society told me this statement. “Today, I have proved everyone wrong by standing here and proving them all wrong.”

She sure did! It’s not surprising that Dolly Jain charges a lot for her services.

Source: Google

Dolly Jain’s Eye-Popping Fees

Dolly is reported to charge anywhere from Rs. 35,000 to 2,00,000 per saree Dolly offers more than just her draping expertise. She also provides styling advice to ensure that the entire look is harmonious, from jewellery and hairstyles to makeup and hair.

This woman is a master at draping a saree or even a dupatta. While many of us still struggle to learn the art, she has built a successful career. Dolly Jain has proven to be a formidable force!

Dolly Jain Journey

Jain, ET, reported: “Earlier, girls would ask their mothers or aunts for help in draping a saree. (Or) people would contact beauticians at local salons…but they now realise that a draper professional can add so much to their appearance.”

She has been inducted into the Limca Book of Records after draping a scarf in 125 ways. She increased this number to 325 later for other records.

She recently draped Union Textiles Minister Smriti Iraniani, who was “scared” of messing up the Kanjeevaram Saree and asked for help.

Dolly Jain Work Sample

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Sing’s intimate Lake Como Wedding was everything a bride could wish for. Only family members and close friends attended the three-day event.

It began with a mehendi ceremony, and then the couple exchanged vows over two days in two different ceremonies, one Konkani and the other Sindhi, as a way to pay respect to their ancestry.

Pictures from their wedding have gone viral. The ‘Padmavat’ actors look oh so in love and are acting in bridal fashion.

Sandeep Khosla, a designer from the duo Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, saw my work when I was helping a bride with a heavy dupatta at a wedding. Jain revealed that Khosla was so impressed by my work that he began recommending me celebrities.

The idea came to me when I was draping a saree for Sridevi. She told me that I have magic fingers and that I should turn this niche work into a profession.

Her 15-year career journey has not been all luck.

“I’d drape anyone anywhere. “Each woman was a lesson for me because their structure, taste, and even the fabric was different,” she said.

“They say that making a woman feel happy is difficult, and I have done Forgery time., For 15 years, I have been practising draping sarees every morning on a mannequin, much like a singer would do ‘riyaaz.'”

Dolly Jain is a master of many tricks. She uses a hair straightening tool to fix the wrinkles on a saree or sews a pallu with a comb to keep it in place on her head.

She refused to disclose what she charged celebrities for their weddings, citing a non-disclosure (NDA), which she signed with clients. She said that she charges anywhere between Rs 35,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

Mumbai beauty salons charge upwards of Rs 500 per saree, but this is usually an additional service provided by skin experts or junior beauticians.

Jain stated that weddings were the primary source of revenue for his company. “Photoshoots and celebrity jobs do not pay much, but they give me exposure and the opportunity to take photos with stars. This helps my brand.”

Indian weddings, which are often touted as a recession-proof industry, have a growth rate of between 25-30% per year.

The cost of a luxury wedding can range from Rs 2 crores to Rs 25 crores, according to experts. And the number of these weddings increases every year.

From managing stressed brides to complicated outfits, the profession has its challenges.

Jain remembers draping the bride for a destination wedding on Ko Samui in Thailand. She realised that the lehenga was too short if she wore the heels she had planned to match her tall groom.

She used a borrowed kanjeevaram, made small wrinkles, and had the bride wear the kanjeevaram below her lehenga to add a layer and increase the length.

Controversy on Dolly Jain

The security of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa objected when Jain tried to drape her.

They did not want Jain to bring in the safety pins that she was carrying. “I told them that I needed it for her saree. I couldn’t murder anyone with safety pins!”

Several designers support Jain. Dolly is your girl for draping if you want to make your outfits look more beautiful and slimmer. In a video posted by Jain, ace designer Manish Malhotra stated that he worked with Dolly a lot.

Dolly Jain has been booked for almost two and a half months in advance. She said, “I don’t want to turn anyone away because this is their special day.” If the bride cannot afford to hire her, she will plan the look with someone from her 25-girl team.

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