Napoleon Movie Review: Napoleon Bonaparte Biography

Napoleon Movie Review: Ridley Scott examines Napoleon Bonaparte (Joaquin Phoenix), an influential former French Emperor still considered mysterious by history, over 30 years of his journey after becoming Emperor.

Like Hitler, Bonaparte shared an insatiable desire for power that blurred all distinctions between humanity and subjugation, making Scott’s film an in-depth profile of an individual who played an instrumental role in France’s Revolution.

Scott’s biopic of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1789 shows him as an aware military commander with a self-centered, power-hungry streak who uses his calm demeanor as an effective way to wield it.

Scott’s 160-minute biopic about French military leader and ruler Napoleon is packed with cinematic moments such as well-choreographed war and battle scenes;

There are even enough gory scenes to make you shudder, yet viewers don’t care too much as its true purpose remains unclear – it simply remains as part of its story about him saga that makes them carefree about what is happening during that period in history.

Scott provides a timeline of the French Revolution through text on-screen. Don’t worry if your history lesson remains vague – Napoleon the movie emphasizes battles less than Napoleon’s forward-looking approach in these wars, becoming increasingly self-absorbed along the way.

Scott deserves credit for making the film enjoyable; observing his nonjudgmental portrayal of Napoleon is fascinating.

Vanessa Kirby portrays Josephine, a widow from high birth. After decades of military victories have taken their toll, Napoleon becomes Emperor shortly after marrying Josephine and quickly changes roles within 30 years; Scott provides only a broad view of Napoleon’s relationships.

Some scenes show him wiping away tears of emotion, yet no clear explanation can be provided for what started this passion; was it Josephine who ignited it or something else entirely? It remains uncertain.

Scott’s clever use of screenwriting to switch seamlessly between scenes depicting Napoleon at war and Josephine is what makes Napoleon such a captivating watch, providing relief from testosterone-infused battle scenes. Josephine’s chaotic nature is also refreshing.

Joaquin Phoenix makes an outstanding Napoleon, his performance making you both shudder and applaud, with every frame of Vanessa being breathtaking in every frame.

Additionally, unlike most historical dramas, the dialect, impressions, and dubbing appear natural and don’t deviate significantly.

The music is enjoyable without overshadowing the film, while costumes and period sets enhance the experience of watching this Napoleon movie.

Scott offers you enough in the Napoleon watch to make it worthwhile, but too many gaps make it feel incomplete and disjointed.

Napoleon Plot

The film, which runs for over 2 1/2 hours, focuses on the turbulent relationship between Napoleon and Josephine as the former rose to prominence during the French Revolution.

The official synopsis is: “Napoleon, an action-packed spectacle that details the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Emperor, played by Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix.

The film showcases his visionary political and military tactics in some of the most dynamic battle sequences ever filmed.

When discussing the film with Empire, Ridley Scott said: “I liken him to Alexander The Great. Adolf Hitler. Stalin.”

He continued: “Listen to him, he has a lot under his belt.” He was also remarkable for his courage, ability to do anything, and dominance. “He was extraordinary.”

Joaquin Phoenix said: “I certainly wanted to avoid the conventions in the biopic.”

Napoleon Release Date

Napoleon will debut on Apple TV at a later date. It will premiere worldwide in cinemas on Thanksgiving Day – November 22, 2023 – however, there is no information regarding when or if it becomes available on Apple TV+ – stay up to date by following us here; we will notify you as soon as there’s anything concrete!

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Who Is The Cast Of Napoleon?

Vanessa Kirby will play Empress Josephine alongside Phoenix.

Ben Miles portrays Coulancourt while Tahar Rahim takes on French politician Paul Barras in this cast, including Ludivine Sgnier, Youssef Kour, and Ian McNice.

Fact File: Who is Napoleon In History?

Napoleon Bonaparte, born of Corsican parents in 1769, rose to prominence during the French Revolution. As Emperor in 1804, he quickly rose through military ranks, becoming one of the most outstanding military leaders ever known, defeating Prussia, Russia, and Austria – leading to the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and between three and six million civilians and soldiers perishing in his wars against them.

Napoleon married Josephine twice – first with religious rites, then again without. Their relationship proved tenuous until he was finally defeated at Waterloo by Duke Wellington, who exiled him to Saint Helena, where he died six months later.


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