Neeraj Waalia “ezsnippet” Income, Age, Girlfriend, Family & All Detail Know Here

Ezsnippet or Neeraj Waalia is a popular name in the world of tech influencers. He stands out because he has a unique way of teaching that combines humour and memes.

He is known for his funny memes and cool teaching style. He uploads videos to YouTube or Instagram that include a funny meme.

This blog explores Neeraj’s journey from his choice of commerce to becoming a MERN Stack Developer and a rising tech star.

Ezsnippet Biography

Neeraj Walia, a YouTuber who loves coding, uses templates to create lessons. He was born on October 10, 1998. He launched his YouTube channel on July 19, 2023.

His Instagram account has more than 2,000,000 followers, and he has around 30K subscribers. Ezsnippet, a Full Stack developer, is proficient in JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Express js, CSS and Next.js.

He excels at bringing digital products to life, especially for small and mid-sized businesses, by creating user-friendly APIs and designing RESTful interfaces.

Source: Google

He is a project manager and technical lead focusing on quality and detail. His approach combines his technical expertise with an unwavering commitment to delivering scalable, performant, reliable digital solutions. Neeraj Waaliya girlfriend not reveal till now, as he suggest some information about their GF we update here soon.

Neeraj Waalia Age

Neeraj Waalia age is 26 as in 2024

Career Choices and Academic Options

Neeraj began his journey with a choice that was unconventional. He chose commerce in the 11th and 12th grades. He realised his interest in computers and pursued a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) after 12th.

He could not pursue a traditional Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) because of his background in commerce. Still, he excelled at learning programming languages in college.

Career Development and Startup Life

After finishing BCA, he was hired by a startup. He worked there for free for two months. Then, the company began paying him about 20K per month. After a while, he received a raise, and the company began paying him about 35K per month.

Around 2020, he decided to change companies and received multiple offers. The highest was 70K per year from another startup.

When he was hired permanently, his base package was about 12 LPA. He tried switching again recently and got a 100% increase in his salary. In new company Neeraj Waaliya Income is 50 LPA (estimated).

Technical Evolution

Neeraj has a wide range of technical experience, including C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript and Node.js.

He has transitioned from PHP to full-stack development and is now a specialist in MERN Stack. He is working with frontend frameworks such as React.js and Next.js.

Neeraj Portfolio The personal website of Ezsnippet showcases his extensive skills and projects. He is an expert in both frontend and learning development. His expertise includes HTML, CSS and technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript and React JS.

Neeraj Waalia portfolio features advanced projects such as Discord Clone and Spotify Clone. This shows his expertise in working with complex web technologies.

Ezsnippet also has expertise in DevOps technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. He is also familiar with Web3 technology.

This combination of abilities highlights his ability as a tech educator and full-stack web developer.

Content Creation: A Growing Interest

He made TikTok Videos and launched a YouTube Channel with a friend before joining a Startup, but the venture didn’t pan out. He launched his channel, where he explored gaming content and roasted movies with CarryMinati.

Inspired by CarryMinati, he then started roasting Instagram and TikTok videos. In just three months, he had 8000 subscribers. His YouTube channel went inactive after a two-year romance ended. It took him about 2 to 2.5 years to recover.

Their Idea Of Teaching Using Memes?

His background as a former member inspired his use of memes in his teaching. After watching a video of Bhupendra Jogi, he became interested in “recursion” within tech. Combining his interests, he made a video in which he used a meme first to explain the concept of “recursion”.

He was encouraged by the positive response and began creating more videos using humour to explain complex topics. The approach attracted attention, and he started producing educational videos.

YouTube Channels & Social Media Presence

Neeraj currently manages two YouTube channels, ezLive a total of 65 videos with 67K subscribers.

He has an impressive following on Instagram, with over 2 million followers on his main account, ezsnippet.

Neera Waalia Consistency and Future Development

Neeraj’s efforts to create quality content on multiple platforms point towards significant growth in the future. Subscribers and followers are expected to grow due to his unique teaching style.


From commerce to being a prominent MERN Stack Developer and Tech Influencer, Neeraj’s journey is a testimony to his adaptability, creativity, and resilience.

In his content creations and teaching efforts, he has created a niche and a unique space in tech education for humour and memes.

Neeraj’s story is an inspiration for those who are navigating unconventional paths within the tech industry. Neeraj’s content combines humour with education, and this is a formula that will engage and grow his audience in the future.

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