OpenAI Release New AI GPT Store, What AI Makes It Useful

OpenAI launched the GPT Store – a dedicated AI Chatbot Marketplace with a wide range of apps based on advanced AI models such as DALL-E 3 or GPT-4.

TrendsMyth state chatbots such as writing, research, lifestyle, programming, and education can be classified. OpenAI subscribers can access the store through premium programs like ChatGPT, ChatGPT Enterprise, or ChatGPT Team.

What does it mean for users? The GPT Builder allows users to create AI chatbots without any programming knowledge. This enables even non-experts to develop innovative applications. OpenAI must verify and review a chatbot before adding it to the GPT Store.

OpenAI plans to launch its monetization program in the first quarter of 2019 to allow developers to be paid for their work.

OpenAI Statement

Open AI’s promotional blog states: “Since GPTs were announced two months ago, over 3,000,000 custom versions of ChatGPT have been created by users.”

Many builders have made GPTs freely available to others. Today, we launched the GPT Store for ChatGPT Plus users, Team and Enterprise, on 11 January 2023.

OpenAI says that new GPTs are added every week to the ChatGPT store. OpenAI also published a list with six notable early GPTs currently available: Consensus, which searches for 200 million academic articles;

Code Tutor, which teaches coding through Khan Academy; Canva, which creates presentations and Books that locate reading materials as well as CK-12 Flexi, which teaches mathematics and science.

Platform members can add their GPTs to the GPT Store by granting “Everyone” access to their GPTs and validating the builder profiles in the ChatGPT Settings. OpenAI will review GPTs to ensure they adhere to their brand guidelines and policies. Users can report GPTs that violate the guidelines.

As CEO Sam Altman promised, OpenAI will share revenue with GPT developers during DevDay. OpenAI, unlike a smartphone app store, will pay developers based on “user engagement” with GPTs. OpenAI will reveal more information about the revenue program in the first quarter of 2024.

Apple’s App Store: What GPT Store Can Learn From It

Apple’s success in the App Store can be attributed to several factors, including a curated market, developer support and revenue sharing, and a robust ecosystem.

OpenAI’s GPT Store provides a platform that allows users to create their AI-powered chatbots with little or no coding. The company said in a recent blog post, its users had already made more than 3 million customised versions of ChatGPT.

The GPT Store will feature a “leaderboard,” similar to the App Store. This “leaderboard” will highlight the most popular GPTs.

The AI developer has already released GPTs, including personalised hiking trails from AllTrails and the ability to surface the results of 200 million academic articles via Consensus. Canva also offers a tool to create social media posts and presentations.

OpenAI does not offer the GPT Store to users who do not pay for its products. Only those with a pro-level subscription can access it.

PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster stated that for an app store’s success, it must have the same critical mass as the Apple and Google Play app stores in 2008. This is a crucial number of users and developers.

OpenAI claims that it has both. It boasts 100 million users per week after just one year and hundreds (if not thousands) of developers who use GPT or its derivatives to create new applications for a GPT store.

OpenAI will then develop a revenue-sharing model for its GPT store. This is expected to be launched for U.S. customers in Q1 of this year. A revenue-sharing model requires a payment processing system that supports various payment methods and ensures that developers are paid promptly.

Monetizing AI Marketplace

ChatGPT team customers can access a section of the GPT Store that is private to them. This includes GPTs, which are securely published in their workspace.

OpenAI charges businesses $25 per user per month when they subscribe to an annual plan or $30 per user per month when paying monthly.

Businesses must adapt to the high cost of AI driven by the computing power required to run AI models. It is still being determined whether AI companies can profitably bring their products to the market using a subscription-based or a usage-based model.

Some observers have raised concerns about OpenAI’s GPT plans, as the chatbots can regurgitate information from their training, making them vulnerable to being copied.

As a quick PSA to people building GPTs, ‘All the information provided to a GPT, including the prompt, the instructions, and the attached files, may be used to construct a reply to the user. OpenAI’s Director of Developer Relations, Logan Kilpatrick, said in a blog post on X (formerly Twitter): “Don’t include any information that you don’t want the user to see.”

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