Panchayat Season 3: Release Date & Storyline

Panchayat from India is beloved and has earned more than 8.9 stars on IMDb. Produced by Viral Fever Productions, this web series draws viewers’ hearts through real-life tales that resonate deeply. Deleaks about the Panchayat season 3 release have surfaced from various sources.

Panchayat Season 3 is finally ready to be seen by all. Following two successful seasons, Abhishek, an MBA student who wishes to become a Panchayat Secretary in his village, is back for more exciting adventures in Panchayat’s third installment. Next Season promises something extraordinary!

Panchayat Season 3 Star Cast

Season two featured many of the same actors. Season three will continue this trend with Jitendra Kumar reprising his role of AbhishekTripathi.

At the same time, Neena Gupta returns to her role of Pradhan. Raghubir Bhushan will reprise his role of Brij Bhushan.

Chandan Roy will portray Jitendra’s friends, Vikas Pandey and Prahlad, while Sanvikaa plays Rinky – Abhishek’s love interest.

Durgesh Bhushan will appear as a supporting actor alongside Biswapati Sarakar as Prateek and Subhenduchakraborty as Mangal;

Mubarak Khan will also perform during Panchayat Season 3. Other talented performers include Govind Lohani, Kamal Rai, and Bal Mukund Rai. This series is produced and directed by The Viral Fever (TVF), with Amazon Prime as its digital partner.

Fans of Panchayat may recognize Neena Ji when watching this Season of Panchayat, as she has proven her acting talent time after time.

Jitendra Kumar remains popular, though. Below is a list of actors appearing in Panchayat this time around.

  • Jitendra Kumar – Abhishek Tripathi
  • Neena Gupta – Manju Devi
  • Raghubir Yadav – Brij Bhushan Dubey
  • Biswapati Sarkar – Prateek
  • Faisal Malik – Prahlad Pandey
  • Chandan Roy – Vikas
  • Pooja Singh – Rinky
  • Subendhu Chakraborty – Mangal
  • Sushil Tondon – Bhindeshwar
  • Durgesh Kumar – Bhushan
  • Kusum Shastri – District Magistrate
  • Ebaabdullah Khan – Dabloo

Story Line for Panchayat Season Three

Panchayat Season Three is still a mystery to many, though its release date has now been made known. Set in 2022 and following three panchayats across Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

This Season follows Amitabh Bachchan alongside Rani Mukherjee, Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya Bachchan Farhan Achtar and Rajkumar Hirani with Aishwarya Bachchan playing himself!

While no specific date for its premiere has yet been set, fans of the show can follow @Panchayatz on Twitter to stay informed!

The third Season of Panchayat was inspired by Jitendra Tripathi (also known as Abhishek), an engineering student working as a Panchayat Secretary in Phulera Village of Uttar Pradesh.

Abhishek decided to assume this role due to being unable to find another employment opportunity elsewhere.

Audience and judge ratings have been awarded “Panchayat 2,” leaving audiences eagerly awaiting its launch and 3rd Season Release Date. Fans have eagerly anticipated this second return of “Panchayat.”


Are the Panchayat Season 3 shoots Begins?

Yes! Panchayat Season 3 shooting has begun. According to sources, shooting will commence on May 12, 2023 in Sehore and features Neena Gupta as she can be seen wearing the iconic outfit seen in the Panchayat series. Still, unfortunately, her post was deleted later on the Instagram platform.

The actress said,

“40 degree hai, bahut garam hai, chaata uppar se nikal jaata hai, dhoop main lagti hai sab jal gaya hai. Main Bombay main aungi toh koi pehchane ka nahi. Par koi nahi acting hai toh karni hai (40-degree temperature is here currently. It’s too hot. When the umbrella is removed from the head, and the sun falls on your face, the entire body starts to burn. I would like to know if I will return to Mumbai; nobody will recognize me. But, it’s okay, that’s what is called acting).”

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date

All eyes are focused on India for the official announcement of Season Three of Panchayat. Previously it was believed that season 3 would premiere sometime between 2023-2024;

However, recent leaks indicate it may come out earlier – possibly to Panchayat season 3 release date is March 2024 as this Season has proven so successful already.

Phulera will return for another season on Amazon Prime Video this year with more comedic scenes of village life in Phulera. Though no official dates have been set yet, media leaks suggest it won’t occur before 2023 – instead being confirmed as the first quarter of 2020.

Panchayat should be watched. It’s charming, authentic, honest, and heart-warming all at the same time – unlike most web series and thrillers, which tend to focus more heavily on dramas or thrillers than on real people and relationships. Both seasons are currently available on Amazon Prime Video for viewing.

Amazon Prime Video has emerged as a digital powerhouse in India over the past five years, becoming one of the most-watched platforms.

Here, you’ll find everything from movies and reality TV series to classic films – all in one convenient place.

Panchayat 3 Season Storyline

We saw Abhishek’s journey unfold in Season 1 when he became Secretary of the Panchayat due to being without employment options.

The show follows Abhishek as he attempts to adjust to village living while studying for his CAT test to increase his employment prospects.

The second Season continues the story of Abhishek as he adapts to village living. He takes an increased interest in village politics.

Furthermore, this Season explores issues people face living in villages, culminating in an explosive ending where Manju and Rinki receive transfer orders to Abhishek.

Chandan Kumar, the writer of this novel, did not reveal too much in an interview; however, he assured that all loose ends would be addressed seamlessly: last Season, local politics emerged with Bhushan as opposition, Abhishek’s experience with government exams will also be discussed at length.”

In Season Three, writers will explore various plot lines involving Abhishek Rinki and Abhishek, his transfer, Chandra Kishore Singh’s disagreement with Pradhan, Abhishek and Abhishek, as well as their romance.

The Third Part of the Panchayat Season will Pick up Where its Predecessor Left Off

Season 2’s events set up many memorable scenes for Season 3. One such event was Rahul’s sudden and tragic death; Phulera mourned and was deeply shaken by it, changing everything forever.

His passing struck deep emotion in Phulera; Abhishek, Brij Bhushan, Prahlad, and Vikas united in solidarity during his grief-stricken mourning period. He stood with their friends through it all.

MLA Chandrakishore Singh, an immoral politician responsible for the political division in the village, will be introduced in this episode, and his power struggle will be explored further during Season Two.

Chandrakishore has already begun fighting with Manju Devi, who serves as Pradhan of his village; Abhishek was given a transfer, and Season three will show his journey as he confronts new challenges while Romance between Abhishek, Rinki, and other cast members forms part of its narrative.

Will Abhishek Marry Rinki in Season 3 of Panchayat?

The director chose not to show their relationship as Abhishek (Jitendra and Sanvikaa), who did not marry in Season 2, did not marry during Season 3.

Deepak Kumar suggested that any process should happen gradually during Season 3, noting “everything will take its own time”, progress slowly, and unfold slowly – tantalizing audience members waiting eagerly as Season 3 unfolds further.

When will Panchayat Season 3’s official trailer be released?

The Panchayat Season 3 trailer is as prediction December 2023 or Starting of January 2024, and its date remains unspecified. However, production on this Season has now concluded, and all episodes are in post-production.

Once shooting concludes in October 2023, one month before this return of the series, a trailer will be made public.

How many episodes will Panchayat Season 3 consist of?

Like its predecessor seasons, Season 3 will include eight episodes. All will be available to viewers, and each show lasts between 20 and 45 minutes – unlike its predecessor seasons, where eight shows caused much consternation for audiences who watched.

Conclusion of Article

Everyone is eagerly awaiting Panchayat Season 3. Though no official release date has yet been set, it could debut between 2022 and 2024. Cast members to come forward.

Stay tuned to our website to stay up-to-date and informed as more details about Panchayat Season 3 become available.



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