Reliance Foundation Started “Vantara” Scheme For Animal Welfare, Know Here About Complete Scheme

Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation unveiled on Monday their groundbreaking Vantara initiative (Star of the Forest), signaling a major advance in animal welfare and conservation.

The program aims to rescue injured, abused, and endangered animals and care for them, as well as rehabilitate them, both in India and abroad.

Vantara, which occupies 3,000 acres of the Green Belt of Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex in Gujarat, India, is a major player in conservation efforts around the world.

Vantara, in collaboration with experts in animal welfare and care, has transformed the vast space into a habitat that resembles a jungle, reflecting the natural environments essential for the survival of rescued animals.

Vantara, led by Anant Ambani of RIL, Reliance Foundation, and RIL, is the first of its kind initiative in India. He is passionate and committed to the environment, known for his dedication.

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He also heads Reliance’s ambitious renewable energy venture in Jamnagar. The company aims to achieve Net Carbon Zero status before 2035.

Vantara’s mission revolves around the creation of world-class animal conservation practices. This includes cutting-edge research centers, academic institutions, and healthcare facilities.

The program prioritizes collaboration with prestigious international bodies, such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, to integrate advanced research.

Vantara has rescued thousands of animals, birds, reptiles, and other animals from dangerous situations over the years. The initiative is notable for spearheading rehabilitation efforts both at home and abroad, including rhinos and leopards.

Recent international missions to countries such as Mexico and Venezuela demonstrate Vantara’s commitment to animal welfare worldwide.

The program adheres to strict legal and regulatory frameworks both in India and abroad, ensuring responsible rescue practices.

Anant Ambani reaffirmed his commitment to Vantara’s mission and stressed the importance of protecting critically threatened species and restoring essential habitats. He highlighted Vantara as a beacon for hope in global biodiversity initiatives.

Vantara is looking to work with the Zoo Authority of India, as well as other relevant government organizations, to improve animal care infrastructure in India’s 150+ zoos.

Ambani sees Vantara’s commitment to Jeev seva (animal welfare) as a demonstration of the fusion between compassion and scientific expertise and serving both God and humanity.

Vantara’s Elephant Center is the centerpiece of its efforts. It features state-of-the-art shelters, a hydrotherapy pool, and a hospital that covers 25,000 square feet.

Over 500 professionals provide round-the-clock care to over 200 elephants using advanced medical equipment and Ayurvedic methods.

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Vantara’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, which spans over 625 acres, offers sanctuary to animals that have been rescued from harsh environments around the world.

Vantara provides modern, spacious enclosures for the animals, reflecting a commitment to ensuring a safe environment for distressed creatures.

The launch of Vantara is a major milestone in the global conservation effort. It shows Reliance Industries’ and Reliance Foundation’s unwavering commitment to protecting and conserving Earth’s precious animals.

The rescue and rehabilitation center has about 2100 staff members. 200 leopards in India have been rescued by us, either from road accidents or conflicts with humans.

100 crocodiles were rescued from the overcrowded and crowded facility in Tamil Nadu.. It has rescued animals in hunting lodges from Africa, animals in Slovakia that were facing euthanasia, and severely distressed animals in Mexico.

The Centre has a hospital and medical research center with a total area of 1 lakh square feet. The hospital and medical research center are equipped with the latest technology, including an ICU, MRI CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound endoscopy, dental scalar lithotripsy dialysis OR1 technology, which allows live videoconferences during surgeries, and a blood plasma separator.

The Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre is responsible for the care and rehabilitation of over 2000 animals from 43 different species.

The Centre has begun conservation breeding programs for about seven endangered species, both Indian and foreign. This is to create a viable reserve to repopulate populations of endangered animals in their natural habitats.

Vantara has benefited greatly from working with international organizations such as the Venezuelan National Foundation of Zoos and associations with world-renowned organizations like the Smithsonian and World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

In India, the National Zoological Park collaborates with Assam State Zoo and Nagaland Zoological Park.

Vantara’s initiative envisions a close collaboration with educational institutions to raise awareness about conservation issues, especially among youth and children.

This includes knowledge and resource sharing. The Vantara initiative also envisions the creation of an animal display area in futuristic and modern climate-controlled enclosures, setting new standards for compassion and care.

This Is A Brief Glimpse At The Animal Rescue And Rehabilitation Program ‘Vantara,’ Run By Reliance Foundation

Anant Ambani has announced the launch of the Star Forest Programme in the green belt at Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex, Gujarat.

The program will focus on the treatment, care, and rehabilitation of injured animals in India and abroad.

1. Anant Ambani said that the Greens Zoological, Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre was one of the most modern facilities in the entire world for animal rescue and welfare.

The ‘Vantara’ includes the best in animal conservation and care, including hospitals, healthcare, research, and academic centers. It is a collaborative effort that integrates advanced research with international universities and organizations.

2. Vantara is a program that spans 3,000 acres in the Green Belt of Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex, Gujarat. It cares for over 2000 animals from 43 different species.

More than 200 elephants and thousands of animals, birds, reptiles, and other animals have been rescued under the program.

3. Vantara’s elephant center has hydrotherapy pools and water bodies for elephants with arthritis, as well as a large elephant Jacuzzi. Doctors and medical staff use portable x-ray machines, laser machines, and pathology equipment at the hospital for diagnostic tests..

It also includes a pharmacy and fully-equipped pathology, as well as a fully-equipped pharmacy, a pathology lab for all diagnostic testing, a restraining device imported for elephants for diagnosis, hydraulic cranes and pulleys, and a hyperbaric chamber.

Each elephant’s diet is created in the kitchen, taking into account their physical needs and oral health.The center also uses Ayurveda to care for elephants.

4. Anant Ambani says that the initiative has big plans to expand wellness initiatives beyond Jamnagar. Vantara wants to work with the Zoo Authority of India, and other government organizations in India that are relevant in order to improve all 150+ zoos.

This will include training, capacity-building, and animal care infrastructure. 1000 crocodiles were rescued from the overcrowded and crowded facility in Tamil Nadu..

The organization has rescued animals in Africa from hunting lodges, animals in Slovakia that were facing euthanasia, and animals in Mexico in a severely distressed state.

5. The Centre is equipped with a hospital and medical research center of 1 lakh square feet, which includes an ICU, MRI CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound, dental scalar lithotripsy dialysis OR1 technology, which allows live videoconferences during surgeries, and blood plasma separator.

6. Vantara plans to work with educational institutions to exchange knowledge and resources and to raise awareness about animal rescue.

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