Roman Reigns Annouces That He Take Retirement for WWE

Roman Reigns no longer holds the WWE Universal Champion title after 1,316 days. Cody Rhodes defeated Roman on the second night at WrestleMania.

Will we see The Tribal chief more or less now that Roman has removed the belt? Roman is done with professional wrestling. Continue reading to find out all the details.

Roman Reign To Retire From Wrestling?

Roman has indeed said that he is retiring. In the A&E documentary on March 31, 2024, the WWE superstar said, “You guys should cherish these moments because once I lose my WWE Undisputed title, I’m quitting.”

This was aired a week before WrestleMania. Roman was merely building up to the match. Pro wrestlers often say they will retire if they win. Sometimes, it’s a match condition.

A legendary pro wrestler, Terry Funk retired seven times between 1983 and 2015. Terry Funk didn’t quit after any of these matches. He wrestled up until 2017. He died in 2023, but technically he never retired.

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WWE Press Conferences Are A Great Way To Discover What Will Happen To Your Favourite Wrestlers

Roman is one of the performers who helped make professional wrestling a significant era. It’s never been easier to blur the line between reality and storyline, but it becomes clear once in a blue moon. This happened after Roman lost to Cody at the press conference following the show.

Paul “Triple H Levesque”, the Chief Content Officer for WWE, spoke 30 minutes after the event. He talked about Roman’s potential and said, “There’s a lot of banter about the greatest ever.”

Many people can argue for this, and you can use a variety of metrics or opinions to measure it. If he’s not the greatest, he’s one of the best, without a doubt.

Paul teased Roman’s upcoming story, in addition to gushing over one of WWE’s most famous stars. “I cannot say enough about him. To do what he has done with Cody Rhodes and complete the story is not the same as completing it, but it is the end of the chapter.

He will now embark on a new adventure that will blow people’s minds. He’s going to take it to another level. “I can’t express how much I respect him.”

Roman’s Contract Means He Doesn’t Appear On TV as Often As Other Wrestlers

Roman Reign doesn’t appear on TV as often as other WWE stars like Cody, Seth Rollins, or Drew McIntyre because he is on a contract for part-time work.

In August 2022, he discussed this on the SI Media podcast with Jimmy Traina: “For me, trying to balance it all was important. “It was important to me that my fatherhood is the top priority and that it’s the hat I wear.”

It has helped Roman spend more quality time with his wife and children and increased his value when he wrestles. “It has done well thus far.

It makes the reactions more special when you are not easily accessible or available. “It creates a certain mystique about you.”

Roman Reigns Retires During A Pandemic

In a recent interview, Paul Heyman revealed Roman Reigns’ status during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He was away from television for quite a while.

Paul Heyman said,

He considered himself retired and was not coming back. Roman was my executive director for Monday Night Raw, and I was the executive director of SmackDown. Every week, I heard the SmackDown producers, writers, and staff say, “God, I wish Roman would return.”

“And I’d ask, has anyone talked to him?” He says he is retired and won’t be coming back. Thanks a lot. Done. Finished. Goodbye.

It is a miracle that he returned for this run and for what we’ve accomplished. He thought he had been fired.

Roman was away from February to August 2020 due to his health (Leukaemia), which he had a good chance of being affected by. Roman’s plan of facing Goldberg at WrestleMania was scrapped, and Braun Strowman took his place.

Roman’s return was legendary, and he has become a different star. He tends to break records along the way. Roman will defend his title against Cody Rhodes, who won only days after his return to the ring in 2020.

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