Salaar: Prabhas Bring Their New Blockbuster

Salaar, an action thriller film featuring Prabhas and Prithviraj alongside Shruti Haasan Jagapathi, was announced for release this year by Prabhas and announced in December 2023.

Indian film history is continuously developing. Gone are the days when a breakthrough film only appeared once every few years.

Now, breakthrough movies such as Bahubali R.R.R. and K.G.F. have brought new attention and critical acclaim to Indian cinema.

R.R.R. mainly made waves worldwide after winning both Golden Globe Awards for Original Song and an Academy Award nomination for the same category; Prashanth Neel (director of this film) plans on producing another in 2023.

Filming began shortly after 2021 despite some setbacks but will still hit theaters this year; Indian audiences are especially eager to witness it due to rumors suggesting its connection to K.G.F. Universe rumor mills. We can’t wait for Salaar’s premiere. We cannot wait.

About Salaar

On Saturday, the trailer for Salaar trended on Twitter with over 37,000 tweets. Construction of 14 massive sets around Ramoji Film City was required for production, and its grandeur promises an experience like never before seen—Shot throughout India and various countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Sala, directed by Prashanth Neel of K.G.F. fame and set to release in five languages (Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi), features the cast of Prithviraj Shruti Haasan Eshwari Jagapathi Babu Sriya from Hombale Films under Vijay Kiragandur who created K.G.F. franchise.

Features Hombale Films’ Hombale Films production company; which involves the same technical team engaged in K.G.F. series production; Hombale Films’ Hombale Films produced this film under Vijay Kiragandur who had K.G.F. series under Hombale Films umbrella;

Vijay Kiragandur is making it; Hombale Films was produced under Vijay Kiragandur who created the K.G.F. franchise;

Hombale Films is producing it under the Hombale Films banner as Vijay Kiragandur’s production company Hombale Films production banner and all technical teams used as part of K.G.F. franchise production team involvement is being utilized.

Salaar Teaser

Hombale Films shared a message when its action-adventure film Salaar Teaser passed 100 million views: “Overwhelmed with gratitude.”

We cannot express how thankful we are to Hombale Films, their fans, viewers, and supporters for being part of our Salaar Revolution and helping make Indian cinema history with you all as integral players.

Congratulations on pushing the Indian Film Salaar Teaser past 100 Million Views.” Thanks again – your unwavering support fuels us and makes us strive to create something exceptional.”

Salaar Teaser Will Be Released In Two Parts

Salaar teaser will be released in two parts, the first part being Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire on September 28, with no announcement regarding part two yet.

Prabhas may have hoped Salaar would erase memories of Adipurush, which did not perform well with audiences, with Prithviraj and Shruti also featuring prominently. Salaar will go head-to-head against Vivek AGnihotri’s The Vaccine War as a competitor for audience attention. Here you can see Salaar movie Teaser.

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Salaar Release Date

Production for Salaar began in January 2021 in Godavarikhani in Telangana. Salaar release date is in December 2023 by Bhuvan Ghoda, who also helms its cinematography and music compositions. The worldwide theatrical release date will coincide with Dunki’s release.


Cast in January 2021 as its lead role. Madhu Guruswamy, a Kannada actor, is expected to play an integral part in this film, as is Easwari as Prabhas’ mother; Jagapathi joined later as Rajamanaar.

Prithviraj, a Malayalam actor, entered negotiations for a critical role in Salaar in October 2021. Prabhas revealed his presence during promotion for Radhe Shyam in March 2022; shortly after that, in June, Prithviraj confirmed he agreed with the script and was working towards changing dates so the film would work better.

His casting as part of Salaar was officially announced in October 2022 – this marks his return to Telugu cinema after 12 years since his appearance in Police Police (2009); Sriya Reddy plays another major part as Sriya Reddy also plays significant roles.


Although the production team has kept its plot a closely guarded secret, fans have recently heard rumors of its content through leaks originating with one particular fan and coinciding with its latest short trailer.

Salaar takes place during late 19th-century America and revolves around two characters (one is a member of an Anti-Terrorist Squad while the other may be part of larger conspiracies).

Two boys raised without parents on the streets grew up without their families present, one choosing a life of crime under his criminal name of “Salaar,” meaning leader. At the same time, the other became a patriotic Indian soldier determined to eliminate terrorism.

Meanwhile, Salaar is seen as an autocrat in one region, similar to Yash from K.G.F. His investigations include all cases related to terrorist acts or Salaar himself – who will triumph?


Salaar Movie Story

By now, you should know that the 2022 release of Salaar will tell a compelling narrative story that may seem risky and action-packed yet contains unexpected turns that give us a different angle on things.

We give you an exclusive sneak peek into all aspects of its development.

K.G.F. Chapter 1 premiered in South film industries in 2019 with great reviews and box office-breaking performance, earning praise from viewers around the globe.

Following its success, its makers then announced K.G.F. Chapter 2, and soon after released it simultaneously – Prashanth Neel announced Salaar movie-making crew as directors; its trailer indicates that its story may have some connection to K.G.F. with Prabhas likely making an appearance or providing dialogue at some point during K.G.F. Chapter 2.

Salaar Movie Budget

The report indicates that the budget for Salaar Movie is approximately 150 crores – which surpasses that of K.G.F. Chapter 2.



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