Samsung is Ready to Launch Galaxy AI, Know That What is Galaxy AI & How Does This Works

Galaxy AI: Samsung’s Galaxy phones are known for their high-resolution camera, bright screen and sharp design. The rumoured Galaxy S24, which is expected to debut at Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked on January 17, 2024 could be a major upgrade from its predecessors. The S24 could be more about new software features than it is about new hardware.

Samsung will be bringing more AI-powered generative features to its next flagship phones. Samsung recently unveiled its own AI model in Galaxy AI, an AI “experience” designed for mobile devices. These technologies will be a major part of the Galaxy S24.

In 2023, the tech industry was flooded with generative AI, which is AI that can generate conversational, but not always accurate, responses to questions based on data training.

This is also true for smartphones, particularly towards the end of 2023, when Google announced the Pixel 8 series and Qualcomm and MediaTek released new phone chips that are optimised for AI.

What we know about Samsung’s AI plans so far for its next smartphone.

What is Galaxy AI?

Galaxy AI is still a mystery. Samsung describes Galaxy AI as “a comprehensive mobile AI experience” with “universal intelligence in your phone.”

Samsung mentions that Galaxy AI will be available on its phones in the areas of communication, productivity, and creativity. This means we could see Galaxy AI features within Samsung apps such as phones, messages, S Note, and cameras.

Samsung will have to reveal more information before we can be sure. Samsung has said that Galaxy AI is coming early next year. This means it could debut with the Galaxy S24.

Samsung showed an example of what Galaxy AI could look like in future phones. AI Live Translate call, which Samsung says will be on the “latest Galaxy AI phone”, will translate audio and text in real-time during phone calls through Samsung’s native app. This feature sounds similar to Pixel Live Caption, which is currently available on Pixel smartphones.

According to Samsung’s release, certain Galaxy AI features could be processed locally on the device in order to protect privacy. In contrast, other parts could be executed remotely. AI Live Translate Call, for example, is a local feature.

Samsung’s Phones Aren’t The First To Use AI

The emergence of generative AI is a recent phenomenon, but AI-powered smartphone features have been around for many years. These include voice assistants, translation apps, and photography tools such as portrait mode. Samsung is already increasing the use of AI on its phones. This could be a sign of what to expect with Galaxy AI.

Samsung updated its voice-activated Bixby assistant in early 2023 with some new tricks. For example, it now allows you to mix traditional phone calls and texting via Bixby Text call.

It will enable you to receive a phone call and then carry on a text-based conversation while the caller is speaking verbally. Bixby acts as an intermediary.

Bixby can even clone the voice of its user to read your text to the caller. Samsung has also added offline functionality to Bixby, allowing it to perform certain tasks without internet access. For example, you can set a timer and activate the flashlight.

Samsung’s description for Galaxy AI makes it sound like an updated, supercharged version of Bixby. Bixby’s new direction is similar to where Galaxy AI may be heading, particularly with features such as Bixby text call. Galaxy AI is unlikely to replace Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant that has been around for six years.

Galaxy AI could be used as a term to describe a variety of AI-powered features on phones, including those that work with Bixby. It could be a rebranding of Bixby phone-centric features. Samsung will have more information to share.

A New AI-Centric Processor Is Available For The Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 is likely to have a new processor that will power Galaxy AI and similar features. Samsung usually uses the latest Qualcomm chips in its Galaxy S models, which are sold in specific markets like the US. In contrast, Exynos processors are used in other international models.

If the Galaxy S24 does indeed use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, it will be able to perform a wide range of AI tasks. Qualcomm’s announcement of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip in October highlighted its ability to run AI algorithms and perform AI tasks both locally and in the cloud.

Qualcomm demonstrated various AI use cases on smartphones at its Snapdragon Summit, which took place in October. These included a virtual assistant who can summarise calls and then provide notes and suggestions.

The chip can “zoom-out” by analysing photos already taken to fill the frame. It’s up to the phone makers like Samsung to implement this technology in their devices.

Samsung’s Exynos mobile chip, the Exynos 2,400, was also developed with AI at the forefront. The company claims that it provides a 15-fold improvement in AI performance compared to the older Exynos processor. Samsung demonstrated the ability to convert text into images during the LSI Tech Day in October.

According to these new chips, both the Qualcomm Exynos versions of Samsung’s next phone could have the same AI features. These processors are designed for AI, so Galaxy AI may only be available on the Galaxy S24 line.

This is similar to how some Pixel features can only be used on Google’s Pixel 8 Pro and other devices using Tensor chips. Samsung releases software updates through One UI, and some AI features, which don’t need on-device processing, could trickle down onto older devices.

Samsung has a reputation for integrating new technology into its products as soon as possible, sometimes before it is sure if they are truly beneficial to the user experience. Remember the eye-tracking features of the Galaxy S4? What about the Galaxy Note Edge’s curved sidebars?

Samsung no longer focuses on gimmicky, gimmicky smartphone features. This is evident by the simpler Galaxy S series of recent years and its success with foldable phones. In 2024, AI will have to be proven on smartphones, and Samsung will likely lead the way.

The Galaxy S24’s AI features are its most important feature. AI capabilities include Nightography Zoom, Live Translate and Generative Edit. Live Translate allows for seamless communication between languages, while Generative Edit is a new approach to image editing.

The Nightography Zoom and the High-Resolution series offer a unique photography experience. This new flagship is a photographer’s dream.

Samsung’s AI Ambitions for the Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung’s commitment towards artificial intelligence is at the forefront of its Galaxy S24 line. Gauss is the company’s generative AI model that mirrors ChatGPT and promises enhanced capabilities.

The Galaxy S24 series, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Gen 3 processor and Samsung’s Exynos 2440, is at the forefront of AI innovations, possibly reshaping the smartphone landscape.

How To Pre-Book Samsung Galaxy S24 Series In India

The official Samsung website allows prospective buyers to reserve their place for the Galaxy S24 Series by paying Rs 1,999 as a reservation fee. Customers who pre-reserve the Galaxy S24 smartphone will get benefits worth Rs 5 000.

The Samsung Shop app will also offer a Rs 5,000 welcome voucher. Additionally, customers who pre-order the smartphone get the best upgrade price.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series will include three phones: Galaxy S24+, Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra. In a promotional video, Samsung also teased a new AI feature called Galaxy AI, which is in line with previous hints.


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