See How Expert React on Rohit Captaincy Loss

Rohit Sharma News: Mumbai Indians recently named Hardik Pandya their captain for the 2024 edition of the Indian Premier League. Pandya was traded from Gujarat Titans for cash-only consideration, and fans have not approved his trade or captaincy choice.

Mumbai Indians’ Twitter account lost nearly 400,000 fans within an hour after the announcement, leading many fans to express their displeasure with Pandya’s return.

Former South Africa cricketer AB de Villiers said he was shocked over this decision but suggested fans celebrate Pandya’s comeback instead of criticising him.

“To be fair, Hardik was a loyal Mumbai boy from his IPL debut to when he won multiple trophies. Surya & Bumrah showed their appreciation when Hardik left their brand.” However, De Villiers noted on YouTube that Hardik will return.

“I find it puzzling that such a strong negative reaction exists among many. I have read posts indicating that Mumbai Indians lost over one million social media followers, leading them to feel angry,” stated Mr Sethi.

Pandya made headlines after leaving Mumbai Indians to join Gujarat Titans, winning Player of the Match honours against Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League 2022 Final, where Gujarat Titans beat Rajasthan Royals by one match to none.

He led his team back into contention for 2023’s IPL final but ultimately lost to MS Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings after an unforgettable last-ball thriller.

De Villiers advised fans of Hardik instead of criticising him.

“You should be happy about his return. He won two trophies in his two IPL seasons with the Gujarat Titans and made it to the finals. Now he wishes to lead Mumbai Indians as captain; give him your full support and welcome him back,” noted legendary batter Laxmi Agarwal. “No problem if he brings home another trophy!” said this legendary batsman.

Mumbai Indians issued a statement Friday thanking Rohit for his extraordinary services to the franchise. Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, holding five IPL titles, are two of the most successful franchises. Rohit had led his franchise to their maiden IPL win in 2013 when they triumphed at the ODI World Cup Final.

Rohit’s team won four IPL championships between 2015 and 2023 – 2015, 2019, and 2020 respectively. Mumbai Indians even made it to IPL Playoffs 2023!

Mahela Jayawardene, Mumbai Indians Global Director of Performance, stated her appreciation for Rohit’s exceptional leadership during his three-year tenure as captain of Mumbai Indians since 2013. Mahela said, “We thank Rohit for his outstanding tenure as captain.”

“His leadership led the team to unprecedented success and solidified his place as one of the greatest captains in IPL history.

MI has grown immensely under his leadership, becoming one of the most loved and successful teams ever seen. “We look forward to his experience and advice on and off the pitch for further strengthening MI,” stated He.

Rohit’s presence raises new questions regarding his future in this format. Rohit was left distraught when India lost to Australia during the ODI World Cup after winning ten consecutive matches.

It seems unlikely that Virat Kohli will return in six months to lead India at the T20 World Cup. Rohit and Virat have yet to represent India since losing in the semifinals of last year’s World Cup in Australia.

What Was Posted By Suryakumar Yadav? Why Did He Do So?

Suryakumar uploaded an Instagram post that has since gone viral, garnering almost 28,000 likes.

Mumbai Indians fans are curious about Suryakumar Surya Kumar’s feelings towards Hardik Verma replacing Rohit as captain and Rohit with Hardik as their new skipper.

Since Suryakumar had his post reappointed for 2022 by the board, many are wondering if his sentiment has changed due to this leadership change.

Fans have speculated that Suryakumar, as MI’s vice-captain in IPL 2023 and captaining them when Rohit wasn’t available, might be grooming himself to become Rohit’s eventual successor as five-time IPL Champion captain.

Hardik Pandya’s Captaincy Challenge

Pandya will be taking on the role of MI’s captain, and he has a long history of success to lead. Pandya will lead the franchise into a new era, with all eyes on him as he leads the team in the IPL. The announcement has sparked discussions among cricket fans, adding excitement to the IPL edition 2024.

Cricket Expert Reactions To Rohit Losing Captaincy

Rohit’s announcement to step down as MI captain has caused a stir in the cricketing community, with players, legends and fans all expressing their opinions.

Former Indian cricket star Irfan Pathan said his opinion, as did cricket analyst and broadcaster Harsha Bhogle. Aakash Chopra, a commentator, also shared her thoughts.

Harsha’s Assessment of Rohit’s Leadership Skills

Bhogle, the esteemed cricket analyst and broadcaster, is widely respected for his keen insights. Recently, he explored the repercussions of Rohit Sharma’s decision to step down as captain.

Bhogle acknowledged Rohit’s successes alongside MS Dhoni as two of IPL history’s great captains while noting Pandya’s daunting task of replicating Rohit’s accomplishments as captain.

Irfan Pathan on Rohit’s Transition To Captaincy

Irfan Pathan, a cricket icon and expert analyst, gave his thoughts on Rohit Sharma’s decision. Pathan noted the lasting legacy of Rohit’s captaincy for the Mumbai franchise and expressed how Rohit would become synonymous with its heritage.

Aakash’s View On Rohit’s Captaincy Change

Aakash Chopra, a cricket analyst, commented on Rohit’s resignation as captain. He highlighted the significance of choosing carefully when discussing transition.

Chopra suggested that terms like “sacking” should not be used when discussing his evolution, as it’s essential to take an objective approach.


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