Suraj Rox Complete Biography, Income, And All Details Know Here

Suraj Rox: When TikTok was first released, Suraj Rox made waves with his hilarious comedy videos that quickly amassed millions of fan followers on the YouTube.

One day, however, when the Indian government banned the TikTok app across India, he stayed calm while making short videos for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook social media platforms.

Suraj Rox has quickly become famous on both YouTube and Instagram thanks to his comedic acting, earning lakhs of rupees each month by making cable videos. So let us find out today how a small boy from a remote village achieved such great things!

Friends, by reading the following article, you won’t need to read another piece about Suroj Rox; his life story can be told within this article.

Suraj Rox’s biography contains information regarding his income, hometown, photo, family, age, height and wife, as well as his YouTube journey, Instagram reels, car collection and social media accounts he maintains, as well as team members he works with – as well as any potential liabilities.

We will share personal matters like education with you. Friends, please read this article carefully as it will provide new knowledge and inspire you to do something worthwhile with your life and thus bring you fame by doing good work.

Reading it carefully will spark something within yourself to act upon and accomplish more in life. It will bring forth fresh perspectives that you never knew were there!

Suraj Rox Biography 

Suraj Rox is best known by his YouTube handle Gunda Raaj and was born in Tilaiya, in the Koderma district of Jharkhand state, on 21 December 1998.

As is often the case in such stories, Saroj Rocks began life from humble roots; both parents worked as farmers while his mother served as a housewife – starting from such humble origins and reaching great fame is nothing unusual!

Suraj Rocks had his early education in villages, later moving on to university, graduating, and working as a professional comedian. Saroj Rocks stands 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is 65 kg; he is expected to turn 25 around 2023.

Suraj Rox Wife

Suraj Rox, aged 26 as of 2024, is an influential social media influencer making an impressive monthly income through social media influencers.

However, despite this success and his romantic life remaining unknown on any of his social media platforms, Suraj Rox still needs to disclose details regarding his retail partners. As of now, he is single, with the following information:

  1. Girlfriend – Unknown
  2. Marital Status – Unmarried
  3. Wife – None 

Suraj Rox Social Media –  Suraj Rox’s Social Media 

Suraj Rox’s social media is filled with short and long videos posted to various platforms. At first, he made short videos exclusively on TikTok in Surbat and later expanded his reach by publishing videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Jilly Mauj.

Now, his short videos receive millions of views every month! You can reach his official accounts using the link provided below.

Youtuber Suraj Rox Education

Many are curious to learn about Suraj Rocks’ education. He is from a low-income family with limited financial means to send their son to a good school; his education started at the government school in his village.

While diligent in his studies, Suraj also spent considerable time making videos. After graduation, he left his studies and focused solely on making videos.

Suraj Rox And His Team Members

There are a total of 8 people on the Suraj Rocks team. You always see six people in their videos; the remaining two shoot and edit them.

Let’ me’s tell you that Suraj Rocks recently built a set of his own, on which approximately Rs 10 to 15 lakhs have been spent. Suraj does video editing and video planning in his studio with his team.

Source: Instagram

Suraj Rox Net Worth

Suraj Rox is famous for creating comedic content on online platforms such as his YouTube Channel, Facebook page and Instagram accounts to generate income.

With millions of fans following him worldwide, he draws in thousands of rupees monthly via brand promotions and YouTube monetization. Here are the estimated financial figures for Suraj Rox:

  1. Monthly Salary: Approximately 1 lakh rupees
  2. Net Worth: Approximately one crore rupees

Some  Facts About Suraj Rox 

  1. Friends, Suraj Rocks, as you all know, is from an impoverished family where he has a father, mother and a brother who always helps Suraj Rocks while making videos. 
  2. And if we talk about his wife, he has not married yet and has no girlfriend. The Internet reveals that he is currently single and focuses entirely on his career. 
  3. Suraj Rox used to make videos on TikTok initially, and when TikTok stopped, he started making short videos on different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Jilly and Mauj. 

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