Tejas Review: Kangan’s Best Role in This Movie

Tejas is the latest cinematic venture that looks like a caffeinated squirrel edited it. It takes you on an exciting ride through the sky and the geopolitics. Sarvesh Mewara is the film’s director, which includes battles, patriotic speeches, and some Pakistan bashing.

The Tejas movie story revolves around a rescue operation deep inside an outpost in Pakistan. It is reminiscent of popular films like Uri. The mission is to make the enemy appear foolish and succeed by creating tension and anticipation.

The first half of the film is chaotic, with scenes that rush by like commuters rushing to catch the last train. The film’s composure is restored in the second part when the action moves to the battlefield.

The aerial battle scenes at the film’s end are executed well and maintain a commendable tonality that does not veer into loud or jingoistic terrain.

Kangana Ranaut plays Tejas, a highly skilled IAF pilot. She thrives in danger. Tejas is the main character of the film, and all other characters revolve around her.

Tejas is the main character, and she dominates the story. She has an intensity that rivals an espresso shot, and the consequences of her actions are never enforced.

The portrayal of the Indian Air Force in the film is a mixture of reverence and dramatic license. The film presents the IAF as a glorified force, highlighting the courage and devotion of its pilots. This patriotic fervor is part of the film’s appeal, but it can sometimes border on jingoism.

The almost two-hour film, which tries to stay away from Pakistan bashing, focuses instead on the issue of terrorism. However, it sometimes stumbles into eye-rolling territory, particularly with a villain called ‘Sarqalam’ and a daring rescue mission designed to make enemies look foolish.

It gives us a glimpse of Tejas’s past and the environment that helped her achieve her dream of being a pilot. However, it only gives us a one-dimensional picture of her. We know that she is patriotic and courageous, but we want more.

The soundtrack of the film, while fitting for a film centered on the Indian Air Force, can be overwhelming. During action scenes, loud music can distract from the story. Understandably, the film’s theme would lead to a desire to use metal and hard rock tones. However, this could have been done more subtly.

The film’s repeated use of Tejas is a curious feature. Tejas is the protagonist’s name; she is a Tejas pilot, and her mission is “Tejas.” The film’s excessive use of the word “Tejas” in its narrative feels forced and lacks cohesion.

Tejas, the film, is an action-packed thriller that soars in its pursuit of complex geopolitics but crashes horribly when it tries to do it.

Kangana Ranaut is a woman Air Force pilot who has to prove her place as an independent, free-thinking, and brave woman. Anshul Chauhan compliments Tejas with his guile and patience and adds a touch of filmy drama.

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About Tejas Movie 2023

The Indian Air Force was the first defense force to introduce women in combat roles. In 2016, this decision was made. The film revolves around an adventurous female fighter pilot.

Kangana Ranaut, who plays the protagonist in the film, underwent a four-month intensive training to master the special fighting techniques used by the military. She will play a soldier for the first time on the silver screen.

“Our brave women in uniform make sacrifices often overlooked by the country. In the film Tejas, I had the honor of portraying a pilot of the Air Force who put country ahead of self.

This movie will hopefully instill a sense of patriotism in today’s youth. “I’m excited to embark on the journey with Sarvesh, Ronnie, and this film,” says Ranaut.


Tejas is a sexier version of the fight of a woman soldier to prove herself. Tejas is a woman pilot, but she faces no discrimination because of her gender. Tejas Gill, a nationalist equivalent to a specialist surgeon, can fly so high that she does not seem to encounter obstacles in her quest for heroism.

Tejas says she puts country ahead of her own life. What we mostly see is Poo in uniform. Tejas is her own best friend and favorite. She doesn’t need anyone else other than an audience.



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