The Nun 2: Movie Story & Review

The Nun 2 will soon join The Conjuring Universe’s offerings, marking the beginning of the scary season. It follows nuns as they battle an evil spirit at their 1950s Romanian monastery; Valak, featured first introduced in The Conjuring 2, makes another appearance here and will encounter Sister Irene from the original film again in The Nun II.

As the ninth installment of Conjuring, The Nun II could bridge the nun universe to the main timeline and depict events before Valak arrived in The Conjuring 2. We’ll review what we know about The Nun II: its plot, how it ties back in with The Conjuring, whether any previous cast members reprise their roles, when and where to watch it, plus anything else viewers should know.

The Plot of The Nun 2

The Conjuring movies feature paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren as they investigate alleged demonic hauntings based on actual events. Annabelle’s spinoff series runs alongside these main movies, showing the journey of an evil doll that haunts various people. New Line Cinema recently unveiled The Nun 2, their sequel franchise.

Sister Irene travels with Father Burke to Romania to investigate the suicide of a Romanian nun. Once in Romania, Sister Irene soon discovers that a demon known as Valak haunts their abbey, possessing bodies and causing suffering among its inhabitants. Although Valak was defeated at the end of this film, another battle will commence soon in its sequel.

The Nun 2: Cast

Cast announcements give audiences an idea of where we might be headed in this sequel, which takes place four years after its predecessor in Romania and four years before France; Sister Irene reencounters Valak after one of her priests has been murdered, sparking another battle between good and evil forces within both characters. Although details on what could happen have yet to be released, casting announcements give us an idea of where it may go next.

The trailer depicts Valak as a force terrorizing a French school, and Sister Irene, on her way to investigate the murder of a priest, encounters it head-on. According to the trailer, it was once an Angel. Still, God stripped away his power – making Valak one of the oldest and most menacing villains known. Viewers eagerly anticipate witnessing how this conflict between good and evil will play out between Valak, Irene, and their fellow students in France.

As filmmakers begin their telling, it must also tie into The Conjuring storyline. What happened between The Nun II and Valak’s encounter with The Warrens in The Conjuring 2? Bonnie Aarons will once more appear as Valak for audiences to witness in The Nun 2. Aarons first played this character in 2016’s The Conjuring 2, where he is thought responsible for the Amityville Horror murders. He was later cast again for The Nun’s prequel set 25 years before these events in Annabelle: Creation (2017). Aarons also made a cameo appearance as Valak in Annabelle: Creation.

Taissa had long been speculated to reprise her Sister Irene role; fans can rest easy knowing she will do just that. Jonas Bloquet will also return as Frenchie; new faces can also be seen, particularly among students at the school – Katelyn Downey will play Sophie, an oppressed student who becomes close with Frenchie, while Storm Reid joins as Sister Debra; Anna Popplewell will reappear as Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia movies. Anna Popplewell will also join; fans will recognize her from The Chronicles of Narnia movies.

Note: Vera Farmiga plays Lorraine Warren, Taissa Farmiga’s younger sister in The Nun movie series; their real-life connection could provide insight into what happened with Sister Irene after The Nun has no appearances in The Conjuring films.

The Crew

Michael Chaves, one of the Conjuring franchise’s long-standing directors, debuted with The Curse of La Llorona in 2019. He returned two years later with The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It as director. Since then, Chaves has become one of its foremost architects by working on many aspects of The Conjuring Universe.

In this film, Akela Cooper is credited as a screenwriter and storyteller, working closely with The Conjuring Universe creator James Wan on M3GAN and Malignant scripts and writing partners (Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing). Both men previously contributed writing credit on Fear the Walking Dead.

Release Date

Warner Bros. Pictures & New Line Cinema are scheduled to release “The Nun II on September 8, 2023 – approximately five years after The Nun’s theatrical debut. The Nun II will be one of the early Halloween offerings that fans can look forward to during Spooky Season, hitting theaters just a week before A Haunting In Venice Paranormal on September 15, 2023, and two weeks after with Saw X coming out two weeks later on September 29, 2023 – according to recent developments.

The Nun II is the follow-up film to 2018’s The Nun, an offshoot of the leading Conjuring film franchise that follows Valak, an intimidating demonic figure in the form of an extraordinarily tall and scary nun. It has proven a reliable box office draw since viewers eagerly anticipate seeing what will happen next or want a thrill through jump scares that have become part of this universe. Stay until after the credits to find all your answers without spoilers.

The Nun II Does Have A Credits Scene At The End

The Nun II has an end credits scene at its conclusion, and you should stay until then. Unlike most MCU films, The Nun II doesn’t ask viewers to remain for its credits either; the screen goes completely dark once it goes black. Fans will enjoy what follows, and this article won’t reveal any further information; instead, it should answer one question: Should I hold off drinking my overpriced Diet Coke until the next scene finishes before leaving for the toilet? Yes – do some Kegels and wait another minute until its conclusion before running off to the toilet.

The Conjuring Franchise Includes the Nun II

You might ask me that question if you have yet to read this article and need help understanding what The Nun is. It is part of a massive horror franchise that began with 2013’s The Conjuring film and centers around paranormal cases investigated by Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren, while one spinoff is dedicated to Annabelle, the cursed doll first seen in The Conjuring; three Conjuring movies exist with three Annabelle films as spin-offs as well as two Nuns Pictures released; I could go on, but it depends who I speak to.

At first, this movie was mistakenly placed within this franchise. Directed by Michael Chaves (The Nun II) and produced by James Wan (Captain of this series). Chaves pointed out that although intended as an Easter Egg surprise at SXSW, it became known as part of “the Conjuring world.”

What Can Be Expected in “The Nun II?”

The Nun II features Taissa Farmiga as the lead in her second outing as Valak/the Nun. Taissa is Vera Farmiga’s sister in real life and co-lead of this thrilling sequel series. Jonas Bioquet reprises his role of Frenchie from the original film while Storm Reid (Euphoria/The Last of Us) takes up this role alongside Farmiga; Bonnie Aarons returns as Valak/the title character from her first outing.

The Nun II Review: Haunting Experience

Highlights of the Story

The Nun II is the sequel to The Nun. It offers an atmospheric gothic horror experience before returning to familiar horror tropes. The Nun II is an intense, moody thriller that will send chills down your spine. Once the terror begins, it is hard to avoid that familiar feeling as we revisit The Nun’s sinister world and experience deja vu – more like revisiting a haunted home than moving forward with any change or progression. 

Directed by Michael Chaves, with Taissa, Jonas Bloquet, and Bonnie Aarons reprising their roles from before. Do we believe it has outdone its predecessor, or is it another sinister hymn? Join us as we examine The Nun II’s sinister habits.

What Is The Nun II All About?

The Nun II picks up four years after its predecessor and continues the story of Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) as she fights Valak (the titular Nun) at a French boarding school once more. Although its premise promises to explore Valak’s backstory and mysteries of the abbey, its narrative fails to create suspenseful horror. It ultimately disappoints with predictable horror tropes becoming familiar themes.

Jump Scares Galore

This script is full of jump scares – a staple in modern horror films. While their writers undoubtedly planned them carefully, unfortunately, none of the jump scares contain that element of surprise that makes them genuinely terrifying; their predictable arrival, like church bells, saps suspense from the movie and decreases its suspense value.

At first, the atmosphere creates a sense of foreboding; the school corridors and dimly lit chambers create an unnerving setting for what lies ahead. The lighting was excellent throughout. As time progresses, Valak’s actions become less menacing and more like well-rehearsed acts when she begins performing nun-scary acts that gradually lessen this foreboding feeling.

The End is Disappointing

Unfortunately, the film’s ending, its most crucial moment, leaves much to be desired. The filmmakers seem intent on finishing their confessions before church bells begin ringing; revelations and confrontations lack emotional weight and impactful resolution, leading to an abrupt and hastily assembled conclusion.

The Acting Is Excellent, But There’s Only So Much Else

Acting was outstanding in The Nun, but little else stands out about this film. Each cast member gave commendable performances on screen – Farmiga particularly making her character of Sister Irene relatable with an air of vulnerability and determination that resonated. Unfortunately, their efforts were hampered by a script that didn’t give them enough material to shine despite all their best efforts – the actors could not save a story that feels cheesily recycled from horror cliches.

The Nun II movie ultimately feels like an abortive confessional — its creators seem intent on trying to atone for cinematic predictability with overly sentimental dialogue. It’s a missed opportunity in an already established genre.


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