Toxic: Superstar Yash New Upcoming Movie, Teaser Released

Actor Yash has become a household name since his success with KGF films. Recently, the title of his upcoming movie, Toxic, was announced, and fans eagerly anticipated any updates on him and his work.

Directed by Geetu Mohandas, it will feature graphically generated fires, burning tickets, clown images, and cigar-smoking men, along with many other exciting elements;

Finally, it concludes with silhouetted people holding signs proclaiming it Toxic – A Fairy Tale for Grownups.

After this video, the release date is also revealed. A caption reads, “What You Are Seeking Is Searching You – Rumi.” And another text states, “Intoxicating World on 10-4-2025; A Fairy Tale for Grownups #TOXIC”.

Geetu Mohandas will direct this film. She is well known for her Malayalam cinema; Liar’s Dice, The Elder One, and Liar’s Dice have won multiple international and National awards, including six international prizes (Liar’s Dice won six!).

In contrast, The Elder One [Moothon]won Geetu Mhandas her Global Filmmaker Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2016.

Toxic is Yash’s first collaboration with Geetu. Additionally, he’s reported to make an appearance in Ramayana, which stars Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, and Sai Pallavi;

According to Pinkvilla sources: ‘Yash will play an integral part in Ramayana Part Two, which takes place in Sri Lanka; 15 days were allotted for filming the part 1 of Ramayana.”

Source: You Tube

Geetu Mohandas Will Direct Yash’s New Film, Toxic

Toxic’s recent announcement teaser opens with suspenseful background music and shows a burned ticket featuring a joker followed by KVN Productions, then reveals that Yash collaborated on this project alongside Geetu; at one point, the ashes reveal a mysterious face for an instant before being obscured by fog again.

In a short clip from Toxic movie, Yash can be seen striking an elegant pose while upbeat music plays in the background. He wears a hat and holds a pistol. Onscreen, the tagline of the Toxic movie reads, “A fairytale adapted for adults.”

Yash posted on X (formerly Twitter): “‘Whatever you seek, it will find you.’ – Rumi. A Fairy Tale For Grownups. Toxic” was the name of his new film.

Future Projects and Collaborations Anticipated

Yash’s latest social media profile photo reads ‘Loading,’ suggesting more forthcoming announcements. Yash will portray Ravan in Nitesh’s adaptation of Ramayan, with Ranbir Kapoor cast as Ram and Sai Pallavi playing Sita – further increasing excitement and anticipation among movie lovers!

Expectations Riding High

The release date of April 2025 is expected to bring an exciting blend of action, thrills, and drug mafia themes to Goa. Fans have already marked their calendars to anticipate this film.

Additionally, actor Yash is expected to become more widely recognized due to upcoming projects such as KGF3 and Ramayana.



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