When Will Kalki Avatar Be Born on Earth & Now How Much Remaining Age of Kaliyuga, Know Here

Age of Kaliyuga: In one of Krishna Ji’s slokas, he said,”यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत:। अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्॥(चतुर्थ अध्याय, श्लोक 7)”  Whenever there is unrighteousness on Earth and an outcry, then I will take an incarnation to establish righteousness by destroying the unrighteous. Here, the question arises: When will Kalki Avatar be born on Earth?

Kalkin, or Kalki, is Lord Vishnu Ji’s 10th avatar (saviour and establisher of Dharma) who will appear soon. Puranas and other Hindu mythological texts mention Vishnu Ji taking avatars to bring Dharma into the world and wreak havoc on evil people during each yuga.

We are in the Kaliyuga period, and we can see its effects. People have started destroying god idols, spitting on them, not respecting the workplace, maintaining purity, and having war in mind. This article tells us when the Kalki avatar will be born on Earth.

Maya has blocked people’s consciousness, making them selfish. They ask for blessings when they need it. People used to live in harmony and speak the truth. However, due to Kalyug’s effects, morals are declining, and we are all moving towards destruction.

Kalki Avatar – 10th Avatar of Lord Vishnu

“When evil takes over the Earth, I’ll take my birth in a family of virtue and adopt a human form to bring peace by eradicating all evils. To preserve morality and decency, I will assume an unimaginable human form.

I will take on a dark avatar in the Kali age. This avatar will possess great intelligence and energy.” Lord Vishnu said in Mahabharata.

In Hinduism, an avatar is a god’s appearance or incarnation on Earth. Hinduism claims that Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe. Lord Shiva is Lord Vishnu, the protector and preserver.

He restores the balance between good & evil. To maintain the balance, Lord Vishnu has taken many births on Earth. In certain yugas, he took many incarnations, including Matsya and Kurma.

He also appeared as Narasimha and Vamana. Kalki will only appear at the end of Kali Yuga. He will descend to Earth as Kalki’s avatar to restore cosmic order. Lord Kalki’s mission is to eradicate evil, revive Dharma and mark the end of Kali Yuga.

Lord Kalki’s Birth Predictions

Markandeya’s conversation with God, recorded in Mahabharata just before the Kali Yuga began, occurred shortly before this time.

According to the text of the Mahabharata, Lord Vishnu talked about a time in the darkest period of the Iron Age when human values would deteriorate, and falsehood would triumph over truth. Lord Vishnu also addresses how he will take human birth to intervene in the world and set it on a different course.

The Kalki Purana also describes the birth prediction of Lord Kalki. The Kalki Purana, an ancient Indian text, describes the circumstances of Kalki’s birth and place of origin.

It describes the signs that are so urgent and necessary. These signs will force Lord Vishnu into human incarnation.

Where And When Will Kalki Be Born?

For thousands of years, various religious texts have predicted the birth of Kalki. However, whether the incarnation has already occurred or if the time has arrived is still a mystery. Nostradamus was a famous astrologer who predicted the birth of the world’s saviour on Thursday.

According to the Hindu Purana, he was born just a few short years after the end of the Kali Age. The religious texts state that Lord Vishnu’s Kalki avatar will appear at the house of the most distinguished Brahmana in Sambhal Village, the great soul Vishnuyashya. He will marry Padma from Sinhala (commonly known as Sri Lanka).

Kalki Avatar Appearance

Puranas refer to Lord Kalki, the avatar of existence that rejuvenates it. He ends the darkest, destructive period to remove Adharma.

He is shown riding a beautiful white horse named Devdutta with a fire sword in His hand. This represents Him eliminating the burdens of the Earth. Lord Kalki will end the age of degeneration and restore virtue and the world order.

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What Will Happen When Lord Kalki Arrives?

Srimad Bhagavad Gita says, He will appear when the two yugas meet – at the Kali-yuga yuga, the Satyaa’s beginning. The four yugas are arranged in a cycle that rotates like a calendar with twelve months.

The process of the four yugas rotates like the twelve months in our calendar. By the end, the Earth’s population will have been reduced to the level of animalism.

They will no longer be able to understand what spirituality or God is. When there are no religious principles left at the end of this Kali Yuga, then there will be no alternative but to kill them all.

The Kalki avatar, on horseback, will arrive at that moment with a sword. He will look like a king from heaven. Lord Kalki is going to continue killing non-religious people and godless creatures. Satya Yuga will begin after the end of Kali Yuga. It is the golden age for truth and righteousness.

The Kali Yuga Is At Its End Stage

The exact dates of the beginning and ending of the Kali Yuga are still a mystery. Hindu scriptures claim that the Kali Yuga spans 4,32,000 years.

Although only a few thousand years have passed since this dark age began, it is still a long time. Kali Yuga started in 3102 BCE and lasted for 432,000 years. As of 2020 CE, there are 4,26,879 more years to go.

Kali hurts our moral character. Today, we can see a low level of morality and righteousness. The Earth will become hell near the end.

The crime of murder will be praised, and robbery is going to become the norm. Earth will be desolate, and humankind will suffer extreme pain.

Teachers of Lord Kalki

Lord Parashurama will be Kalki’s mentor and teach him spiritual warfare. Kalki was to be a master in 64 arts and an expert in Vedic knowledge.

On the advice of his teacher, he would praise Lord Shiv J after completing his studies under Lord Parashurama. Shiv Ji granted Kalki Ji a Devdatta, a white horse with wings that can fly anywhere. He would give him a parrot who could predict the future, past and present.

The Story Behind Lord Kalki And Padmavati’s Marriage:

According to the Kalki Puran Padmati, Lord Kalki’s wife has been blessed by Shiva and Parvati. If anyone looks at her with lust, they will turn into females forever.

After waiting many years, Brihadratha arranged a Svayamvara at which many kings from different kingdoms would come to marry Padmavati.

Parvati Ji and Lord Shiva’s blessings made everyone mesmerised by her beauty. Kalki was going to marry her at the end.

When Will Kalki Avatar Be Born On Earth? Kalki’s Mission To End Kaliyuga Begins

  • He would first fight a Buddhist Monk, Jina, who had left the Dharma path and became the King. Kalki will first be knocked unconscious by his horse. He would then kill Jina in a second confrontation and restore Dharma.
  • The giant demon Kuthodari, who lived in the Himalayas, would be killed by blazing arrows, and her stomach would be torn with his sword.
  • Vikanja, son of Demoness Kuthodari, would avenge Kalki, tormenting and torturing the entire kingdom until Lord Kalki killed him with his weapon, Brahmastra.
  • Battle with Kali, the king of Vrikshasana. He will kill Koka and Vikoka. Dharma and Satya Yoga would assist Kalki in defeating Kali.
  • King Shashidhvaja will defeat Kalki and bring him back home. The king, who knew that Kalki was Lord Vishnu Ji’s incarnation, would marry his daughter to him.
  • Vishakanya will be released from the curse if she meets Lord Kalki.
  • On God’s advice, he returned to Vaikunth after restoring Satya Yuga.

Kalki Avatar Facts:

  • The Kali yuga has just begun. According to great scholars, priests, and the Bhagavad Purana, Kalyuga lifespan is 432000 years. More than 5000 years have passed. At the end of Kaliyuga, pious people may ask God for help when sins are at their height.
  • According to Kalki Purana, he will be conceived at Visnu Yasa’s home, the foremost Brahma house. He will rule the land and sea on his white Devdutta horse. He would eliminate all evil people and bring happiness back to the world.
  • Vishnu Ji has a fascinating story to tell about his continuous incarnations. Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Vishnu Ji because he took birth as a person and felt emotions like sadness, happiness, etc. Kavyamata, Maharishi Bhrigu’s wife, held Indra and the other gods hostage to save demons. Vishnu Ji, in a fit of rage, cursed Maharishi Bhrigu for killing her with his Sudarshan chakra. (updated)
  • Lord Kalki, it is said, will appear on Earth during Baisakhi. It is said that Lord Kalki will appear on Earth the day after the full moon.

Therefore, he could appear between the 26th of April and the 15th of May. It is also predicted that Visnu Yasa, a Brahmin, and Sumati, his mother, will have Lord Kalki. Lord Kalki is also believed to travel to Sinhala, where he will marry Padma.

Kali Yuga

Krishna Ji Explains Kaliyuga to Pandavas Through Arrows

Krishna and the Four Pandavas

It is said that there is a beautiful story about Kaliyuga in which Krishna Ji is asked by four Pandavas who are younger than him, Arjun Bheema Sahadeva Nakul.

They ask, “O great Krishna, please explain to us what Kaliyuga is as it rapidly approaches us.” Krishna Ji replied with a smile that he would answer all your questions, but first, you had to return the arrows I shot in each direction. Please describe where you found the hand. They rushed to the four directions as obedient Vasudeva Ji followers.

Scene Depiction Where The First Arrow Was Shot

Arjun rode quickly at the rear of the first bow and reached the spot where the first bow fell. He heard a mesmerising, sweet song when he picked up the first arrow.

He walked toward that song and saw a cuckoo bird singing it. Cuckoo, singing an enchanting song, had also caught a rabbit in his claws.

Cuckoo paused momentarily, ripped the rabbit’s flesh, ate it, and began singing again. Seeing this horrible sight, Arjuna was shocked and took the arrow to return to Krishna Ji.

Scene Depiction Where The Second Arrow Was Shot

Bheema discovered that the second arrow had been stuck at the location with five wells. Of the four, the sweetest waters flowed from the others, and the middle was empty. Bheema was puzzled by the sight and returned to Krishna Ji with the arrow.

Scene Depiction Where The Third Arrow Was Shot

Nakula was surprised to see a large crowd of people nearby as he found the third bow. He saw the cow cleaning her newborn calf while standing between them.

Even though the calf had been cleaned thoroughly, the mother cow licked it. People tried to separate them, but it was impossible.

The calf began bleeding, and wounds appeared all over his body. Nakul thought of how a friendly animal, like a cow, could harm her child, and with that thought, he went back to Krishna Ji.

Scene Depiction Where The Fourth Arrow Was Shot

Sahadeva’s last arrow was found near a mountainous area. The small plant stopped a massive boulder from crushing everything in its path. Sahadeva was shocked and immediately went to Krishna Ji to ask questions.

Then, they returned to Krishna Ji, illustrating what they saw while picking up the bows. He smiled at their interest and explained each one.

Krishna Ji Explains The First Scene

What you saw was that Arjuna was the result of Kaliyuga. The cuckoo represents that during the Kaliyuga era, the saints and pious men would have a sweet mouth but exploit the weak like the cuckoo you saw kill the rabbit.

Krishna Ji Explains the Second Scene

Bheem, the mighty, portrayed the Kaliyuga period. The wealthy will receive a fortune but won’t help those in need. The four wells overflowing with water represent the rich, while the empty wells show the poor.

Krishna Ji Explains the Third Scene

Krishna Ji told Nakula that parents in the Kaliyuga era would spoil their children by loving them so much. You saw that the excessive care and licking of her calf by the other cow resulted in wounds and bleeding. This is similar to how excessive parental affection can disrupt their lives.

Krishna Ji Explains the Fourth Scene

Sahadeva, during the Kaliyuga era, people will weaken as they become more involved in worldly affairs and forget that their fate will be met one day. Hari is the only way to live.

King Parikshit’s and Kali Yuga’s Story

After Shri Krishna left, Kali started inciting evil in people. He was not allowed to enter Parikshit’s realm because he was a good king. The Kali asked Parikshit one day to grant him permission to enter his realm and initiate the Kali Yuga.

According to Kali, the four ages – Satya, Dwapara, Treta yugas, and Kali Yuga – are a cycle. Parikshit allowed him to enter his father’s realm on the condition that he abstain from harming people and limit his appearance.

Kali Yuga was permitted to live in places that involved gambling, alcohol, prostitution, violence, and immoral relationships between men and women.

Parkshit said he could live at Gold since the other sites were already filthy. When Parikshit donned the gold crown of his ancestors, Kali Yuga took it.

Parikshit, wearing his crown, hunted for the first in a forest after a few days. He left behind his army after he had hunted many creatures. After a long day of work and thirst, he went to the hut where a sage was meditating.

Sage refused to give King Parikshit water. When he became angry, he wrapped a snake around Sage’s throat. Shamik, the sage’s son with a snake around his neck, cursed that Takshak Nag would bite anyone who committed this sin within a week.

After King Parikshit entered this world, King Parikshit became a monk and surrendered to Krishna Ji. These are just two of the many stories that are related to Kaliyuga.

Krishna Ji’s Kaliyuga Symptoms

Kaliyuga symptoms

  • The kali yuga reduces the moral values of humans. With time, moral values such as loyalty, honesty, and truth will decrease.
  • Everyone will be chasing money and lust, and they’ll forget to come together to attend spiritual sessions. Money will be a supreme power in Kaliyuga. More money means more respect.
  • Kaliyuga will be a time of suffering for the good and joy for the evil. People will rush to inner beauty, overlooking the beautiful mind and heart.
  • Those who are poorer will be looked down upon and treated with contempt. Rich people will take advantage of the poor. Spirituality will disappear, and public attention will be given to people.
  • Even home-built potholes and small ponds will be turned into pilgrimage sites. People will create sacred places to wash away their sins in comfort. The goal of life will be to fill the stomach and earn money in any way possible. A man with a family will be respected compared to someone who chooses a spiritual path.
  • People will go to distant places to pray and not serve humanity. The parents’ respect and service will disappear and be replaced by humiliation.
  • Cannibalism will be commonplace, as the caste system will be equalised. The spread of insecurity will be everywhere.
  • Sins will reach such a high level that worldwide famines and natural disasters are likely to occur. People will survive on leaves, roots and flesh.
  • Girls will get pregnant at any age, and human height will decrease. There would be constant chaos and fights over trivial issues.
  • The 10th incarnation, Lord Kalki, will take place when things worsen.

How Can We Survive Lord Kalki Ji’s Avatar?

Therefore, you should start living a pure life and pray to God, as this will help save you from the 10th manifestation of Lord Vishnu Ji Kalki. You will gain spirituality once you start to follow the path of Dharma, serve others, and become one of those who attain moksha during the kaliyuga.

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