Wonder Girl Janhavi Panwar Income, Age, & Complete Biography

Janhavi Panwar, affectionately called the Wonder Girl of India, surprised the world when she graduated from senior secondary school at 13 and completed her college studies at the University of Delhi when she was 16.

Janhavi Panwar is from Samalkha in Haryana. She speaks five languages fluently and has eight different English accents. She is on a mission to spread knowledge and teach others her study techniques.

Janhavi Panwar

Janhavi was born in Samalkha on 8 November 2003. Her father was a primary teacher, and her mother was a housewife.

She had a vocabulary of between 500 and 550 words when she was just a year old. She understood most of the concepts when she was only three years old. Her grades also showed her potential.

After noticing her enthusiasm for learning English, her father was determined to help her despite their limited resources. First, he offered her BBC films to help her practise her English.

This allowed her to learn the British accent and pronunciation. To help her better understand the language, he registered her for various speaking classes in UK and US English.

He visited embassies. Rekha Raj – a linguist – helped her, as the admission criteria required a minimum age of 16 years. The father and daughter together contacted Rekha.

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In an interview, her father stated that she had a vocabulary of approximately 550 English terms at the age of one.

She studied nine languages at the age of 15. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts program through Satyawati College, part of Delhi University.

She graduated from DAV Samalkha in Haryana with honours at 13, when most of her peers still had trouble with trigonometry and polynomials.

Janhavi Panwar Biography 

  • Janhavi Panwar is an independent speaker.
  • She was an anchorwoman for CNN and BBC.
  • Janhavi Panwar has delivered motivational talks to IAS officers and those in the educational sector.
  • She is a great singer. She’s tried some English Raps. She has also appeared in reality T.V. shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, India’s Got Talent and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.
  • Janhavi Panwar has over 210k followers on Instagram and 1.7 Million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Janhavi also released her book “Learn General English With Janhavi”, which teaches people how to speak and write the English language with ease.

Janhavi Panwar English

Janhavi Panwar’s online English course helps you learn to speak English fluently at the beginning level. The system offers recorded classes for basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Students can practise their English speaking with many examples. Recorded videos are also available 24/7 for quick revision.

Janhavi Panwar: A Life of Achievement

Janhavi Panwar has many talents. She is known for her extraordinary verbal abilities, but she also sings. Janhavi Panwar has participated in India’s Got Talent and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa auditions. She is also a vocalist.

A Motivational Speaker

Janhavi Panwar’s talents go beyond linguistics. She is also a motivational keynote speaker. Manohar Lal Khattar attended when Panwar delivered her opening address to 150 IAS Officers at the Bombay Institute of Public Administration.

Janhavi Panwar’s speeches have been given at eight different educational institutions across eight states. Her oration is excellent, and she can inspire people.

Super 30

Anand Kumar created the Super 30 Program, which was designed to educate and prepare children from underprivileged backgrounds for the IIT JEE entrance exam. This program accepts 30 students each year based solely on the test they administer.

It is challenging to pass the test and join the Super 30. Janhavi Panwar reached unimaginable heights after being chosen without difficulty by the man who founded Super 30.

Anand Kumar invited her to speak as a motivational keynote speaker at a Super 30 gathering. Anand Kumar liked Janhavi’s accent and abilities and asked her to join Super 30.

YouTube Channel “Wonder Girl Janhavi”

Janhvi created her YouTube channel, “Wonder Girl Janhavi,” to help young people passionate about learning English—the track shares motivational stories, travel videos, and inspirational videos.

Janhavi has 1.6 Million subscribers in just nine years and focuses primarily on accents and teaching diverse languages.

Janhavi Panwar Is A Believer In Constructive Criticism

You can either use these criticisms to motivate you or let them bring you down. Janhavi has been criticised for her accent, but she believes it is to her advantage.

In her TEDxBkbiet speech, she encouraged everyone to take criticism as a learning opportunity. She also added that criticism and judgement do not define who you are.

You can gain new perspectives by identifying your weaknesses. She thinks that criticism is necessary to understand different perspectives. Otherwise, people wouldn’t consider new ideas and continue down the same path.

Janhavi Pawar Education

  • Janhavi completed his education at GAV Public School, which is located in Patauda.
  • She joined Satyawati College at Delhi University after her schooling. Satyawati College of Delhi University awarded her a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.).
  • Janhavi is also studying for a Master’s in English Literature.
  • She is also looking for the IAS examination.

Janhavi Panwar Age

Janhavi Panwar is 21 years old (as of 2024).

Janhavi Panwar Net Worth

Janhavi’s Panwar net worth is approximately $811 thousand. (As of 2024). She makes a lot of cash from her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Janhvi Panwar Future Plans

Janhavi is an aspirational and committed dreamer who speaks many languages. She was a BBC presenter and is also a motivational speaker.

Her focus right now is to complete the IAS examination. Janhavi aims to pass the UPSC test, one of India’s most difficult tests.


Some children are born with talent and gifts. With the proper guidance and attention, they can reach their full potential. Janhavi Panwar is a young genius who hails from Haryana. When she was 11, she became “India’s Wonder Girl”.

She is only 19 years of age. She is a role model for Generation Z because she has a very encouraging personality. Janhavi’s success story proves that any girl can become a Wonder Girl, even in a difficult situation.

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