2nd Semi final Match Confirmed Between IND vs NZ

IND vs NZ: After New Zealand’s triumph against Sri Lanka, India and New Zealand will likely meet in a 2023 Cricket World Cup semi final clash.

The 2023 World Cup semifinals will pit Team India and New Zealand against each other. New Zealand will face India in the 2023 Cricket World Cup semifinal after taking an edge in round-robin standings over three other teams vying for fourth place.

According to its 2023 Cricket World Cup schedule, India will finish first and then meet New Zealand or another fourth-placed side in a semifinal encounter.

South Africa and Australia will meet in the second semifinal after finishing second and third, respectively, in their group stages.

New Zealand had been in a tight race with Pakistan and Afghanistan for fourth place. Still, it took control by defeating Sri Lanka by five wickets on Thursday in the final match of their group.

New Zealand already held an NRR advantage of +0.743 before this win over Sri Lanka and has earned 10 points after nine games with an NRR advantage of +0.743.

Pakistan and Afghanistan can reach 10 points, but given their lower net rating relative to New Zealanders, they’re unlikely to finish in fourth place. The requirements seem excessively rigid.

Pakistan must defeat England by 287 runs when batting first or finish its chase with only 284 balls remaining to surpass New Zealand in Net Run Rate (NRR). Their current NRR stands at +0.036.

Afghanistan currently has a Net Run Rate (NRR) of 0.338. It must beat South Africa by 438 runs to advance into the semifinal.

Pakistan and Afghanistan may reach the final four stages, but to do so would require something short of miraculous.

India will take on New Zealand in Mumbai as the group stage winner on 15 November; should Pakistan finish fourth, India will host its semifinal on 16 November at Kolkata instead. South Africa and Australia will play one day earlier.

India vs New Zealand Semi-Final Refreshes 2019 WC Heartbreak

After India-New Zealand clashing again at World Cup 2019 semi final level has reignited pain from previous encounters, amusing memes are making rounds online.

Indian fans were again reminded of their 2019 sorrow when Martin Guptill threw his perfect throw to run out MS Dhoni – their last hope in an 18-run World Cup victory against England.

How Fans React To The IND vs NZ Semi Final

In 2019, the World Cup followed this exact format: India rose to number one following their league matches, and New Zealand finished fourth. Australia and England competed against each other for third and fourth places before meeting up in the semifinals.

India has had a fantastic World Cup of 2023, while New Zealand endured four successive losses before winning against Sri Lanka.

No team can be considered inevitable at the ICC World Cup Semifinals no matter their form; Wankhede Stadium’s batting pitch promises an exhilarating high-run thriller that Indian fans will hold their breath until its conclusion.

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Tickets for Semi Final Match

Tickets for the World Cup finals and semifinals were available for sale at 8 PM on Thursday. They sold out in seconds, leading to website crashes due to high demand; those lucky enough to access it faced up to 90-minute wait times before finally accessing it.


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