Alyssa Carson The First Human to Go On The Mars

Alyssa Carson is an American public figure well known for her work in space, activism and as a student. She serves as an example for children looking to become astronauts or scientists shortly, and many recognize her from her participation at multiple space camps and attending NASA visitor centres in nine different areas with her father, Bert Carson.

Birtday: March 10, 2002

Five Facts About Alyssa Carson

  • Since she was three, she has been interested in becoming an astronaut and exploring space.
  • She was the first to complete the NASA Passport Program, which required her to visit each of NASA’s 14 visitor centres in nine states.
  • She completed her academic studies in four languages at Baton Rouge International School.
  • She has also attended three Sally Ride Day Camps and watched three Space Shuttle launches and early prototype firings in Stennis.
  • NASA invited her to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Vertical Assembly Center of its Space Launch System rocket in September 2014.

Famous Alyssa C Carson Quotes

“I would like to be the first human on Mars.”

“Never let anyone steal your dream. Always follow it.”

“Nine G’s can be very intense, and it’s cool to say, ‘I’ve done that.’

Alyssa Carson Biography

Childhood & Early Life

Alyssa Carson, Bert Carson’s only child, was born in Hammond, Louisiana, on March 10, 2002, and graduated from Baton Rouge International School in 2019.

At three, Carson first informed her father of her desire to become an astronaut. By age seven, Carson completed her inaugural NASA space camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Carson was strongly supported in following her passion for aerospace by her father, who made sure she attended all space-related events and programs as an opportunity to realize it.

She is the only individual to attend all NASA Space Camps – Turkey and Canada included. Additionally, she attended Sally Ride Summer Camp at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston.

She acquired three additional languages – Spanish, French and Russian. These proved helpful during internships in international affairs and public speaking engagements around the globe.

Unfortunately, she missed many classes to undergo astronaut training; nonetheless, she managed to get by.

Carson can’t pinpoint exactly what ignited her interest in space from an early age. Her early exposure to The Backyardigans television show was influential – four animal characters go on fun adventures in their backyards!

Carson completed a pilot program that involved water safety training, microgravity practice, certification for diving and decompression training and decompression techniques. She earned her licence at 18 years of age.

She loves travelling the world with her father and studying aeronautics – her true passion – while making friends from all corners. International friendship was highlighted and encouraged at each event or camp she attended.


After completing the NASA Passport Program, she was invited to participate in the NASA Mars Mission Exploration Rover 10 Panel held at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

Carson initiated the Harmonia research expedition in 2021. She assembled a diverse group of women ranging from high school sophomores to scientists with decades of experience for this journey, which included scuba-diving to replicate space missions as much as possible and remaining as alone as possible throughout its duration.

Carson dreams of becoming an astronaut and setting foot on Mars. She shares her experiences with over 500,000 followers on social media – an audience of other young people like herself and space enthusiasts and visionaries in science.


Steve Harvey recognized Carson as one of his “Youngest Female Groundbreakers” on his television show 2014. She then appeared in “The Mars Generation”, a 2017 documentary.

As an older female in an otherwise predominantly male industry, Carson strives to help people realize the vast opportunities space travel presents. She wants people to realise that space isn’t only fantasy.

Carson used social media to make teaching aerospace more engaging during last year’s pandemic. Her material went viral, as have other clips detailing space history or providing amazing facts about our universe that have been watched millions of times.

Her videos and social media posts do more than entertain; they also demonstrate the significance of diversity within the space industry by spotlighting prominent women or encouraging greater participation from minorities across various fields.

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Q&A With Alyssa Carson

Alyssa Carson, 18, hailing from Louisiana, is projected to become one of the first humans to land on Mars in her early 30s. Carson attended Advanced Possum Academy as a 15-year-old before graduating and becoming certified for space flight;

Becoming certified is now part of her certification to go into space – becoming the youngest astronaut training globally & visiting all 19 NASA Space Camps simultaneouslyQ: You could be the first to step on Mars by 2033. What does it feel like to be a part of something so unique?

Experience and dedication combine beautifully when working on something I am genuinely passionate about, such as scientific research on Mars. Just the thought of this possibility excites and motivates me, and I keep trying to achieve it.

Q: When did you become obsessed with space? Was it true that a particular cartoon inspired you?

Alyssa: My fascination with space started around three years old. It may have been inspired by watching the cartoon The Backyardigans;

Every episode features friends undertaking imaginary missions like one to Mars that my dad remembers I came asking questions about frequently after that. Since that day, my passion for space has never diminished.

Q: As one of the 17 ambassadors for MarsOne, you have a mission to establish a human settlement on Mars. What do you imagine a colony of humans on the red planet to look like? Are there any research results from the Mars mission that could benefit Earth?

Alyssa: Building an interrater colony on Mars can help us better understand how capable humans are of exploring other worlds. Mars represents our first step into space exploration, and its life will differ drastically from Earth;

You would even require a spacesuit to exit your front door! However, any resources discovered there may benefit Earth somehow by being brought back home or creating new homes for future generations.

Q: What was your meeting with veteran astronaut Sandra Magnus like? Was there anything she told you that you will remember?

Alyssa: Sandra Magnus taught me not to worry about my age. I realised I could have my dream and work hard to make it a reality one day. The moment I met her, I was motivated to pursue my dream.

Q: You are the first person ever to attend all three NASA Space Camps. What do they look like?

Alyssa: NASA space camps were great fun. Learning about space travel with like-minded children was truly educational;

You could build rockets, use simulators and recreate realistic missions within a week – it felt like being an astronaut for that duration! Even better yet, anyone interested in space can attend; these camps offer something unique.

Q: How have you prepared yourself to live on Mars?

Alyssa: As part of my efforts to enhance my future resume, I’ve been doing anything that will benefit it. So far, this includes attaining scuba and pilot certifications, water survival training courses, microgravity flights, decompression chamber flights and space classes – to name a few! As much as possible while attending school.

Q: I’ve read online that you are 32 when you travel to Mars. Are there plans to send you to space earlier?

Alyssa: Planned expeditions of humans to Mars by the early 2030s are currently in place. I do not plan on making any long-term space journeys before this date; however, suborbital flights for research purposes could be included in that timeframe.

One reason that would stop me from going directly to Mars before joining an International Space Station program would be physical pressure; space travel weakens muscles and decreases bone density significantly.

Q: How would you describe your typical school day? Does it happen that you study four languages?

Alyssa: As I began kindergarten, I studied all subjects in four languages – English, French, and Spanish. Each school day consisted of homework and classes, as is familiar with every teenager – most days, I was present. Still, I occasionally travelled for speaking events or training purposes.

Q: What advice would you give to the future Mars Generations?

Alyssa: At every age, I encourage anyone to pursue their dreams. At three, becoming an Astronaut was my most outrageous ambition; now it’s coming true.

When setting goals and sharing them with others, opportunities may arise and help turn those goals into realities. Don’t let anyone steal them from you – follow your dream, don’t let anyone steal them away from you.


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