“ATAL SETU” Inaugurated By PM Modi, See Here Complete Detail

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, also known as Atal Setu. It is India’s longest sea bridge. The bridge was dedicated to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a former prime minister and veteran of the BJP.

Modi said after inaugurating the bridge, “The inauguration at Atal Setu is a testament to India’s infrastructure prowess. It also underscores India’s path towards a Viksit Bharat.”

Modi arrived in Navi Mumbai at night after driving across the seabridge – the foundation laid by the PM seven years ago. The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stones for other projects worth more than Rs 12700 crore in the state.”

Rs 44 trillion budget for infrastructure was presented during the ten years that the current government has been in power. He said the central government had completed or is currently working on infrastructure projects in Maharashtra worth Rs 8 trillion.

The Mumbai trans Harbour Link Project is one of four major infrastructure projects that will likely become operational this year, an election year for the country and Maharashtra. The cost of the other three companies, including MTHL, is estimated to be Rs 84,000 crore.

The MTHL Project — of which 80 percent was funded by a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (MMRDA), where the borrower is – will spur economic development in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and the surrounding areas. Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is the lead agency on the project.

Sanjay Mukherjee is the Metropolitan Commissioner for MMRDA. He anticipates the project will have “a constant rise in business opportunities and growth in the surrounding areas” as a positive outcome.

He said the Atal Setu would contribute to the MMR’s massive share of our nation’s gross domestic product in the coming years.

Sanjay Sethi is the chairperson of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Agency, located in Navi Mumbai. He said that increased connectivity will attract investments in warehouses and logistics infrastructure. This will further boost JNPA SEZ’s economy.

The MTHL Project, conceived and awarded in 2017, was supposed to be completed by the beginning of 2022. The project’s execution was partly delayed because of supply chain problems related to the pandemic.

Bridge Overview

The newly constructed bridge spans 21.8 km and has six lanes. According to the news agency PTI, it cost Rs 17,840 crore. Atal Setu Bridge has six lanes.


The bridge’s primary goal is to reduce travel times from Mumbai to Pune and Goa and South India. It also aims to improve connectivity between Jawaharlal Nehru Port and Mumbai Port. The government has installed thermal cameras and nearly 400 cameras to detect fog to improve security.

The state home department will announce the jurisdiction of two police stations. Sewri, in Mumbai, will cover the first 10.8 km, while Uran, in Navi Mumbai, is responsible for the remaining.

Toll Charges

The government said that travellers using the bridge would have to pay a toll of Rs250 for one way. It also added that they expect an average of 70,000 cars to use the MTHL daily.

MMRDA traffic projections estimate that over 1.33 lakh cars will be at the Sewri/Shivaji Nagar/Chirle interchanges by 2032. This number is expected to exceed 2 lakh by 2042.

Geographic Entity

The bridge, which runs from Sewri, Mumbai, to Nhava Sheva, Uran Taluka in Raigad, will impact the area. The bridge is expected to significantly encourage growth and connectivity in Navi Mumbai and the surrounding areas.

Reduce Travel Time

The bridge is a notable achievement. It has reduced the travel time from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, previously 2 hours, to just 20 minutes. This promises increased efficiency and convenience. Authorities believe the bridge can be vital in reducing traffic jams throughout the region.

Speed Restrictions

Mumbai Police have set the maximum speed of four-wheelers on the bridge at 100 kmph. Motorbikes, autorickshaws, and tractors, in particular, are prohibited from using the bridge.

Construction of the bridge required a massive amount of materials. One hundred seventy-seven thousand nine hundred three tonnes of steel and 504,253 tonnes of cement were used to create its formidable structure.

The Atal Setu Has Many Other Amazing Features Like:

  • It is a marvel of engineering. Steel equivalent to 500 Boeing aeroplanes and 17 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower was used in its construction.
  • In its construction, 1,77,903 metric tons of steel and 5,04,253 metric tons of cement were used.
  • It also reduces the distance between Mumbai Expressway and Pune Expressway. The bridge will connect areas like the Navi Mumbai International Airport, currently under construction.
  • ANI reported that 70,000 vehicles will use the bridge every day.
  • Construction of the bridge began in 2018. It is the 12th longest sea bridge in the world.


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