BBL: Know the Reason Why Match Called off in BBL

BBL: Due to an inferior pitch condition on 10 December 2023 at Simonds Stadium in Geelong, Melbourne Renegades’ match against Perth Scorchers had to be called off due to wet and unstable playing conditions for their batters.

When the ball hit the surface, it bounced awkwardly and went viral on social media, where you can see some divots on its character. Here is the clip.

Melbourne Renegades chose to bat first and bowled six overs before the match was called off due to damp conditions caused by rainfall last night; water had seeped through their covers.

There Are Several Reasons Why A Cricket Match May Be Cancelled Due To An Unsuitable Pitch

Uneven bounce: An erratic bounce is the most common cause of a pitch’s insecurity. The ball will bounce higher or lower than anticipated, which makes it harder for the batsman to judge their shot.

Cracks and divots that are excessive: These cracks can cause the ball’s trajectory to be radically altered, making it more difficult for batters. The apertures may be so deep in extreme cases that they can damage the bat.

Excessive wear: An uneven and worn-out pitch can be dangerous to players.

Foreign objects in the field: could be anything from glass and stones to discarded equipment. These objects can cause uneven bounces, which could be dangerous for players.

Unplayable Weather Conditions: Even a pitch that has been well prepared can be rendered unplayable by heavy rain, extreme heat, or snow.

These Examples Of Matches Were Called Off Because Of Unsafe Pitches

1998 West Indies Test vs England: The match was abandoned in just 10 Overs because of uneven bounce. The pitch was so dangerous that the ball hit several England players.

India vs Sri Lanka 2009 ODI: After 23.3 overs, the fifth ODI in this series was played at Delhi. The game was abandoned due to an “extremely inconsistent bounce” and “too dangerous to continue play.”

2017 Sheffield Shield Match: In Australia, a first-class match between Queensland and New South Wales has been abandoned after just one day because of a dangerous pitch.

The Complete Details of This Match

An uncomfortable area on the field has batters feeling uneasy. Bowlers’ throws would bounce awkwardly there, and both teams of players left some divots behind on its surface.

Overnight, Geelong Stadium was covered in water that must have leaked through its covers. Michael Vaughan asked Adam Gilchrist from the commentary box if play should continue, prompting Gilchrist to request more time before answering in his favour.

Michael Vaughan asked, “Is it truly dangerous for batsmen to bat or just difficult?” Michael Vaughan raised this concern in his question.

Gilchrist responded that there was indeed an immediate threat. Aaron Finch, former Australia captain, provided his opinion.

He noted: “I did not hear what the umpires were saying, but they are concerned about how balls bounce from this wet patch.

“They seem worried,” she says of her clients’ worries over six to seven metres length as several balls manage to sneak through and cause havoc in the field.

Curators have tapped it, yet it takes large divots from its surface. You can see where Josh Inglis has just made an incision; his brush has grabbed that seam and is bobbing along erratically.

There could be severe repercussions if a line appears anywhere on an individual’s head or body. After one of Finch’s deliveries passed Josh Inglis, she exclaimed incredulously: “Oh My God!”

Before the game was called off, the Scorchers had scored 2-30 in 6.5 overs with Aaron Hardie (20), Josh Inglis (3), and Josh Inglis at the crease. Soon afterward, however, it was called off due to unsuitable field conditions.


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