What is Complete Matter of Fight Between Elvish and Maxtern? Know Here

Elvish and Maxtern Fight: Sagar Thakur, known by his nickname Maxtern, was violently assaulted by YouTuber Elvish YADAV – the winner of Bigg Boss 2.

This shocking video quickly went viral across social networks, prompting widespread outrage and concern from many.

Elvish Yadav and his aides can be seen approaching Thakur in this video before Yadav attacks without provocation, landing punch after punch with no apparent justification or provocation from Thakur himself. Bystanders attempted unsuccessfully to stop the brutal attack.

Why Did Elvish Yadav Beat Maxtern Up In A Viral Video? You Need To Know Everything

Elvish Yadav, a controversial YouTuber, clarified on Saturday the viral video where he is seen thrashing Maxtern (Sagar Thakhur), following which an FIR was lodged against Elvish.

Elvish Yadav was seen in the video beating up Sagar. This caused a big controversy as many social media users called for his arrest and even tagged Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

Elvish was angry that Sagar Thakur had been poking him and threatening to burn Elvish’s parents alive for months.

What Is The Latest Controversy Surrounding Elvish Yadav?

Elvish Yadav vs Maxtern: Elvish maintained that he entered Maxtern’s clothing store unarmed. According to Elvish, Maxtern planned all aspects of their encounter, from having hidden cameras and microphones set up so people could hear thrashing on video to knowing exactly what to do when calling him in and knowing exactly when it would happen.

Maxtern is said to have been alone while I had 10-12 others with me, while four people from Maxtern’s group stopped Elvish from attacking.

Elvish stated he did not intend to assault Maxtern while his four men tried stopping him instead of attacking him; “but they were stopping me”, said Elvish before answering.

After our fight, I attempted to reach out and resolve it amicably with Elvish but was unsuccessful; when I called him later that day, he didn’t answer and filed an FIR against me that same night, citing 307 (attempt at murder) charges as being appropriate in this instance.

Elvish stated that the leftist lobby, which has opposed me due to my criticisms of Hindutva, is now supporting my call for prosecution for that offence.

Maxtern accused Elvish Yadav of breaking his spine, as well as threatening him with death. To this, Elvish responded that spines could not be broken this way and only threatened Maxtern in an angry rage – adding: “Yes, I did threaten him but not with an FIR against him”.

Source: YouTube

Maxtern Files FIR Alleging Attempted Murder

Sagar Thakur, also known as Maxtern, filed a police report against Elvish Yadav after the violent attack, alleging that his life was at stake and that Elvish Yadav broke his spine with the intent to make him physically handicapped and was accompanied by 8-10 drunk individuals who verbally abused him during this ordeal.

Thakur’s complaint paints an eerie picture, alleging that Yadav had threatened him with death before leaving, leaving him almost unconscious.

The Indian Penal Code has registered an FIR against Yadav for sections 147 (punishment of rioting), 149 (unlawful gathering), 323 (voluntarily inflicting hurt) and 506 (criminal threats).

Social Media Clash Leads to Conflict

Reports indicate that Maxtern and Elvish Yadav’s violent interactions were ignited by an online dispute over meeting fellow Bigg boss winner Munawar Fauqui.

Maxtern Thakur apparently posted something that caused tensions to arise between both YouTubers, sparking violence between Maxtern and Yadav.

Thakur stated that Yadav had spread hate and propaganda on his fan pages, which caused great distress to him. To resolve the matter, Thakur agreed to meet with Yadav;

Expecting only verbal exchange, the situation quickly escalated into physical altercations, which ultimately led to Thakur’s vicious assault.

Who is Maxtern?

Maxtern real name is Sagar Thakur, is a Delhi-based YouTuber who creates educational videos. He has 1,68 million YouTube subscribers. Sagar Thakur, an IIT-Delhi grad and full-time YouTuber, is Sagar Thakur.

Justice and Accountability – Calls to Action

Social media users have responded in horror to Elvish Yadav’s violent assault against Maxtern by demanding immediate arrest and prosecution for violent behaviour.

Many have taken to social media demanding immediate justice against Elvish Yadav for violent behaviour against Maxtern.

Thakur was dissatisfied with the initial police response. Despite compelling evidence against Yadav’s attempted murder attempt, no non-bailable offences were included in the FIR. As such, he asked Gurugram authorities to file charges against Yadav due to its seriousness.

The investigation is ongoing, as this incident has raised serious concerns for the well-being of creators as well as public figures.

Furthermore, its viral video has generated discussion around accountability as well as using legal means and peaceful resolution techniques when handling conflicts.

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